Operation: Blackout

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Operation Blackout
Operation Blackout Title.png
We will NEVER forget...
Date November 15 - December 4, 2012
(2 weeks and 5 days)
Location Focused in Club Penguin, took place also on Mainland Antarctica
Result Herbert is defeated; Swiss Ninja is stopped before the Snoss Army reaches South Pole City; The Director reveals her identity; the affected areas were forced to hold a ice party to cover up full evidence
Casus belli Swiss Ninja and Herbert ally and create a plan to conquer Antarctica and Club Penguin
Club Penguin becomes under Herbert's temporary control; Snowzerland occupies the Região Lisboaguesa, Freezeland, and parts of Eastshield, Antarctic Peninsula, and Trans-Antarctica.
Elite Penguin Force, Armies of the United States of Antarctica, Puffle'and, Calada, Liguria, and Castilla; Resistance armies of Lisboagal and Freezeland Imperial Empire of Snowzerland, Zhou, Poshia Herbert Forces, Bar Crab City remnants
The Director Kaiser Swiss Ninja, President Wu Jiao Herbert P. Bear, Klutzy
Numerous amounts of agents and soldiers Numerous amounts of soldiers, Weapons of Mass destruction,
Several agents were wounded, the Lighthouse in Club Penguin had to be converted into a Hospital. About 300 Soldiers were killed, 400 wounded. Approximately 700 Soldiers were killed, 9000 were wounded. coming soon
Rusca wanted to join the USA's side because Zhou allied with the Snoss, but Rusca's parliament declined to take part in the war, fearing that it would be too costly. The nations of Batavia, Frankterre, Both Pengolias, and UnitedTerra also declared neutrality for similar reasons.

Operation Blackout was a catastrophic Military operation conducted by an alliance of Snowzerland, Zhou, and Herbert. The Operation commenced when Snoss and Zhouese invaded Antarctica first, which caught the attention of the USA's military. Because the Military was soon rushing over to the invading enemies, Club Penguin became completely defenseless. Herbert was successfully able to bomb the EPF Headquarters and kidnap Gary the Gadget Guy, which allowed him to conquer Club Penguin Island. A special team of EPF Agents were formed to stop Herbert and liberate Club Penguin once more.

Prologue: Making Plans

In the large stone throne room, red and gold tapestries of silk was everywhere. Kaiser Swiss Ninja was sitting on his throne, with his spoiled blue puffle, Athens, sitting on his lap. Several penguins in fancy tuxedoes approached him. One foreign soldier was carrying a yellow flag with a dragon on it. All the penguins who had entered the room bowed before the Kaiser.

"Greetings, Your Majesty, Swiss Ninja of Snowzerland."

Swiss Ninja smiled and replied:"Thank you for showing up, President Wu Jiao of Zhou. Please, take a seat."

Several Snoss soldiers brought in fancy red chairs for the Zhouese to sit on.

Wu Jiao:"So you are asking for an alliance, sir?"

Swiss Ninja:"Yes. I have seen that Zhou is rising to power! Her greatness can not be contained, and her potential is limitless! I propose an alliance to invade Antarctica together, so we can show the democratic, capitalistic nation of the United States of Antarctica who is really boss!"

Wu Jiao:"I like your idea, but their army is still an issue. Zhou and Snowzerland will be allies. We both hate Rusca and East Pengolia, and you are our number one importer."

Swiss Ninja:"Thank you. Though, how do you propose that we should settle with the USA?"

Wu Jiao:"We should set up a distraction. I do have an idea, though it is risky."

Swiss Ninja:"Let's hear it."

Wu Jiao:"I have studied the island of Club Penguin. That is the true center of the USA's prosperity."

Swiss Ninja:"I agree. I once conquered it."

Wu Jiao:"Zhouese intelligence has infiltrated the EPF's files, and we discovered about one of their criminals. Herbert P. Bear. He is quite strange; for us Zhouese have never known that a Polar Bear has been to the Antarctic before."

Swiss Ninja:"Herbert? Ah yes. Him. Not much of a threat really. He's somewhat like Gary the Gadget Guy, though not all of his inventions work."

Wu Jiao:"I propose that we ally with him, so that when we invade the USA, they will come for us, but once Herbert invades Club Penguin, the USA's army will become scattered."

Swiss Ninja thought about the idea for a moment. Then he looked up at Wu Jiao and nodded in approval.

Several Penguins dressed in black cloaks walked through the cheery scenery of Club Penguin Island. Swiss Ninja never visited Club Penguin very often, and when he did, he would arrive discreetly. Now, he was back, this time with a troop of soldiers by his side. None of the Club Penguin natives noticed the strange penguins head into the wilderness.

Snoss Soldier 1:"Sir, where is this Polar Bear?"

Swiss Ninja:"He shouldn't be too far. If I remember correctly, he lives in a cave. That same cave some agent made as a shelter when he got stuck in the woods many years ago..."

As they walked deep into the woods, they discovered Herbert's cave. The Soldiers loaded their guns as Swiss Ninja knocked on Herbert's door. Klutzy the crab peeked out from the small pet door at the bottom of the regular door. Klutzy hid back inside the cave the second he saw the black cloaked penguins.

Swiss Ninja knocked again. This time, Herbert answered.

Herbert:"Hey, get lost, you stupid penguins! Leave me alone!"

Swiss Ninja:"We wish to talk to you."

Herbert:"I don't like you penguins. I said get lost!"

Swiss Ninja:"You obviously don't know who I am."

Swiss Ninja took of his cloak to reveal his regular appearance. His soldiers did the same.

Swiss Ninja:"Let me introduce myself. My name is Kaiser Swiss Ninja. I am the ruler of Snowzerland. I wish to ally with you."

Herbert:"Why should I?"

Swiss Ninja leaned against the cave's doorpost.

Swiss Ninja:"We both have a common interest. You want to conquer Club Penguin. I want to conquer Antarctica. I'll help you get your wish so that you can be the Supreme Leader of this place."

Finally, Herbert seemed interested.

Herbert:"Fine. How are we going to do this?"

The city of Fanon City in Freezeland was experiencing another rainy day. Almost everyone stayed indoors that day, though some penguins and puffles decided to take a short holiday to Frostborough, where there was better, more sunnier weather. It was a quiet weekend, and everyone was relaxing at home with family...but not for long.


The rear end of a large cargo ship that had docked in Fanon City's harbor blew up into flames. Suddenly, a group large submarines began to submerge from the water, making their presence known. They immediately landed onto the beaches, where numerous troops of combined Snoss and Zhouese forces ran out into the city. They began to shoot their machine guns at windows to intimidate the citizens and to make their presence known. A few moment later, several aircraft arrived and more soldiers began to parachute down to the city.

The Mayor of Fanon City immediately phoned in King Triskelle in Frostborough.

Mayor:"Your majesty, we're being invaded! It appears to be the Snoss, as well as the Zhouese! We need military assistance ASAP!"

King Triskelle:"Unfortunately, we're having the same problem! We will have no choice but to call in the USA to help. We have been ill prepared for this and we're clearly outnumbered..."

The USA General of the Sub Antarctic Division was sorting several confidential reports when the telephone rang on his desk.

