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I'm an owl. Deal with it.
— ClockWerk

Robb Bline de Vaultez
He's an owl. Deal with it.
Title Pizza Parlor Robber (extradordinaire)
Gender Male
Race Great Gray Owl (Strix nebulosa)
Faction Petty thief; he has successfully robbed the Pizza Parlor over thirty nine times, and has yet to be caught.
Health Excellent
Level Advisor in Bugzy's mafia gang
Status Robbing the Pizza Parlor
Location Club Penguin

Clockwerk (full name, Robb Bline de Vaultez) is a Great Gray Owl who migrated to the Antarctic on a ship, as PogoPunk did, in 2009. He is a petty thief, routinely robbing the Pizza Parlor. ClockWerk has never been caught so far, and is generally considered the most intelligent thief the island has ever seen.

He is a respected advisor in Bugzy's gang, where he has made many friends, and exchanged lots of handy tips in the past. For example, he knows many things about undercover - or near darkness - pursuits, and how to successfully get out of them and outwit the hunters.

He has lived with humans when he was younger, and this is where he got the information from. His magnificent career, as it is knock now, began in the human world, in fact, and was, even there, a wanted criminal for continuously stealing humans' purses, wallets, and credit cards. He escaped to Antarctica on a boat full of scientist humans.

However, his trait of stealing things from others actually stems from when he was a chick, where he stole food off his fellow owls in their mysterious world.

Easy-going, he's never afraid to tackle anything or prepare something, let it be a mission to hijack a car, or a mass robbery - with the rest of the gang - at the Pizza Parlour.

He has been wanted for all these petty crimes for most - if not all - his life, and the bounty on his head constantly rises to something higher. For example, back in 2010, there was just a 10,000-coin award. Now, it's been raised dramatically, to a stunning 100,000,000,000.


Early Life[edit]

Our only knowledge of ClockWerk's pre-Antarctic past is from the thief himself. Below is an interview, made by a brave penguin who bumped into him as he was coming out of the Pizza Parlour, got to know him and went to his house:

Int.: So, Mr. ClockWerk, tell me about your early life.
ClockWerk: Well, I hatched as "Robb Bline de Vaultez" into a family of four other little owls in an equally little nest. My parents weren't always there for us, you know, and I had a huge appetite. So, I started my epic career by stealing by older siblings' food when I was three in penguin years! Ha, ha, ha... how good it seems now I think of it! And my parents didn't even know!
At this point, he started laughing maniacally, which alarmed his interviewer so much he moved back with a face filled with horror.
Int.: Okay, are you fine? Carry on.
ClockWerk: Then - (hmnh) -, I grew up pretty quick- (hoho) - ahem, quickly thanks to the top-notch food they had, so I flew around - (huohuo) - and stole our neighbouring owls' chicks' food at age six! I can't believe how dumbfounded they looked when they-
At this point, he burst into more maniacal laughter, which frightened the poor penguin so much he shrunk back and grabbed his chair for safety.
ClockWerk: Hmhmhmhm... oh, sorry! What was I saying again?
Int.: About your early life, sir.
ClockWerk: Oh, yes. Now...where was I? Oh, yes. When their parents did find out, I was an outcast. Everybody was looking for me, and scratch me with their bare claws.
To add emphasis, he shows the penguin his sharp, shiny claws. The interviewer even considers whether he should call the police.
ClockWerk: Exactly like that, I tell you. They were so sharp, that when they hunted they-
Int.: Okay, okay; I don't think you need to go into detail about that.
ClockWerk: Fine...anyway, they had sharp claws and they vowed to catch me. Fortunately, I was too fast for them. I was reared on good food, and because of my pillaging the others weren't. Whenever they cried the alarm and there were suddenly five owls on my track, I flew like anything! In the end, I was so exhausted of it all, instead of retreating to my handy hiding-hole for when they tried to catch me, I just glided on, out of the forest and into the human world. It looked pretty much like your penguin cities, except there was noise everywhere, and all these tall humans, and these exotic animals. There were cats, and dogs, and ducks, and these shiny flashing machines, and all kinds of weird stuff you penguins would never imagine to see.
At this point, he sighs from nostalgia. The interviewer fidgets and gets up once, wondering whether it's over and if he can go and open the door.
ClockWerk: Well, I had to re-start my life in this weird place. I broke into some uninhabited house's attic, and I began living there. Fortunately, I had a good concept of money - unlike those stupid sparrows and pigeons - and to buy me some food at night, I eventually started swiping items such as credit cards and purses from the mystical humans of this region. When I first went to buy my food, the storekeeper was so incredulous she fainted with shock! Just imagine that!
ClockWerk laughs so maniacally at this "joke", that the poor penguin shouts loudly for help, twice.
ClockWerk: Well, and so that's what I did for a living. I'm pretty sure I spilled the beans in other interviews about how I came to this "Antarctica" of yours?
Int.: Y-y-y-yes...
ClockWerk: Good. I assume there's nothing else?
Int.: N-n-n-no...
ClockWerk: Good. Now, get out and don't tell anybody where I live.
The penguin was pecked out of his house, and the poor interviewer was a changed creature from that day on - he kept on shivering and was easily startled, and he now laments his decision to interview this frightening owl.

