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Clockhopper in his young age. The eye patch was only a decoration.
Title Pirate Captain of the Soda Seas
Gender Male
Race Rockhopper Penguin
Faction Pirate
Level 0
Status Deceased
Birth date September 6, 1862
Place of birth Acadia
Archetype Good

Clockhopper was Knockhopper's father and Lockhopper's grandfather. He was the Hopper family's inspiration to be a sailor, even though there were many sailors in the Hopper family.


Clockhopper was born on September 6, 1862, in Acadia, a Puffish colony. His father, Lolzhopper, was shipbuilder, which inspired him to go to sea when he was older. Since his father knew a lot about ships, he taught him about ships.

When he was old enough, his father built him a small ship. Clockhopper immediately got a crew, and set sail. He decided to operate in Latin Antarctica, but when he was nearly robbed by pirates, he moved back to the Yowien Sea.

When he was 25, he went back to Penguin Town, to marry his childhood friend. A year later, they had a child which they named Knockhopper. Sadly, his wife died of an unknown disease. Because of that, he raised Knockhopper alone.

When he got old enough, Clockhopper took Knockhopper on his voyages. Like his own father, Clockhopper taught Knockhopper about ships, and like Clockhopper, Knockhopper loved the sea.

When he retired, around 70, he decided to return to Acadia. Even though he retired, he would occasionally take a boat to Penguin Island to visit. He lived there for about 40 years, until he moved to Rockhopper Island to be with his family.

In 1975, Clockhopper died when he was very, very old on Rockhopper Island. He had lived to see his great grandsons Sodahopper and Jockhopper, and his great great grandson Rockhopper. By the time he died, he had owned countless islands and a large amount of the Yowien Sea. He also had a large fleet of pirate ships. He was also the longest living Hopper, being 113 when he died.


During his life, Clockhopper accomplished many things. His father was a shipbuilder, and built him a large fleet, which he used to explore islands and to conquer a large part of the Yowien Sea, such as Soda Sea, and Clam Waters. During his life, many pirates considered him the "Pirate King."