Sub Antarctic General:"Hello?"

"Hello, sir. This is the General of the Eastshield Military Division. Our shores are under attack and we need your naval fleet here ASAP."

Sub Antarctic General:"Who are we up against?"

Eastshield General:"Snowzerland and Zhou, also a few Poshians."

The Sub Antarctic General paused for a moment. He knew that the battle would be rough.

Sub Antarctic General:"How many of my ships do you need, sir?"

Eastshield General:"All of them. We're being taken really hard."

Sub Antarctic General:"But it is too risky. What if..."

Eastshield General:"We're going to blockade the Snoss and Zhouese armies from reaching the Sub-Antarctic. Don't worry."

Sub Antarctic General:"All right. The islands should do fine anyways."

Chapter 1:The Takeover

It was November 8th. Back on Club Penguin Island, several Snoss SSS spies emerged from the shadows. In their flippers were bombs. Quickly and swiftly, they ran to the back of the Everyday Phoning Facility building and strapped a bomb against the wall. An undercover SSS agent dressed as an EPF agent entered the building and approached Gary the Gadget Guy, who was busy at constructing a gadget.

Gary:"Can I help you agent?"

The SSS undercover officer tried to hide his German accent.

SSS Agent:"Sir, Herbert is approaching our Headquarters!"


Suddenly, a large blaring siren went off. The television in the EPF Headquarters turned to the security camera, which showed Herbert breaking into the main entrance of the Facility.


Then, several SSS soldiers arrived in the facility after Herbert and shot at the security cameras.

Gary the Gadget Guy and several of the other Agents inside the Headquarters at the time were not sure what to do. Herbert and several unhappy SSS agents were directly below them. Then, the sound of a loaded gun was heard.

Gary closed his eyes and wished for mercy as he typed on his computer.

Attention Agents – I need your help!


He gasped as a new surge of adrenaline attacked him. He nervously adjusted his glasses and continued typing.

Someone is inside my lab, and I think they're...


He yelped as the door flew open. Some of the metal debris scratched his bare feet. Another debris tore his glasses away from his face.

Gary dialed a number he knew well.

Gary: "Rogue! I need help ASAP! Someone's got me!"

Rogue: "What? Gary, where are you?"

Gary: "I'm in my lab! Hurry! If I don't survive..."

Rogue: "Gary! Don't say that."

Gary: "I'm making you agent-in-charge until further notice, if I don't survive, make that job permanent...."

Gary: "I trust-"

The undercover SSS agent revealed his identity and held a deletion pistol close to Gary's head.


The secret agents immediately evacuated the Headquarters, looking back at their captured leader.

Gary:"Please, don't shoot! I'll give you a ransom."

SSS Agent:"We're going downstairs!"

The SSS Agent led Gary down the elevator to Herbert. At the sight of Herbert, Gary made a run for his life. An SSS Agent shot his ice bullet pistol at a computer screen, which exploded violently and forced Gary to jump for his life. In the process, Gary's glasses flew off and fell on the other side of the room, all cracked up.

Gary was helpless without his glasses, and his disadvantage allowed Herbert to grab him.

Herbert:"Perfect! Now it is time to get back to the base."

SSS Agent:"Do you need any more assistance, sir?"

Herbert:"No. You can leave. I already have an army of crabs."

SSS Agent:"Genius, sir! How did you manage to recruit them?"

Herbert:"Klutzy has a lot of friends. These crabs say that they come from a place called Bar Crab City, and they're seeking revenge on the penguins. I figured that we 'clicked'....heheh."

The SSS Agents made a faint laugh at the cheesy joke.

Herbert:"Ok. I am leaving. Prepare the building before you leave."

The SSS Agents saluted the Polar bear as he left. Seconds later, the SSS was scrambling around the building, planting a few more bombs inside the building.

When they were finished, the Snoss Secret Service Agents laughed cruelly and left the building.

On the island of Castilla, in the town of Toledo, Agent Clovis Hochstadt was enjoying himself with his friends Jock, Gottfried, Piper, and Leonardo at a local restaurant for lunch. They had just finished their food and they were eating dessert, and they were watching two flamenco dancers take the stage as a passionate guitar player played a robust melody that burst from his heart. Completely off guard, Agent Clovis nearly spilled his coffee when he felt his secret agent phone ring.


General Hermosa:"This is General Hermosa. Clovis, we need you to report to the Toledo HQ immediately. This is a Code 3 situation."

Clovis:"I'll be there immediately. Over and out."

Clovis turned off his phone.

Jock:"¿Qué pasa?" (What's happening?)

Clovis:"Tenemos una situación. Ven conmigo, Leonardo." (We have a situation. Come with me, Leonardo.)

Clovis and Leonardo left the restaurant swiftly. Clovis hopped onto his red motor scooter and Leonardo sat behind him. Clovis blasted down the narrow cobblestone street to the EPF Headquarters branch of Toledo, Castilla.

When they arrived, they saluted General Hermosa who stood at the end of the meeting table with several other agents. The Director was online, viewing the meeting.

Clovis:"Greetings Director. What is the situation?"

Director:"Gary the Gadget Guy was kidnapped by Herbert. We don't know where he went."

Clovis:"Should Leonardo and I go to Club Penguin and track him down?"

Director:"No. We will send our local agents to do that. Meanwhile, Swiss Ninja's army has just launched a huge invasion on the USA and Freezeland. We need you to infiltrate one of Swiss Ninja's ships and gather intelligence on his plans."

Clovis:"Yes sir. I will get to it immediately."

Director:"Well, don't do it quite yet. Wait for about six more days, when the battles will be more crucial. That day will be November 14th. On that day, commence that operation."

Clovis stood up and saluted. He would not let his boss down.

Seven days later, the battles had become rougher. The Snoss had successfully occupied almost all of Freezeland, the Regiao Lisboaguesa, and some portions of Eastshield, including the portion where Ciudad Vieja was located. Ciudad Vieja was considered a prize trophy for Swiss Ninja, who was proud to capture the colony of his enemy, Castilla. Several Snoss and Zhouese aircraft carriers and destroyers lined the harbor of Ciudad Vieja. The citizens of the city were rather intimidated and resorted to staying indoors. The Castillan soldiers that were guarding the city at the time were all now Prisoners of War.

The Große Rakete sat in the harbor of Ciudad Vieja along with the rest of the Snoss fleet. It was still filled with several Snoss naval officers that were still celebrating their victory over the city. From afar, one could see them celebrating with extravagant amounts of Cream Soda. Such a time was no more apparent from today. The Naval Officers recently heard that the Snoss and Zhouese forces had officially defeated the Archetian military, and now they were having another Cream Soda party.

Agent Clovis, who was hiding behind a building with EPF Puffle Leonardo, watched them with his binoculars as they became intoxicated with their drinks.



Clovis and Leonardo began to sneak their way towards the ship while hiding behind large objects so that they would not be seen. As soon as they made their way to the ship's hull, Clovis took out a laser and began to slowly make a hole inside the ship. Clovis pried away the metal and the two EPF Agents climbed into the ship's hull. As they silently crept through the narrow walkways between the large crates of food and gunpowder, Clovis has his deletion gun out, ready to fire at any Snoss soldier that would discover them.