Later Life - Life with Humans & Bound for Antarctica[edit]

Although the interview makes it sound as if he had contempt for everything apart from himself, he also went out his way to help other animals just like him, so he eventually found some good friends, including a lonely tamed cat he rescued from a rat, a deaf dog who was rescued from a sewer, and a smart-alec raven known by his code-name "Lollipop", who rescued him from a savage cat who was wanting some exotic owl.

In 2009, after he celebrated the event of stealing his 100th purse, he discovered that the human equivalent of the EPF were after him. He noticed that people were taking photos of him each time he stole something, and uploaded it on two strange websites called "Facebook" and "Twitter" (he suspects that "Facebook" is a mugshot archive and "Twitter" an institution for thieving birds). Then, he noticed that after the mysterious disappearance of the tame cat and the deaf dog, he was starting to be driven off with nets and these weird machines called "sleeping darts" whenever people could.

He decided that this was because he was a thief, so he approached his old friend Lollipop. He was given a tip from the old raven that they wanted to have him gone, but luckily Lollipop knew a place where he would be safe - Antarctica. Antarctica, he said, was entirely populated with birds like him and ClockWerk. Hearing thus, ClockWerk made preparations to set sail on a ship bound for Antarctica.

On the last night in this exotic human land, he met the tame cat. However, what was different about him startled ClockWerk - he was clean, he wasn't as friendly as he used to be with the birds, he had no injuries, he smelt weird and he had friends. ClockWerk eventually persuaded him to explain, and he said that he was captured by the humans to go at an adoption centre, where some goggle-eyed little humans went to adopt them. ClockWerk was horrified by this, and he was glad when he smuggled himself onto the boat for Antarctica.

Later Life - Becoming a Petty Pizza Thief[edit]

Fortunately for him, he didn't starve to death. He had popped up in front of a soppy sailor, who took pity on him and furnished him with some luxuriant food, first-hand from the kitchen. Nobody else knew (the sailor knew that if he told the scientists on board then they would both be toast), and he lived off this excellent cuisine for two weeks. Immediately after arriving, he set off in search of civilization.

He had overheard from the crew that penguins lived in colonies - imagine what a surprise he found to see they actually lived in cities, just like humans, and had excellent sanitation. At first, he began his living by bamboozling poor souls to give him their money, just in case they could fly in pursuit. However, he had been living here for a month, when he realised that none of them used their wings for anything else than grasping things. He frightened somebody with his claws to tell him why, and he found out that the primary species - penguins - of the continent were flightless.

ClockWerk took this as his chance, and he ended up getting a nickname for his rapidity - ClockWerk - and settled down for a "nice" job in Club Penguin. There, he started his magnificent career by consistently robbing the Pizza Parlor, and since owls did not need jet packs to fly as penguins did, ClockWerk would always escape after his PSA and, later on, EPF opponents ran out of fuel.

Later-Current Life - Bugzy's Gang, and Afterwards[edit]

Some days later, Bugzy and his gang approached him. They had heard what a valuable addition to their mafia gang he would be, and he was offering lotsa lotsa moneybags in return for joining. From the mafia robber's perspective, it's obvious: who wouldn't want somebody who could fly and was clever enough to join his gang? ClockWerk happily accepted this invitation, and although the promise of the moneybags mysteriously disappeared, he, at least, was made an "Advisor" for his street-wise knowledge, and made his nickname his new official name.

His work was so good, Bugzy and his gang actually gave him his own home as a gift. However, since he finds his igloo too spacious for his liking, he just brought in a puffle house, and slept in there, using his igloo as a massively-furbished place where guests can stay and have a chat for a while, and where he hides his ill-gotten goods. In 2016, he decided that the igloo was too big for his liking, so he moved to a treehouse in the Forest. Despite this, he still stores his stolen items in the igloo, and he pretends the igloo is his real home.

Sadly for his and his great reputation, from 2016, he noticed that he wasn't getting as much news from the other members. He personally approached Bugzy on this, and it was revealed that the gang's infrastructure was slowly falling apart. The police and the years of being chased, and possibly arrested, was starting to backfire the purpose of the gang, meaning that members were increasingly reluctant to do anything. He left Bugzy, with a dejected heart, and decided to do things for himself.

By this, he obviously meant that he would plan his own life: be a full-time robber.

