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Type Rebel Group, Club
Foundation 1990s
Location Club Penguin
Job Gaining Independence
Ideology Independence
Headquarters Blacksmiths' Hall, Club Penguin

The Club was originally a fraternal organisation founded in Club Penguin during Colonial Antarctica. The Club was found with the intention of reforming Colonial Antarctica and altering the institutions of it to make it more representative of the mainlanders living under Puffish occupation. It originally proclaimed itself as an organisation loyal to Colonial Antarctica, but suffered a schism within their ranks. The Leader led the band of Loyalists who still maintained faith in democratising Colonial Antarctica and reforming it internally, whilst another seperate one led by Judge Xaxier and Billybob that aimed to rid Colonial Antarctica of Puffish rule. The Loyalist band remained small and would eventually flee from Club Penguin to established the United Rebel's Republic of Club Penguin. After the war, they helped set up the server system and renamed Penguin Island to Club Penguin Island.


After the STINC War, when Antarctica was liberated from STINC rule, Puffle'and assumed control of Antarctica. The started shuffling penguins into segregated colonies, and started taxing the colonists. Many people didn't like this, and in Penguin Town, present day Club Penguin, they formed a rebel group.

After hours of debating, the group decided to call themselves "The Club", and started setting up meetings in Revolutionist taverns and coffee shops, with one of them being the Coffee Shop, which was owned by a Revolutionist family. They made plans for a war, and decided to store supplies in the town of Coconut, which was northwest of Penguin Town.

In 1994, the Club decided to move their headquarters to the newly built Blacksmiths' Hall, which would be their permanent headquarters. There, was where the First 1337 Congress took place.

In 1995, the Colonial Antarctica War started, and the Second 1337 Congress was held, to pick a leader for the Revolutionist Army. Greg Cleanington, a farmer from Acadia, another Puffish colony, was chosen.

For the next few years, the Club would actively help the Revolutionist cause, and also wrote the Declaration of Reorganization. Finally, in 2000, the war ended, and the Club wrote the Articles of Loose Togetherness, which would later prove failed.

In late 2000, the Club set up the Constitutional Meeting, which would write the Constitution of the United States of Antarctica, and formed the United States of Antarctica.

Meanwhile, the population of Club Penguin had grown to 1,000,000, and the Club predicted that in the future, Club Penguin's population would be ten times that size, and Club Penguin was only 30 sq miles. So the Club came up with an idea, make copies of the island. Construction started in 2002, with supercomputers being installed.

Finally, in 2005, Antarctica watched in amazement when the Club unraveled the largest project in history, the Penguin Island Expansion Project. It had installed servers, and renamed the island to Club Penguin, after themselves.