Suddenly, a noise was heard. Clovis broke open one of the crates and jumped inside with Leonardo. One of the intoxicated naval officers had stumbled into the storage area of the ship's hull and was looking for more Cream Soda. He wearily was singing a Snoss military chant of victory. Then, Leonardo sneezed.

The Naval Officer, not quite at his normal state of mind, did not draw out his pistol.

The Naval Officer spoke in German:"Funny? Did the crate sneeze?"

The Naval Officer stumbled over to where Clovis and Leonardo were. Clovis kicked open the crate and slammed the wooden cover in the Naval Officer's face. Clovis immediately shot him with his deletion gun before he could recover. The Soldier immediately evaporated into the CyberVoid before he could make a sound.

Clovis:"Thank goodness this type of Deletion Gun has a silencer. I don't know how the EPF could get away with certain things without it..."

Then, a voice yelled in German:"Hector! Get out of the storage room you dummkopf!"

This time, Clovis took out his regular ice bullet pistol and shot at the soldier that emerged into the storage room. Clovis rushed over to the soldier's body and put on his uniform and gave his hat for Leonardo to wear. Clovis placed Leonardo on his shoulder and ran back up to the deck of the ship. He publicly made his way to the ship's command room, ignoring the other soldiers.

The command room's entrance was locked up, and there was a security camera with a red button. Clovis pressed it and stood at attention in front of the security camera. He saluted. A penguin who spoke German was then heard from a hidden microphone.

"Sargent Lubeck! Come in!"

The metal door was unlocked. Clovis and Leonardo walked into the command room, which was filled with several Snoss Commanders and the captain of the ship. They were discussing future battle tactics.

The ship's captain beckoned Clovis to sit down at a seat that was reserved for him. Clovis then secretly took out a tape recorder that he hid under the table. The Commanders were making their plans right in front of him, along with the help of a Snoss General that they were talking with on the radio. The whole conversation was in German.

General:"The Kaiser has suggested that we need to attack Trans-Antarctica, near Pengolia. The enemy forces are advancing towards us and are trying to make a blockade. However, we will bypass them with our Submarines first, and sink their ships. Our few special submarines are made out of some special metals that can avoid the radars. We'll go right under them and drill holes on the bottoms of their ships! Hahaha!"

Commander 1:"Haha! Good plan General! When do we come in?"

General:"We're going to attack the smallest group of enemy ships. Then, we'll dispatch several ships, including yours, to go to Trans-Antarctica. From there, we will attack Pengu Town."

Commander 2:"Genious Plan! Will Zhou aid us?"

General:"Yes. Zhou is currently fighting several Ligurian and Puffish vessels not far from their coast, but they are maintaining. Once we reach Pengu Town, we'll raid the nearest military bases immediately. That is all for now."

Commander 3:"Thank you General."

One of the commanders turned off the radio. Commander 1 looked at Clovis.

Commander 1:"Sargeant Lubeck! You strangely haven't said a thing! Don't you think our Kaiser's war plan is not incredible?"

Clovis, who immediately turned off the tape recorder, did not understand the German words that came out of the Commander's mouth. Clovis paused nervously and looked frantically around the room. All the Commanders and the ship's captain were looking at him, waiting for an answer.

Clovis nodded and spoke the only German he knew:"Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja!" (Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!)

The Commanders looked at him strangely.

Commander 2:"Your voice sounds strange! I don't think you're...."

Clovis stood up and could not take any more of the confusing situation.

Clovis:"Forget this!"

Commander 1:"He speaks English! IT'S A SPY!!!"

Before the commanders and the soldiers present could reach for their pistols, Clovis blasted them with his deletion gun and several of the Commanders and Soldiers immediately were sucked into the CyberVoid. Clovis ducked under the table as he dodged the icebullets of several of the other soldiers that began shoot at him. Clovis was in an intense battle with them, and when he deleted the last penguins with guns, Clovis was left with the captain. The Captain immediately came at Clovis and slammed his deletion gun out of his flippers with a shovel.

In fear of getting slammed, Clovis spat in the Captain's face. The captain stumbled back and dropped the shovel, which gave Clovis the opportunity to punch him in the beak. Now, the two penguins were locked into a full on fist fight. The Captain rushed at Clovis and began wrestling him. Leonardo jumped off of Clovis's shoulder and ran for the ship's controls.

The captain threw Clovis on the ground, but Clovis immediately flipped the captain so that he was on top of him. However, the captain kicked Clovis, and the captain regained control once more.

Meanwhile, as the fight continued, Leonardo reached the ship's controls and made sure that the main entrance stayed lock. Then, he pressed the button that rose the ship's anchor.

The captain screamed in German:"Treacherous EPF enemies, you and the rest of your kin deserve to die like the rest of the haters of Swiss Ninja!"

The captain suddenly drew out a knicicle and made his way to stab Clovis. Clovis rolled out of the way as the knicicle stabbed into the floor. Clovis kicked the captain in the face and took the knicicle for himself. Quickly and precisely, Clovis threw the knicicle like a dart right at the captain's shirt.

The battle was over.

Clovis ran to help Leonardo at the controls. Clovis conducted the ship so that it backed out of its spot in the harbor. The ship's unannounced movement did not seem to worry the soldiers, as they typically assumed that the Captain was ready to leave the Snoss occupied Ciudad Vieja. Little did they know that he was dead.

Then, Clovis turned the ship back towards the harbor, and he immediately throttled the giant ship at full speed towards the rest of the docked Snoss battleships. In a matter of seconds, the ship immediately rammed into the middle of another Snoss Battleship, and a huge explosion occurred that effected another nearby ship. The engines of the other ship had exploded, and the gunpowder in Clovis's ship had exploded. Both of the ships were on fire and it was spreading. The ships were sinking, and Clovis knew that it was time to evacuate.

Placing Leonardo back onto his shoulder, Clovis ran to the back of the Command room and used a small laser to cut open a large hole in the metal wall of the room. Clovis gave Leonardo and himself a pair of swim goggles and a snorkel. Then, Clovis jumped with Leonardo out of the ship and dived into the sea of the harbor. When they resurfaced, they looked back to see the sinking ship. As the sound of an approaching siren was heard, Clovis swam to shore and made his way to the Ciudad Vieja airport.

Returning to Castilla, Clovis and Leonardo arrived at the EPF Headquarter Branch in Toledo. He was met by General Hermosa, who took Clovis's tape recorder and plugged it into a machine that began to translate the conversation of the Generals.

General Hermosa:"Buen trabajo, muchachos. Podemos descubrir y parar los planes Snoss ahora." (Good job, boys. We can discover and stop the Snoss plans now.)

Clovis:"¿Ya encontraron a Gary?" (Did they already find Gary?)

General Hermosa:"No."

Clovis looked at Leonardo.

Meanwhile, somewhere else...

Star stepped out of the upgrade tube.

Star: Wow... this upgrade sure is nice, but why did we do this anyway?

Person: It's a special suit made in some universe, and although it's still a prototype they thought it would be good for you.
Star's new upgrade

Star: Okay... but these new weapons are... very heavy.

Person: Meh, you'll get used to it.

Immediately the intercom sounded.


