Clearwater Island

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Clearwater Island
The flag of Clearwater Island.
Country United States of Antarctica United States of Antarctica
Largest city Beachville
Formation 1998
Inhabitants 36,000
Other info
Leader Eve Lendfell
Location Sub-Antarctic Islands
Neighbours Trans-Antarctica, Ed Island, Margate

Clearwater Island is an island in the Sub-Antarctic Islands that is located off the coast of Trans-Antarctica. It was an independent Free Republic from 2003 to 2013, when they joined the USA to pay off their debt. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Antarctica, thanks to its golden beaches, crystal-clear waters and tropical climate. A majority of residents from the island are Adelie Penguins, and all residents are known as Clearwaterans. The island only has one official city, the former capital from its time as a free republic, Beachville. Eve Lendfell is the island's elected leader and South Pole Council delegate.


Clearwater Island was uninhabited until 1998, until it was discovered by Eve Lendfell's father. As soon as it was colonized, the Lendfell family, realizing it's potential economic value, began to market it as a tourist destination. Word spread and the tourism industry took off after the War of 2002, leading the Lendfell family to declare the island as a country and it was inducted into the Free Republic Union in 2003. For the next few years, Clearwater Island would become the most popular destination of choice for tourists, in part to it's proximity to Trans-Antarctica, Margate and Ed Island.

Falling revenues from 2010 onwards caused Clearwater Island to fall into economic recession. Despite initiating a number of campaigns to encourage tourists to visit and investing in new attractions such as theme parks, the tourist numbers stagnated, driving the nation into debt. In 2013, Margate offered to buy out Clearwater Island and clear its debt, similar to the Shopper buyout of New Delphis in the same year. The USA offered the same, in addition to promising to invest in the island and promote it for tourism. The Clearwaterans voted on who to join, and they chose the USA due to the cultural likenesses and because of Margate's recent hostile invasion of the Rock Union, despite having a treaty. Today, Clearwater Island has regained it's status as the premier tourist destination, in part due to the USA and Sub-Antarctic governments investing heavily in the island. The Lendfell family still owns a large number of properties and businesses on the island, including their own private cove.

The South Pole Council members have comes here every summer for vacation since 2003.


Clearwater Island's economy is heavily reliant on tourism, with a tiny portion coming from fruit production. In 2015, 1.4 million tourists visited the island, 60% of which were Antarctican citizens. Though many Margatians used to vacation at Clearwater Island, many of them now prefer to vacation in Cross Island due to its close proximity.


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