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Downtown Cleanington
Country Acadia
Area Gilneas
Neighbourhoods Downtown, Lautrec, Smithtown
Population 254,874
General information
Native name Cleanington
Foreign name Cleanington
Demonym Cleaningtonian
Founded 2005

Cleanington is the capital and largest city in the Acadian territory of Gilneas, located on the northern part of the island. The city is the fifth largest city in Acadia and the third richest by GDP, and is one of the most significant cities in the Acadian colonies despite its small size. Cleanington was a planned city built by the Acadians after the colony of Gilneas was purchased by Acadia, but quickly grew to become the largest city in Gilneas, surpassing Greenfield, the largest city on the island at the time, in 2010.


After Acadia, looking for a new colony, purchased Gilneas from Snowiny in 2005, the Acadian government wanted to build a new city that would bring people to the economy and support the economy. A group of developers and surveyors chose a spot on the northern end of the island with a deep harbor that would be ideal for large ships, and began drawing up plans for the streets and major landmarks in the city. Construction began after the Acadian government approved the plan later that year, with the Acadian government hiring thousands of builders across Antarctica to build the city quickly.

Construction on most of the downtown area neared completion by 2007, after two years of almost nonstop, rapid building. After the final details were finished on the government district, the government of Gilneas moved its administration from Greenfield, the temporary capital, to Cleanington, where it still remains. Over the next few years, as the city expanded, newer districts were built in the same pattern, yet on a map the district boundaries can be distinctly defined from one another due to large streets running right on top of the boundaries.

By 2010, the population of Cleanington reached around 80,000, surpassing the largest city on Gilneas at the time, Greenfield, after large amounts of immigration from nearby regions. The population of Cleanington continued to expand, with the Port of Cleanington growing to become one of the largest and busiest ports in the region, and today makes up a large part of the economy. Cleanington reached a population of 270,000 inhabitants by 2018, becoming the fifth largest in the colonies yet one of the most significant cities in the colonies due to its economic might.


Originally, Cleanington was divided into three main regions whose boundaries were easily distinctive due to the main roads running through the boundaries and each district's grid pattern being different. Over time, as the city expanded, the other district boundaries became less and less distinctive, though the original three districts continue to be distinctive from one another. The main district, which is also the oldest, downtown, is the center of the city, though it is located in the northwest corner of the city.


The oldest, largest, and most populated region of Cleanington, downtown Cleanington is home to the Gilnean capital district, with the Cleanington City Hall, Gilnean Governor's Mansion, and Gilnean Parliament all being located in this district, among other major government landmarks. Aside from that, downtown Gilneas is also the center of many of the city and colony's largest companies, which all have offices in the central business district. The abundance of landmarks has also led to downtown Gilneas becoming a major tourist attraction.


Named after a Francterran city where most of this district's inhabitants originated from, Lautrec bears resemblance to many of the cities of Francterre, which Francterran architecture common here. Lautrec is the most distinctive of Cleanington's districts culturally, and his home to Gilneas's largest Francterran population, with most of the district's population originating from Francterre. This district is also the second oldest district in the city, built by immigrants from Francterre who were one of the first to settle in the city.


Built in 2010 to accommodate an ever growing population after the city experienced much growth in the years between 2006 and 2010, Smithtown was named after the Acadian president at the time. Located southeast of downtown, Smithtown is a mostly residential and quiet district, with mostly high rise apartments, houses, and some small businesses. In recent years, many of Acadia's wealthy have settled in houses here, which has brought up the cost of housing in Smithtown and the overall cost of housing in Cleanington, and the area is home to many luxury mansions.



Most of the city is built in a modern architecture, as the city is mostly newly built, except the district of Lautrec, which has Francterran styled architecture resembling the streets of the city of Parie in Francterre. Many of the government landmarks in the Gilnean capital district are built in the style of the Penguin Empire, such as the Gilnean Parliament and the Gilnean Supreme Court. The Cleanington City Hall is built in the modern style, like most of the city, while the governor's mansion is built in a Antarctican colonial style.




The country with the most influence in the city culturally is Francterre, with an entire district of Francterran culture, though the Acadian culture, which resembles the Caladian Crebbecois culture, is also dominant in the city. Puffish culture is also prevalent in Cleanington due to recent immigration, mostly in some pockets of the downtown area. Overall, Cleanington is most connected to Acadia, with Cleanington's inhabitants often using some of the most recent trends on the Acadian mainland, such as popular music and clothing.


The main transportation system in Cleanington is roads, which run through every part of the city, along with two major highways, Autoroute 1, which runs from downtown Cleanington to Greenfield, and Autoroute 11, which hugs the city's boundaries and provides access from its eastern to western districts. Water travel is also common, with ferry lines running from the Port of Cleanington to other major Gilnean ports, and the Port of Cleanington is the largest in Gilneas or any of Acadia's colonies. The rail system has not been built yet, and air travel is minimal, though many airlines travel to the Cleanington International Airport.

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