Star removed his suit.

Star: Guess we're gonna have to practice later. Let's go!

The Director appeared on the main screen.

Director: Thank you for coming on time. Gary has been kidnapped and Freezeland and Frostborough are under attack by the Snoss and Zhouese.

Star and Person: Swiss Ninja?!

Director: Exactly. You two are to get to the battlefield ASAP.

Star, Person, X, Y, Z, EX, W, Ultra Leon and Ultimate DaiBouken arrived at the battlefield just in time to see the war raging on with penguins dying and getting injured.

Star: That maniac ninja has gone too far for the third time!

Just then, a deletion pistol barely missed him. They turned to see several Snoss soldiers coming towards them.

Person: This won't be pretty.

All nine of them charged at the soldiers. About a dozen War Bots surrounded Y, who used Sonic Ninja to destroy them.

X and EX knocked out about 50 sergeants and elite snosstroopers.

X: Stay close, my younger brother. The Snoss are not your average training dummies.

W: Incoming... cheese?

A slice of cheese was thrown by an elite snosstrooper.

Ultra Leon: Aw crap, that jerk just chucked a Snowzer cheese at us!

Ultimate DaiBouken: We better get out of the way. It looks like a Snowzer Cheese A.

Everyone nearby fell back except Star, who didn't notice.

Star: Huh?

The cheese struck Star's cyber helmet and just dropped to the ground.

Star: So my cyber helmet is more than just an accessory? That's good to know.

About a hundred soldiers shot their snowbullet guns at Ultimate DaiBouken who shielded himself with his left arm.

Ultimate DaiBouken: Initiating counterattack!

With a gush of gyro wind, Ultimate DaiBouken blew the soldiers away.

Kerboommista was sitting on a bench in Club Penguin. It was so peaceful. Nothing had happened in Club Penguin for quite some time. But everything was about to change. The peace would end along with the fun, the games, the parties, the happiness, and most importantly- the freedom.

A forest nearby exploded, which caught Kerboom's attention.

Kerboom: What the scallop?!

Parts of Club Penguin began blowing up. Hundreds of crabs appeared everywhere and began to take penguins away. Now that most of the penguins who would stop his plan were gone, Herbert's takeover had begun. Friend Test5 and a few more police officers were passing by, evacuating penguins to the Pet Shop, which was the only place Herbert didn't bother to even touch.

Friend: Hey Thomas! Could you lend me a hand here?

Kerboom: Not now. I need to see what's going on!

Kerboom hurried to the Ski Village. And he saw what nearly stopped his heart.

The EPF Command Room was on fire.

Kerboom: This can't be... the EPF... all that we've worked for... it's all... all... gone.

He couldn't face the truth- that the strongest organization in Club Penguin was gone- but he was forced to.

Kerboom: NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Quickly he called the Fire Department. (Wait... did Club Penguin ever have a fire department?) While waiting for them to arrive, he overheard a voice that he recognized and always would.

Kerboom: Herbert... you'll pay for this.

Herbert: Good job, Klutzy. We've got 596 penguins for hostage.

Kerboom immediately phoned Star.

Star: Hey Thomas? I'm kinda busy right now, can it wait?

Kerboom: Star, keep your voice down! Herbert has taken advantage of your absence and has captured penguins, destroyed parts of Club Penguin and... he blew up the Command Room.

Slightly placing his phone near Herbert's meeting place, he turned on sensitivity to get all of Herbert's plans down.

Herbert: Now all that's left is to activate the Sun Rays that I've placed around this island to steal their sunlight. Then they will be FORCED TO BOW DOWN TO ME!

Hearing this, Kerboom gasped- and accidentally knocked over his phone, making a small sound that was loud enough to hear. All the crabs turned towards him.

Kerboom: Big mistake.

Herbert: Well, if it isn't an Elite agent. Too bad you're on your own now. And since you've heard my plan... we're not letting you go.

Herbert snapped his fingers and the crabs overwhelmed Kerboom. Cruelly laughing, Herbert pressed a button which lowered a containment cell which he stole.

Star: Thomas! What's going on?! Oh great. Connection lost.

Person: I think we should worry about how we're going to handle this fight.

Herbert phoned Swiss Ninja.

Herbert: "All I have to do is activate my sun rays. How's your takeover going?"

Swiss Ninja: They don't stand a chance. Remember our Last Step of Antarctic conquest."

Herbert: "Please tell me the details for once."

Swiss Ninja: "Legends say the super-powered creature Jack Frost is sealed under Club Penguin. Make sure you find it, capture it and bring it to Snowzerland. There we shall activate the End Game Sun Ray which is our last step before Antarctic Conquest. Castilla and the USA won't have a chance."

Herbert: "Thank you. I'll do that as soon as I take care of a few more things here."

Herbert and Swiss Ninja hung up and cackled evilly.

The battle in Fanon City raged on.

Star: Guys, we have to take care of this quickly. Club Penguin is under attack!

Person: CLUB PENGUIN?! Why didn't you tell us sooner?!

Star: I didn't know until Thomas phoned me!

Person: Well I hope we can finish this fast!

Star: Don't worry, we probably can! Let's do our finals!

Star and Person boarded Ultimate DaiBouken and Ultra Leon.

Ultimate DaiBouken: Initiate all finishers!

All seven mecha killed a whole bunch of soldiers with their strongest abilities. The rest retreated, or at least they thought they did.

Star: Let's hurry to Club Penguin. We don't have much time!

As the nine left, the remaining soldiers continued their conquest. They had tricked them.

When the nine arrived, Club Penguin was surrounded by dark clouds.

Star: We're too late!

That same day, Clovis and Leonardo were immediately summoned back to the EPF Command Room Branch in Toledo, which was still intact. The Director wished to speak to them personally.

Director:"Hello Agent Clovis and Leonardo."

Clovis:"We came as soon as we could. What is wrong, sir? Is Gary in deep trouble?"

Director:"Yes, but that is not what I wanted to tell you. The main EPF Headquarters in Club Penguin has been blown up. Investigators have discovered that it was Snoss bombs. Herbert apparently set them off."

Leonardo:"Oh no, that's terrible! Are you OK?"

Director:"I am fine. I was not in the HQ when it blew up. Several penguins were severely hurt and they were rushed to the Lighthouse, which is now a hospital for the time being."

Clovis:"What would you like us to do?"

Director:"Agent Clovis, you need to keep an eye on Swiss Ninja and his forces. I request that Leonardo and your friends to come to Club Penguin for help."

Clovis:"You mean Jock, Gottfried, and Piper? They aren't even agents!"

Director:"In a time like this, we need all the help we can get."

Clovis:"All right then, you have my word. Though Jock will not go, because he is going to aid the Castillan army against the Snoss and Zhouese. Gottfried and Piper will be there, though."

Director:"Good. Leonardo, I hope to see you there. We need your help. Take the next flight to Club Penguin ASAP."

Leonardo:"You can count on me, sir!"

Chapter 2: Gear Up!

Club Penguin was in ruins. Very few penguins were left unaffected, and those penguins were in hiding. The EPF was scattered everywhere.

Star: Hmm... the cops need to look at this...

He turned to somebody nearby.

Star: Could you call the cops?