To this day, he works as a petty thief at the Pizza Parlour, always escaping and out-witting the likes of the EPF and the parlour's furious publicity manager. He has also been a part of the Fiendish Five, Bugzy among them, for a long time, and, despite the gang's inactivity, plans mass-bank robberies with his fellow members whenever they can be bothered to come.


As mentioned before, ClockWerk is still robbing the Pizza Parlor to this day. He steals both currency and pizzas, thus making both his diet and living, off the same venue, which is, we'll admit, pretty good work for a petty thief. According to the PSA and EPF, he lives in a luxurious treehouse hidden in the Forest of Club Penguin.

Charged with misdemeanor, there is a 100,000,000,000-Coin bounty on his head, for stealing so much money and pizzas. Wanted alive only, if caught, he will receive, from the gravity of his crimes, from six years up to a life in jail (because of the astronomical amount of money he stole), and a 500,000,000 coin fine. If he can go free, he will also be permanently banned from pizza, and probably be deported from Club Penguin, and be sent to Ban Island.

It's amazing how he has, so far, never been caught.

Attempted Arrests[edit]

  • His first escapade from arrest in Club Penguin was in 2010. He was quite dozy as he flew out of the Parlour, and since he was flying slowly and at a low distance from the ground, somebody actually grabbed one of his legs. Fortunately, he dropped his booty (which he was holding with his other foot) and scratched the penguin with it, making his escape. From that day on, he just carries his booty in his beak, like a Norfolk Terrier.
  • Somebody tried to shoot him in the wing. He dodged the bullets, however, retaliated, and gave the poor penguin a good scratch on the face. Fortunately for the penguin, he wasn't badly hurt.
  • A mischievous agent stole one of Gary's prototype jet packs, and chased him around the island with it. Being a prototype, it was much faster than the average ones in the game "Jetpack Adventure", but unfortunately for him, rocket fuel doesn't last forever, and the end result was "what goes up, must come down".
  • Add more!

Powers and Weaknesses[edit]


  • Flying - ClockWerk is, being a Great Grey Owl, an excellent flyer. He can do without jetpacks, and this aid him greatly on his thieving sprees. Nothing can stop him.
  • Speed - His wings allow for a quick escape, and a short pursuit, since rocket fuel doesn't last forever. It also allows his goods to be delivered quickly to Bugzy - a win-win situation.
  • Intelligence - He's very intelligent and streetwise, which is why he's an advisor in Bugzy's mafia gang. Nobody else in the gang knows more about pursuits in damp sewers or complete darkness than him.


  • (Not) Incognito - He's dreadfully ignorant about the idea of disguises. Anybody can see him flying with his booty a mile off. Poor show!
  • Selfish - ClockWerk mainly steals and is a thief for his own gains. He's not usually the kind of helpful creature that one could count on if the EPF were closing in on somebody - he'd fly off, and leave the penguin to be caught.
  • Unsympathetic - He's unsympathetic. Really. To an astonishing degree. That's why he's such a good thief.



  • Bugzy - Bugzy, the leader of the UPM, has good respect for ClockWerk, but this respect may be double-sided: who would want to discourage an owl - the only creature that can fly - from staying in somebody's gang? However, some parts of his respect is genuine, and as a result, ClockWerk respects the mastermind back.
  • Gambler - Although he does not gamble with him due to the risks of losing, the duo like playing classic card games with each other, such as whist and beggar-my-neighbor.


  • GANGSTA G - ClockWerk, despite his years of service, has never really got to know GANGSTA G very well, at all. Although he has met him on multiple occasions, he just considers him as the leader of something-or-another. GANGSTA G is of a similar opinion.
  • Smuggler Gary and his crew - Ditto as above. Not only that, ClockWerk thinks that smuggling is uncool due to how mundane it is, which hinders their relationship the more.
  • Scrubs - Curiously, he doesn't mind your average scrubs, and your average scrubs don't mind him. This may be because many are in awe of his unique-ness, and his ability to be free, no matter what.
  • Motorbike Fred - Believe it or not, one of the Pizza Parlour deliverymen are in good terms with their main victims, and when nobody's around, they may stop and exchange a few words.


  • The EPF - What did you expect? He's a robber; of course they'd resent each other!
  • PSA - Ditto as above.
  • Pizza Parlour - They hate him for stealing their pizzas and money; ditto as above.
  • Silent Lee - Ditto as above.
  • Chef - Ditto as above.
  • Pizza Puffle - He thinks that ClockWerk is an extremely cruel owl for stealing their pizzas; ditto as above.
  • Robert Winston - Ditto as above.


  • I'm an owl. Deal with it.



  • ClockWerk's name is a pun for "Rob blind the vaults", as in, he takes money and the security is left none-the-wiser. His parents had a weird sense of humor, didn't they?
  • Mister and Mrs. de Vaultez were also professional thieves, so the abilities must run in the family.
  • He has escaped the EPF so many times, he's no longer on their Top 10 "Wanted" list.

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