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Club Niugnep
Start November 25, 2016
Prerequisites Director Benny writes in an alternate universe (GOSH DARNIT BENNY)
Location Club Penguin Island, Club Niugnep Island

Fed up with how badly penguins on Club Penguin have been treating Director Benny's family, he illegally writes in an alternate timeline where the Von Injofaces can live freely. However, Zeno, Dev, and Apple, who happen to be very curious about the Bureau of Fiction, somehow get written into the universe and have to find a new way out.

This is the first story in the series "The Chosen Three".

Chapter 1: Prologue[edit]

Director Benny looks forward, staring directly at the reader. That's right. You.

Director Benny: Hello. ... HELLO!? Oh, right, it's just text on a screen for you, so you're reading it as if it's a book. No matter. By the way, you look ugly. Anyway, I suppose you want to "read a story", or something. Well, to you, I guess this is a story. Nice-looking infobox right here... Fancy subtitle up there... Ahem, anyway, I already made the story happen. Everything you read a little above this? You know, the synopsis? That already happened. I suppose since I'm one of the writers of the universe, that I can just make it happen again for you. Nah, I wouldn't do that, but since this is a story article I might as well. Anyway, let's start.

Benny rewinds time in the fanon universe to when the story initially started.

Future Director Benny: Alright, so that's past me over there. He's about to create an alternate universe for my family, because--wait, you already read the synopsis, why am I telling you this?! Alright, I guess we can get a little more detailed here.

Random Penguin: oh, hey dude!

Director Benny: Wait... did someone just... FORGET A CAPITAL LETTER?! I better fix that, quickly.

Benny fixes the random penguin's foolish grammar error and continues his writing of a new universe. Suddenly, he hears footsteps in the background. He quickly stops editing the new universe, to be continued later, and hides everything away just before Billybob enters the room.

Billybob: Benny, what are you doing?

Billybob notices you looking at them.

Billybob: Oh, hello reader. What was Benny doing just now?

Director Benny: Billybob, you idiot, they can't talk to you!

Billybob: Really? I could've sworn I heard them say something.

Director Benny: Maybe they did, maybe not, but just get out. Don't make me write you out of fiction!

Billybob scoffed and then left, leaving Benny to continue with his work. The Director Benny from this time's future glares back at you.

Future Director Benny: Alright, you've seen--ahem, read--enough of the prologue. Now excuse me as I continue with my life that, might I add, is way better than yours.

Future Benny travels back to the future, leaving you to read the rest of the story.

Chapter 2: Existence Anomalies[edit]

Zeno124 was playing Destroy the Apple with his Puffle Apple and his friend Dev66, who was off to the side, watching.

Zeno: Go get it, Apple!

Zeno threw an apple as if it were a Frisbee, which made Apple jump in the air and kick it with his Puffle telekinesis. The kick made the apple launch forward until it fell down to land on Dev's head.

Dev: OW!

Apple landed on the snow and did a little squeak-giggle. Suddenly, a figure appeared from behind a tree. It was Xeno124.

Zeno: What are you doing here, Xeno?

Xeno: I heard someone say "ow"... was I mistaken? You know I love pain.

Dev: Ugh, it's you.

Xeno: Ugh, it's Zeno's orange friend.

Dev scoffed.

Dev: I'm still waiting for you to give that amulet thing back to Sensei.

Xeno: That old geezer? Why would I return it to him? I am an x-creature, I have to be mean. With the exception of Mabel X... I hate her.

Xeno gripped his amulet and levitated in the air.

Xeno: See ya.

He started to float away, but crashed into a tree and fell into the snow.

Zeno: He can make anything feel horrible. Even a game of Destroy the Apple.

Dev: Speaking of...

Dev took the apple that landed from his head into the snow and hurled it at Xeno. A loud "OW!" could be heard.

Zeno: Hey, uh, Dev...

Dev: Yeah?

Zeno: You've heard rumors of the Bureau of Fiction, right?

Dev: Yes. I think just about everyone has.

Zeno: It's so weird to think that a group of penguins controls the universe. I heard one of them can write certain penguins into the universe that weren't there before, but make everyone think that they've always been there. I could've sworn I had a memory recently that Wikipenguino wasn't even around not too long ago... but at the same time, he's been in the EPF for ages. Also, how am I in Penguin Kart 3? It came out six years ago, and I was thirteen then. I know I was a DLC, and I remember buying it, but at the same time, I remember me being part of the base game. It's weird to think about.

Dev: What if the Bureau wrote our futures? Will I ever become a ninja? Will I ever become... a sensei?

Zeno: I wonder if they know how long I'll run SnowBob CirclePants. How rich will I get from it?

Dev: You're getting really rich already, and you're only nineteen. I predict, as someone who isn't even a member of the Bureau, that you'll be a billionaire by the time you're twenty-five.

Zeno chuckled.

Zeno: Thanks. But I think we should explore this. These existence anomalies can't just be ignored, right?

Dev: Yeah!

Zeno: Penguins are some of the most intelligent creatures on Earth! We're not that ignorant!

Dev: YEAH!


Dev: YEAH!!! Wait, what?

Zeno: WOOHOO!!

Zeno ran through the trees to an unknown location, Apple trailing behind him. Dev shrugged and caught up with them. However, the trio started to slow down.

Zeno: I just realized what I said.

There was a long pause.


Director Benny was looking over the timeline and noticed Zeno, Dev, and Apple's motives to find the BoF. Quickly, he created a distraction.

Zeno: Wonder where this time-controlling universe is.

Dev: Now that I think about it, if it's a corporation that basically controls the entire universe, it wouldn't be exposed to any real building. It'd have to be hidden somewhere.

Zeno: I guess.

Dev: There's no chance we're gonna find this place, Zeno. I know it may be anticlimactic, but it's logical.

Zeno: But we can't just stay confused about this place forever. We have to--

????: HI!

Zeno turned and saw Zena124, his R63-Antibody, skipping up behind him.

Zena: What are you two doing?

Dev: Looking for a company that we're not even sure exists.

Zena: You're not sure it exists? No one should be unsure of anything. Just keep your head up and you'll find it!

Zeno: Nice words of encouragement. See, Dev? We might find it.

Dev: Yeah, might.

Zena: Well c'mon! Let's go!

Zena ran off, Zeno and Apple trailing behind her.

Dev: Are you sure this is a good idea? It'll take forever to find this place!

No response came.

Dev: Guys!

Zena: Hurry up, slowpoke!

Dev was then pelted with snowballs, presumably from Zena.

Dev: OW!

????: Did someone say "ow"? You know I love--

Dev: Go away Xeno.

Xeno: Did you just tell me to "go away"? Why, how rude. Especially since I plan to assist you rather than taunt you.

To be continued...

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