Random Guy: Uh... okay.

The random guy ran over to somewhere random and yelled.

Random Guy: COPS!

His voice was so loud the world could hear it.

Random Guy: I NEED YOU!

Friend Test5 and the other cops arrived later on.

Star: I think we all know what's going on by now.

A Castillan military amphibious aircraft landed on the shores of Club Penguin. It docked on the southern coast of the island that was dominated by igloos. Leonardo, Piper, and Gottfried exited the aircraft and saw the gloom of Club Penguin.

Gottfried:"Mein Gott! I haven't seen anything so bad here since the Snoss invaded. No, I think this is worse."

Piper:"So what do we need to do?"

Leonardo:"Both of you will help the affected citizens on the island. I hear the lighthouse was turned into a hospital and the Dock has a shelter."

Gottfried:"And you?"

Suddenly, a loud blast was heard. All three of the looked up to see Herbert's superlaser firing into the sky.

Leonardo:"I need to find a way to stop Herbert before we all freeze to death."

Leonardo, Piper, and Gottfried went to Fisch Hochstadt's house to see how he was doing. Fisch was happy that they arrived and he welcomed them in his igloo. Dave Hochstadt also managed to be at Fisch's house as well.

Fisch:"Herbert has forced the island to get onto its knees. He has established a dictatorship. So how are you guys doing?"

Leonardo:"We're here to help the island. The Director ordered Piper and Gottfried to aid the citizens for now. I was ordered to meet with any agents I could find and see what we can do to stop Herbert."

Dave:"Well, you came to the right place. A couple experienced agents and I were able to assemble a secret underground hideout. There's a meeting there in an hour."

Leonardo:"Ok. I'll be there."

Discovering a secret entrance from the Plaza, Leonardo found himself teleported to the secret underground hideout. Dave and several other agents were sitting down at a table, discussing some things.

After a damage report, Star received a message from the Director.

Director: Star, status report.

Star: The EPF has been scattered. We can't fight off the culprit without the agents.

Director: Exactly. We've created an underground base for the EPF. Find as many agents as possible and bring them to the passage in front of the former facility.

Star: Roger that.

At the Penguin Times' Headquarters...

Herbert: Finally, after all these years, Club Penguin is mine. And now everything will change!

Herbert started to work on several projects for "Club Herbert". First, he fired everyone in the former Club Penguin Times.

Kip: You can't fire us! You don't even have a news crew!

Herbert: Oh yes I do- I'll be writing the newspaper all by myself!

Kip:"Well we won't let you!"

Herbert snapped his fingers, and several Snoss SSS Agents arrived with large guns. They forcibly led everyone out.

Herbert: Now to start. KLUTZY! Get me my camera!

Star, Person, and hundreds of other agents got to the underground base.

Richeddi: Hey Star, hey Person.

Star: Good to see you again, Rich.

Rich: Better than the news that came out a few minutes ago.

Richeddi handed Star the paper. Star read it out loud.

Star: "Club Penguin is No More"... the island is now "Club Herbert"... OH CRAP!

Minutes later, the Director appeared on a screen.

Director: I would like your attention, agents.

All 10,573 of them faced the Director.

Director: As you know, Herbert has completely taken over the island with the aid of Kaiser Swiss Ninja. However, we will defeat them and save Club Penguin.

10,573 tubes appeared for all the agents.

Director: All of you will receive special gear that will be effective in the battle.

Star received an advanced Aqua Tank Jet Pack, capture nets, gloves with micro freeze rays inside, and a button that would help him switch between his Ultimate mode and normal mode.


Person got a special headset, armor, and a communicator with a signal.


Friend Test5 (temporarily added for the mission) got a grapple gadget and goggles.


00700gold (also temp.) got a deflective vest and a radio (no literally, a radio) cannon.


Richeddi got a grapple rope.


More to be added

Star stepped out. "This is great!"

Person followed. "Heck yeah!"

After giving the agents enough time to marvel at each other's suits, the Director requested attention.

Director: We will now start Operation: Rise of the EPF.

Star: I can't believe one penguin can think up of such a complicated plan!

Rich: Totally. Good thing I wrote it down.

Person called from the training station.

Person: Hey guys, let's test out these gadgets!

Star and Rich joined him and the three entered the expert training course.

Three stuffed polar bear targets armed with holographic bazookas and keysabers. They easily dodged the blasts. Star shot a net at one, knocking the bazooka right out of its hands. He then blasted a freeze ray and trapped the stuffed target in a sphere of ice.

Dave and Leonardo entered the underground room with several other agents.

Dave:"Hey, you three, come sit down. We're starting the meeting."

Chapter 3:Getting In

As all the EPF agents settled in their seats, senior PSA agent David Hochstadt stood up.

Dave:"Agents, we all know why ae are here. To stop Herbert's insurgency. Today is the day we fight back. That is what this meeting is about."

Everyone wildly clapped in approval. Dave waved his flipper to silence the agents.

Dave:"If any of you have or haven't noticed the tunnel at the end of this room, it leads to Herbert's lair."

Star:"So are we storming their base with a surprise attack?"

Dave:"Not quite. We have little data about the complex itself."

Person:"So what's the plan?"

Dave:"The Director gave orders that he wants Leonardo to infiltrate the base first by hiding in the air shafts of the building."

Leonardo:"Me? Really?"

Dave:"You are the only puffle here. You are small enough to go un noticed, hopefully. You will be equipped with tracking equipment so we can obtain some data on the structure of the building. All you have to do is carry it around."

Leonardo:"Sounds doable. Then what?"

Dave:"Then we'll see. Nothing more is planned yet. We can't anyways, until you gather enough data for us to make accurate plans."

Leonardo climbed up the ladder into building. He could seethat the security cameras one one of the entrances were destroyed. Leonardo had his radio on.

Leonardo:"I think I was beaten here. The cameras are destroyed!"

Dave:"No, the agents who built the tunnel destroyed them when they broke a hole in the building's floor."

Leonardo:"Ok. The equipment is on, and I see a vent nearby under those cameras, should I go in there?"

Dave:"Hold on a second. We're gathering data as we speak. Yes, the shaft looks safe to go into. The building seems large."

Leonardo opened the shaft and entered. He quietly crept inside.

Dave:"What do you see?"

Leonardo:"Darkness! Oh wait, I think I see a light!"

Leonardo rushed to the spot to see a large swimming pool and Herbert himself sitting in a chair, relaxing.

Dave:"Leonardo?... Leonardo??... Leoardo?!? Do you copy?"

Leonardo passed the scene and whispered:"Yes...I came across Herbert's leisure area."

Dave:"Oh. The data is showing that the end of the vent is not too far. Check to make sure the coast is clear and investigate!"

Richkirby was added to the plan so that more data could be received on the fortress. And the EPF gave him a crab suit.

Richkirby: "This costume doesn't look effective."

Dave:"I don't care; we need a penguin test subject to infiltrate the base too and you were elected. Just do as you were told and meet up with Leonardo."

Richkirby exited the vent that Leonardo previously opened. He found Leonardo jumping on the keyboard of a computer.

Richkirby:"Hey puffle, what are you doing?"

Leonardo:"We've reached a security terminal! I can't seem to crack the code."

