Clark Simmons

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It is one thing to find it, and another to abuse it.
— Isai

Clark Simmons


Assumed office 
January 12, 2005
Vice President Erik Bernal
Deputy Jorge Jameson
Lieutenant Jason Diaz

Born June 20, 1990 (1990-06-20) (age 29)
New Castrolla, Castrolla
Died October 21, 2116
New Castrolla, Castrolla
Resting place Courtside, Castrollan Archipelago
Citizenship Antarctica, Castrolla
Nationality Castrollan, Antarctican
Ethnicity Castrollan
Political party Castrollan Democratic Party
Relations Jake Castro (father)
Kate Castro (mother)
Children Zachary Castro, Jake Castro
Residence Castrollan White House
Alma mater Isailand University

Clark Simmons, hatched in 1990, is currently President of Castrolla and currently resides in its capital city, New Castrolla. He has been president since 2005, after being elected for some reason.


Childhood and road to presidency[edit]

Simmons hatched in 1990 in New Castrolla, Castrolla, to former president Jake Castro and former first lady Kate Castro. At a very young age he displayed interests in computers and such, to the point he somehow enrolled himself into the 2004 Presidential Elections.

On May 4, 2004, he got himself into the 2004 Presidential Elections running for the Democratic Party and WON the nomination because only one other person was also running for the nomination yet no one cared about him. He was against no one basically because everyone was busy trying to figure out if this would happen in 3000.

Simmons was elected president by de jure (according to the Constitution stating in case no one else wins any nomination for any party they will be automatically picked) and was inaugurated on January 20, 2005.


As President, he was under a lot of pressure, at 16 he was nearly killed by an opposer of the democratic system. Congress was not easy on him, he was constantly pressured by them and never got rest, he was on the verge of quitting and at times could not even attend school. Then he finally got a break in 2008 and actually finished High School despite the odds against him.


Simmons was able to finish College and get a doctorate (wait, WHAT?!?) in Computer Science and Network Administration and was able to continue his administration. As he grew, the stress lessened on him and the load got easier. He was nearly killed again in 2015 in The Day of Horror.


He has been a vital part in Castrollan life. He not only has raised the economy but brought in heavier capitalism and has put in place laws that help everyone.


  • He is the youngest president of Castrolla
  • Many compare him to her for some reason.

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