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A Jester!
Title Clovis Hemingway Hochstadt, Clovis the Jester
Gender Male
Race High Penguin
Faction Funny
Health Hillariously Good
Level 777
Status Comedy Related.
Location Lives in Toledo, Castilla.
Birth date July 21, 1988 (1988-07-21) (age 31)
Place of birth Switzerland
Occupation Jester; EPF Agent
Interests Pranks, Humor, Comedy, Acting, Juggling, Aviation, Secrecy, Action.
Friends Hochstadt Gang, King Carlos
Enemies Swiss Ninja, Bugzy, UPM, Kim Il Sunguin
Archetype Good Guy

Clovis Hochstadt is Swiss Ninja's Youngest Brother who is a Jester. Clovis's main occupation is being an secret agent who has sworn to stop Swiss Ninja from taking over Antarctica. Because of his opinions on his brother, Clovis is also a member of the Hochstadt Gang, and he was one of the first ones to join. He was first involved in the Second Great Snowzerland War.


Clovis was born in Switzerland like the rest of his brothers and sisters, and he was born also with a great sense of humor and love of adventure. When he was less than two weeks old, Clovis and his family returned to Club Penguin Island, which was still ruled by Sensei Hung since he was born near the very end of Old Antarctica. Clovis was barely able to see his Great-Great-Great Grandfather Hung before he allegedly "died" after the establishment of Colonial Antarctica.

As he grew up, Clovis was trained to be a jester by another in Club Penguin. Clovis also learned how to decently cook and learned from his mother, who at times was tired of cooking and forced Clovis to cook for the family. Clovis attended University in Frostborough, and received a major in the culinary arts, despite being a Jester already. He later re-attended the same University to major in criminal justice just recently. Clovis first worked as the garbage boy of the Pizza Parlor as his first official job, but he also did mid-day shows on the Pizza Parlor stage on some days to entertain young chicks, who found him a spectacle, as well as the other kind of chicks, who normally didn't find him interesting.

Clovis was later promoted to be the Sauce Chef, which he did for a couple of Months before Gaston invited him to Frankterre to work for him in the city of Cannons. Gaston made Clovis the only chef of Gaston's new restaurant, called La Vie en Bleu. Clovis learned to improvise and experiment with food, and he created many delicious dishes that made Gaston's restaurant famous. When not on duty, Clovis did perform on the restaurant's stage like he did in Club Penguin, but he was laughed at because the penguins who ate there were higher class and mocked Clovis for his lack of knowledge of the French language. Later, Clovis decided to quit and hired several other chefs and taught them his recipes.

Clovis left Frankterre right before Gaston's restaurant gained fame and Gaston became a multibillionare because of his successful business, but Clovis didn't care, nor did he know until much later. Gaston never gave him credit. Clovis then moved to a small but famous town in Puffle'and called Stratford. There, Clovis was trained by other entertainers and actors to become a better jester. After living in Stratford for about a year, Clovis moved to the city of Lisboa, the capital of Lisboagal. There, he worked as a part time cook and an occasional entertainer for the youngsters at a caberet that was below his apartment room.

Some time later, his brother Swiss Ninja invited him over to his country and hired him as the royal jester. Clovis enjoyed his stay in his own room at the Keukenhof Castle until Fisch was banished and Swiss Ninja's cold heart was revealed; this prompted him to return to Lisboa. He later became the royal Jester for King Charles Olave of the Viking Empire after the Great Snowzerland War I. Not only did he entertain him, he also was his right hand man from time to time, giving him some experience in politics. Eventually, the Jester decided to travel the Antarctic (upon the King's Approval) and entertain others. He even liked to go on adventures with the Hochstadt Gang.

Clovis' involvement in the Hochstadt has been noted several times. One of his first major roles was helping Jock, Fisch, and Corai protect Sensei in the GSWII. Clovis was also was the first penguin to step foot onto the planet of mars, but was beaten by Austin Devecter when it came to planting the flag into the martian ground. In the early days, Clovis' main role in the Hochstadt Gang is cooking thier food and entertaining them. Clovis continued to entertain others when he could....but then, in 2011, Clovis joined the EPF and moved to Toledo, Castilla, his permanent residence. Clovis was the first in the Hochstadt Gang to move to Castilla, while Leonardo and then Jock and Piper moved there as well. Clovis soon became the humble servant of King Carlos Goberna II of Castilla and aided him in the Snoss-Castillan War and saved Antarctica from nuclear destruction in EPF Agents Dave and Clovis.

To this day and well into the future, Clovis has sworn to protect his new homeland from the danger of the Snoss as an EPF Agent.


Clovis is a well known entertainer who has entertained several famous penguins. He also is a loyal member of the Hochstadt Gang, as he is their official cook as well. His big moment came in The Race to Mars, when he was the first Penguin to step onto Mars. Clovis also led the group for a little bit during Traveling All of Antarctica. Later on, Clovis was sworn in as an EPF Agent, and helped his great-uncle Dave in EPF Agents Dave and Clovis. During that time, Clovis moved to the country of Castilla, which is one of Snowzerland's biggest enemies. He became of great importance as he led and took part in battles during the Snoss-Castillan War, the first war between Snowzerland and Castilla.


  • When Asked about Swiss Ninja: "My older brother seems like he is perfect, but I must say that he will never enjoy life as I do."
  • "There Once was a penguin from Beru, who dreamed he was eating his shoe. He woke up in the middle of the night with a fright to see that his dream had come true."
  • From The Quest for Yilk after destroying a bunch of War Bots: "It isn't nice to leave me back at Frostize, you know! Yilk is my grandfather, too!"
  • "Yeah, I know it's wrong, but I can't always be the good guy all the time, Leonardo. Not at times like these!" - Clovis, after stealing a Motor Scooter to chase Swiss Ninja after he captured Piper.
  • From EPF Agents 2: "Swag! Yo Gottfried, did you see that?"


  • In his spare time, he practices his fighting skills....which he really should work on.
    • Also, Clovis is currently trying to learn German for classified purposes, since he is already decently fluent in Spanish.
  • As seen in the Snoss-Castillan War, Clovis can't climb trees and is afraid to.
  • Clovis is somewhat N00bish, he thinks that Explorer is a Jester Just like Himself.
  • Clovis sometimes lacks Common Sense.
  • Clovis can cook food pretty well, too.
  • Clovis is also known for being annoying when he's telling jokes at the wrong time.
  • Clovis's middle name is Hemingway, which is a tribute to the swashbuckler-author Ernest Hemingway, whose lifestyle was much like the Hochstadt Gang's.
  • Clovis was named after Clovis I, a King who united all the Frankish tribes and conquered all of the Roman province of Gaul (present Day France)
  • King Carlos calls him by his Hispanicized name, Clodoveo.


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