Dave, who overheard the conversation over the radio, said:"Keep calm, Leonardo. I don't think we can go any further than this."

Leonardo:"But we didn't map everything yet!"

Dave:"We don't need to. Richkirby, take out that USB I gave you, and put it in the computer."


Dave:"The USB will be able to access the electrical system in the building. We'll be able to map out everything else with it."

Richkirby took out the USB and plugged it into the computer.

Dave:"Also, press the red button on the USB to activate it."

Richkirby pressed the red button. The USB was glowing red.

Dave:"Ok. I'm getting a lot of data. Let it sit there for a minute or so. From the looks of it, the building has more security terminals. We'll get our top agents to crack the codes during the next break-in."


A minute later, Dave said:"Ok. All data has been retrieved. Head back to Headquarters!"

Richkirby and Leonardo ran into the vents.

Person: Alright, I'm decoding the data.

Person typed on his laptop with the information needed.

Person: The main fortress has four remaining security terminals. A lever is above the second door.

Star: That's easy. I can hover up there and pull the lever.

Person: Except you can't. There's a layer of motion sensing that can detect regular penguin movement.

FT5: I can take care of it. Remember I got a grappling gadget? I'll pull the lever and open the door.

Friend Test5 went through the same trail that Leonardo and Richkirby used. He adjusted his goggles to "Motion Sensors" and saw the layer a foot below the lever.

FT5: If I grab it carefully...

The grappling hook smashed the motion sensor. Two seconds later, a siren rang.

FT5: Of course. Gonna have to come back later.

FT5 left the room right before a dozen crabs got to the scene.

FT5 returned to the base.

Star: Lemme guess: you shattered the motion sensor and failed.


Star: Nah, just guessed.

FT5: Okay...

Dave:"Why did you go into the base without permission, temporary agent? We already have enough data."

FT5:"Oh, I was just trying to open one of the security terminals."

Dave:"That is the next part of the operation, which is what we are going to discuss right now. Don't get ahead of yourself."


Dave:"Ok. We will assemble a small group of penguins to storm the compound. We will work together and confront Herbert as a team. Our long term goal is to stop that laser as soon as possible. I also will be bringing my phone with me, so the Director can give us guidance as we speak."

Leonardo:"What will the group be?"

Dave:"I have the list. I'll read it out loud: Leonardo, Star Kirby 12, Friend Test 5, Richperson, Richkirby, and myself. We leave in approximately nineteen hundred hours. That's 7:00 in regular speak."

Mega Cub Type 1.png

Clovis stood looking out of a Castillan Mega Cub aircraft as Snowzerland was coming into sight. King Carlos had commissioned the 1st Castillan Airborne Squadron to transport Clovis to Snowzerland to gather classified documents and later stage a full on air raid by the Squadron's fighter jets.

The Mega Cub was flying very high in the sky to avoid getting spotted by the Snoss, and the rear boarding dock opened as Clovis put on his parachute. Clovis waved to the Castillan Puffle soldiers on the aircraft and jumped off and into the sky. The rush of air and extreme sense of falling overwhelmed Clovis, but he continued to stay focused as he descended faster and faster towards the Earth. Then, when he was barely 200 meters from the ground, Clovis deployed his parachute and landed silently into the forest of Snowzerland.

Clovis quickly gathered up his parachute and put it away, and he took out his GPS. He made his way for Zurich.

W patrolled Club Penguin, communicating with Star.

W: It's just as you say. There's a giant sun ray near the Ski Village. Wait, that's-

W spotted another sun ray- and another- and another!

Star: Uh, W? What did you stop for?

W: I've spotted more sun rays at the Beach, Town, Iceberg, underwater, Forest-

Star: GET ON WITH IT! Just tell me how many sun rays there are!

W: Approximately 800 thousand.

Star: *silence*

W: And that's only in Club Penguin.

Star: Uhhh-

W: I'm not done yet. If this is the same for Antarctica, I presume there's 3 million.

Star: You done?

W: Nope. If the world is covered in sun rays, there should be about 900 trillion. Now I'm done.

Star: Works for me. Come back to the Hideout.

W: Roger.

W hung up and went through the secret pathway for the mecha under the workshop near the Ski Hill.

Star: This is the worst thing that Herbert has ever done.

Person: What is it? The sun ray?

Star: Rays. W reported that 800 thousand sun rays are in Club Penguin.

Dave, who was still on the radio said:"No. Its an optical illusion. If there would be a trillion of these, we would all be dead by now. Club Penguin is experiencing record low temperatures, and it's not safe to stay out there. Get back to the base and stay warm. That's an order."

Back in Snowzerland, Clovis popped out of a bush with binoculars in his flippers. The SSS Headquarters was only 400 meters away, and Clovis needed to make sure that he wouldn't be spotted. Clovis advanced towards the large building cautiously and quietly as he made his way around it. He then saw a Black armor-clad jeep speed down the road and turn down into a sidestreet that sloped down to what appeared to be an underground garage. Clovis looked closer to see that the Garage door was guarded by two SSS officers.

Clovis walked down the road away from the headquarters and hid in another bush. Another black jeep was approaching. Clovis immediately threw a giant beanbag in front of the car, which ran over it. Clovis jumped on the road and sprawled on the ground as the jeep stopped. Two SSS Agents jumped out.

They spoke in German.

SSS Officer 2:"What did you hit? A puffle?"

SSS Officer 1:"No. A civilian. Let's just move him off to the side of the road and keep going."

SSS Officer 2:"What a dunce. Didn't he see us coming?"

SSS Officer 1:"What can you expect from this guy? He obviously acts how he looks: like a fool!"

SSS Officer 2:"Hey, is he dead?"

SSS Officer:"I don't know. I'll kick him and see."

When the SSS Officer approached him, Clovis quickly pulled out his pre-loaded gun and shot the agent and then his partner in a matter of seconds before they could react. Clovis quickly dragged them into the jeep and changed into one of their uniforms.

Clovis jumped into the driver's seat and drove to the garage. One of the two soldiers nodded, but the garage did not open. Clovis saw that the button was in the car itself and clicked it to open the garage. Clovis found himself driving through a long, dimly lit tunnel of concrete that spiraled lower and lower underground.

Clovis was stopped by another SSS officer. He knocked on the jeep's window. Clovis reluctantly lowered it.

The officer asked in German:"Which loading dock are you ordered to?"

Clovis, not sure what he said, saw a piece of paper on the dashboard with a number on it. Clovis handed it to him.

SSS Officer:"Ah. Gate 012. You may proceed."

Clovis took the piece of paper back, and he figured out what he said. Clovis found the loading dock number 12, and he parked the car there. Luckily, no one was around, and there were no cameras in sight. Clovis took off his disguise and took out his wrench. He had found a vent, and he quickly opened it and went inside, sealing it as he left. Clovis found himself at a dead end as the vent shaft stopped and went straight up.

Clovis thought:"No worries. Thank goodness I always come prepared."

Clovis took out his grappling hook and blasted it up the ventilator shaft until the the hook caught something. Clovis then pulled himself up to find himself at another ventilation tunnel, and he climbed inside to find that he was on the first floor. Clovis climbed through the vents and made his way towards the center of the building. The then found himself above the main Control Room. Clovis could see many SSS Agents and Snoss Generals working in the room, typing on computers, talking on the radio, watching video surveillance camera footage, and writing a lot of things down on paper. Documents appeared to be moving in and out of the major Control Room frequently.

Clovis knew that the documents were from the hidden and ultra-secretive Snoss Government Archive Facility, located underground somewhere. The facility was obviously connected to the SSS's Headquarters through a secret tunnel.

Clovis slammed through the slits of the air conditioning vents, and he jumped down onto a table and immediately started firing his Deletion AK-47 rifle quickly and precisely. Immediately, the shocked SSS agents were too slow to strike back at Clovis since they began to evaporate into the CyberVoid. Clovis rushed to all the doors and locked them. Suddenly, he heard a voice.

"Hello? Hello? Is anyone there?"

Clovis looked at the connection details on the computer screen to see that the penguin talking on the phone was one of the main Generals who were fighting in Antarctica. Clovis picked it up.

Clovis:"Oh, I apologize sir. The Agent you were talking to had to go to the bathroom really badly."

General:"That explains why I heard him scream!"

Clovis chuckled. "I suppose so. What a funny guy."

General:"Enough of his informal business, Agent. Why did he contact me in the first place?"


General:"I wasn't informed!"

Clovis:"Well, now you ARE. This is the Kaiser's orders. Spread the word."

General:"I got it, sir."

Clovis hung up and jumped back into the ventilation shafts. It was time to go home.

Person: If it's an illusion, one hit will probably do. So I just installed a deactivator ray into Y's laser guns.

Star: And that's what you've been doing after the talk about the rays?

Person: Yes.

Dave:"All right guys, get ready. We're leaving in five minutes."

Suddenly, an alarm went off. Someone was entering the HQ from one of the transport tubes from the plaza. The penguin arrived appeared to be a young teenager.

Dave:"Hey kid, what are you doing here?"

Leonardo:"He's a spy!"

Two agents jumped on the penguin impulsively and handcuffed him.

"Wait! Let me speak! I'm not a spy! My name is Bro! Bro Melnyseph Jean. I'm from Shops Island!"

Dave:"Suspicious. What are you doing here?"

Bro:"I was on vacation until this disaster occurred. I was looking for a place to warm up because I got lost. I'm not native here."

Dave:"Very well. Release the boy."

Star took off the handcuffs and Bro stood up.

Bro:"So, what are you guys doing?"

Leonardo:"It's confidential."

Dave:"Top secret."

Bro:"Oh, are you EPF?"


Bro:"Hey, can I help you guys! I want to defeat Herbert too!"

Dave:"I'm sorry, but this crucial mission is for Professionals ONLY."

Just then, the Director came on.

Director:"Dave, give the boy a chance. He seems committed. If he chickens out, then he'll learn his lesson."

Bro:"I won't chicken out..."

Dave:"It's not that I worry about. I'm afraid that he will jeopardize the mission!"

Director:"No. He won't...Oh shoot, I think someone's at the door..."

Suddenly, the Director screamed and the television screen began to appear fuzzy.

Dave:"Director! DIRECTOR! We're losing your signal!"

There was no response.

Dave:"Dag nab it, Herbert has gotten the Director as well! I guess the time to act is now! Come on, Bro. You're coming with us!"

Person: We should take 00700gold and Hunter9463 as well. Their new gear will be extremely useful to get through terminals 4 and 5.

Dave: Fine, as long as we don't get our cover blown.

Star rushed through the vent, with the others following behind.

Bro: How the heck is he that fast?

Person: He's been practicing.

They arrived at the gate of the second terminal.

Star: No mistakes this time, FT5.

Gold: I think the crabs fixed the layer.

Hunter: It's now 2 feet below the lever.

Herbert: Klutzy, where's my activator?!

Klutzy handed him a remote with a red button.

Herbert: Now, my Destructobot, your orders are to find Jack Frost!

Herbert pressed the button and Destructobot activated. With its target Jack Frost, it left.

Chapter 4:Finishing Business

Star: Slowly, FT. Slowly.

FT5: Yeah... Slowly...


The hook zoomed towards the lever. And it successfully grabbed and pulled it.

Person: ...Remind me why the Director added you to this operation.

FT5: Hey, at least that's solved.

The team moved on.

FT5: This is a Drive Hour game! That's easy.

FT5 got the car key out of the maze.

Gold: Great, now let's break through that gate.

Leonardo: I think there's only a wall blocking the way.

Dave: Not just any wall. A wall that's meant to be impenetrable.

Person: But I think a plasma laser can do it.

Star: Wasn't that in Thomas' upgrade?

Everyone: Crud.

Person: Wait, I have an idea. With my signal communicator I'll get Y to successfully open the gateway.

Person pressed a few buttons on his communicator.

Person: Y, do you copy?

Y: Yep! Need help?

Person: Detect the communicator's signal and shoot it with your laser guns, okay?

Y: Sure, sure, sure.

Y summoned his laser guns and fired. As the laser hit each corner, Person moved it continuously until the laser made a hole in the wall for the penguins to go through.

Person: Alright Y. Thanks for your help.

As Y left, the team moved on.

Leonardo: Is this another vent?!?!? Argh.

Dave: Person, do you know anyone who can help us right now?

Star: Gimme that communicator. My turn.

Star took Person's communicator and contacted W.

Star: W, locate the signal and tell us our location.

W: Alright. You're in the vent system of Herbert's main headquarters.

Leonardo: But I went through those.

Richkirby: Same.

W: Actually, that was his party paradise. Anyway, go forward 36 steps and turn left. Keep going and turn to the right where you'll see a light. That's the third terminal.

Following W's navigation, the team got to the third terminal. Person broke the code.

Hunter: Holy crud, that's a lot of lasers over there.

Luckily Star never forgot to hang up and W explained.

W: Those lasers can't hurt you, but if they touch you or any regular clothing it'll set off an alarm. If one of you gets through they'll deactivate.

Gold: My turn!

Gold set his vest on "Full Coating" and went through the lasers. The lasers turned green and then disappeared. As the rest of the team entered, Gold unlocked the terminal.

Rich: Great. I can't see anything in this smoke!

Rich was attempting to get through the smoke blocking the next terminal, but it was no use.

Hunter: Great thing I have Smoke Goggles.

Star: Quick question- you can't see without your Ghost Goggles. How did you get up to here?

Hunter took off his goggles and revealed that his Ghost Goggles were under the Smoke Goggles.

Hunter: There's your answer.

Bro: So that's solved, how do we go through?

Person: This is the last terminal. While Hunter finishes the Drive Hour game, we'll go back the way we went and meet up with him.

Hunter: Deal.

Hunter passed and the others went through in reverse.

Richkirby: This is the gate, but there's lava underneath it...

Star: My turn!

Star blasted freeze rays creating a pathway.

FT5: Good thing we're penguins or we wouldn't be able to cross this ice.

Leonardo had some problems.

Leonardo: Erm, little help here?

Dave picked him up. Problem solved.

The eight went to the HQ.

Star: Alright, now to deactivate this thing.

Star had some problems. This time it was a password.

Star: Crap.

15 minutes later...

Star: ARGH!

Star stabbed the machine with his Keysaber. That did the trick.


The Sun Ray exploded on impact.

Herbert, who had been standing on a mountain with Klutzy to bask in the glory of the Sun Ray, screamed at the sight of his creation's destruction.


"Looks like your plan failed, Herbert!"

Herbert turned around. Clovis Hochstadt had landed right behind him with his parachute. Clovis pulled out his pistol.

Clovis:"The gig is up, Herbert! The Snoss are retreating, and I have you under arrest!"

Herbert turned savage and slapped Clovis with his large paw, forcing him to stumble back and fall into the snow, stunned. Herbert and Klutzy disappeared. Clovis, luckily, stood up and looked around. He returned to the Ski Village.

Herbert and Klutzy, along with the rest of the crab army, were running to the cave.

Herbert: I shouldn't have trusted that Swiss Ninja. He's probably somewhere enjoying his victory.

Herbert sighed.

Herbert: At least I have Jack Frost.

???: Hey Herbert!

It was Kerboommista- ready to face off against Herbert.

Herbert: WHAT?! I thought you had him imprisoned for ransom, Klutzy!

Kerboom: Never underestimate an EPF Agent!

Kerboom switched his Shooter Bracelet to "Machine Gun".

Herbert: You want a fight? You'll GET A FIGHT!

Herbert took a pistol from one of the crabs.

Herbert fired, but Kerboom's bullets were faster. Herbert dodged, and, taking a knife from another crab, he sliced down a tree in Kerboom's direction.

Kerboom switched to "Sniper" and shot a sniper shot at the tree, countering the attack.

Herbert: Never knew I'd have to do this, but you leave me no choice!

Herbert took a flamethrower from you-know-what and fired shots that didn't hit.

Kerboom: Missed!

Herbert: I wasn't aiming for you!

Kerboom turned to see that the forest was on fire. With the fire in the way, it would be harder to fight Herbert.

Kerboom: Sorry to burst your bubble, but...

Kerboom switched to "Extinguisher" and put out the fire.

Herbert angrily punched him in the shoulder. Kerboom wasn't about to give up. He switched to Machine Gun again and fired. Herbert dodged, sacrificing a fourth of his army.

Herbert: Destructobot, destroy him!

Destructobot: TARGET: EPF AGENT.

With a sun ray on his shoulder, he shot a sun blast at him. Kerboom used his machine gun as a jetpack and flew up to the Destructobot. He kicked the glass that was the only thing between the outside and the controls, shattering it. Jumping into the controls, Kerboom searched for the self-destruct button and pressed it, jumping out right after.

Herbert: NOOOOOOO!!!!!

The Destructobot dropped the ice holding Jack Frost and exploded. The crab army was scattered, and Herbert, furious, yelled at him.


With that, Herbert left.

Kerboom broke the ice, freeing Jack Frost.

Jack Frost: Wha... Who are you!

Kerboom: Whaaa?

Jack Frost: Get away from me! Argh!

Kerboom: Hey, I just saved your-


Kerboom: Oh crap. What's a penguin to do?

Kerboom ran away with the angry Jack Frost chasing him.

As the sun ray exploded, the sun reappeared, and light once again danced on the white powdered island. Cheers of joy could be heard from the Beach to the Cove.

Gold: Well that was fun.

FT5: Hey, Kirby, Gold, we know what we need to return now.

The three got out their spy phones and gave them to Dave.

Dave: Thanks.

Rich: Guys, look!

Everyone saw that places around the island were freezing.


Kerboommista ran all the way up to the tower.

FT5: Thomas, you're alive?

Kerboom: Yes, but I have an angry Frostbite that appears to be the leader chasing me for no reason.

Star: I have an idea!

Star dialed to the Night Club.

Star: DJ Cadence, Dancing iPod, code ANGERMANAGEMENT.

Person: Star do you really think DJK and DI are going to be a help in a situation like this?

3 seconds before Person finished part of the sun ray was blasted by a freeze ray.

Star: I'm going to buy DJK and DI some time. I'll block the shots with my own rays.

As JF blasted freeze blasts from both flippers, Star did the same to neutralize the shots.

2 minutes later, DJK and DI arrived.

JF: Reinforcements, huh? WHY IS THE WORLD SO CRUEL?!

DI: Settle down, we're just trying to help you.

JF: Say what?

JF finally calmed down and stopped shooting at Star.

DJK: These dudes ain't ya arch-enemies, they just wanna help. You shouldn't act first like that.

JF: Well, I guess I did act first...

DI: All settled.

Kirby: Nice plan, brother.

Dave ordered FT5 and Bro to open up the freeze tubes to liberate Dot, Rookie, Jet Pack Guy, Gary the Gadget Guy, and most importantly, the Director.

As the five penguins recovered, the Director was the first to speak.

Director:"Well done Agents! Thanks to your remarkable skill and courage, Club Penguin is free..."

The Director began to step forward from out of the black clouds that surrounded the Director. The Director's feet could be seen.

Bro gasped.


All the black clouds disappeared, and the Director was no longer a shrouded mystery. It was Aunt Arctic, dressed in a fancy secret agent suit. Her voice changed from a computerized rendering to her real voice. This time, everyone gasped, including Bro.

Director Aunt Arctic:"You have saved us all. Now you know the truth. And you are worthy of my secret. Keep it well. There is much to be done. And though the road ahead is long....the EPF shall rise again!"

All the agents who were present repeated her chant: "The EPF shall rise again!"

Everyone came back to the HQ excluding DJK, DI and JF whom Aunt Arctic requested a cover up ice party.

Star: Looks like this place was totally trashed.

Person: This is gonna take a long time to rebuild. Even the Field Ops are offline.

Rich: Luckily System Defender is still operating, so no worries even if viruses attack.

AA: Get the mechanics to work ASAP. Also, FT5, Gold, Kirby, I have something for you.

The three temporary agents stepped up to the Director.

AA: You three have been very helpful in this mission. It is my honor that you three are now permanent agents! Please retrieve your Spy Phones.

Gold: Whoa...

Kirby: Thank you, Director!

FT5: I guess we're gonna get a bit more busier!

That night...

Hundreds of penguins, including Polo Field and Businesmoose, came to the Ice Rink for the ice party.

G Billy: This is gonna be the best concert ever.

Franky: I know. I'm surprised DJK was able to convince the Frostbite leader to be our friend.

Petey K: Concert's gonna start!

An amazing ice show started as everyone partied. Franky and Cadence sang Cool in the Cold to match the theme.

Star flew up in the air in Ultimate mode, suddenly transforming blue which people nicknamed "NRG Star".

The show was a blast.

The next day, in the underground HQ...

Dave: Any crabs that we caught have been put in Club Penguin Police custody. Clovis was hurt by Herbert's blow but he'll be perfectly fine.

AA: Good job.

The team looked over in a tube, where Kerboom received his upgrade.

Later, FT5 gave Kerboommista a certificate.

AA (in the shadow disguise): Thomas Jackson, congratulations in ranking up to senior rank.

The regular badge was replaced with the senior badge.

Everyone cheered as Kerboom shot his plasma laser into the air, creating fireworks.