Club Penguin: The TV Series - Greatest Hits Soundtrack

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Club Penguin: The TV Series - Greatest Hits Soundtrack
Greatest Hits Soundtrack cover.PNG
Soundtrack album by Various artists
Released November 28, 2013
Recorded October 24, 2012 — November 1, 2013
Genre Electro, rock, classical
Label Club Penguin Music Records
Producer Tennyson
Singles from Greatest Hits Soundtrack
  1. "The Party Starts Now"
    Released: August 30, 2012

Club Penguin: The TV Series - Greatest Hits Soundtrack is the soundtrack for Season 1 of the show Club Penguin: The TV Series. The soundtrack is to be released on November 28, 2013 for physical and digital purchase by Club Penguin Music Records. Greatest Hits Soundtrack was produced entirely by David Tennyson throughout October 2012 till November 2013 and is currently in production. The 20-track record features songs and medleys from various episodes throughout Season 1. Though the album did not go through much promotion, sales mostly came through due to the Season 1 Volume DVD offer - which came free when pre-ordering the soundtrack. The soundtrack is the first of many seasonals. The record provides a variety of genres; ranging from electro to rock to classical. The first and only single, "The Party Starts Now" was recorded by Antarctican singer Cadence and was released over a year prior to the soundtrack's release.

Track listing[edit]

No. TitleWriter(s)Performer(s) Length
1. "The Party Starts Now"  Jennette Williams, Peng Guin, Jeff Rendelleta, Walker Mulrose, David Tennyson, Berny Kings Jr., Mandy "Chedille" CornaCadence 2:48
2. "Roar of the Puffle"  David TennysonPeng Guin 0:56
3. "Tragic Accident"  David TennysonVoltix Peng Guin 0:21
4. "The Voltix Have Changed Me"  David TennysonPeng Guin 3:14
5. "Boogie Machine"  David TennysonPenguin Band 1:08
6. "Flipper to Face Theme"  David TennysonUnknown 0:14
7. "Lost at Sea, Where Are We?"  David TennysonPeng Guin, Gloria Walker, Fluffy 2:34
8. "Come Back With My Body!"  David TennysonPeng Guin 1:19
9. "Zombies and Werepuffles"  David TennysonFluffy 0:32
10. "Go, Team, Go!"  David TennysonUnknown 1:50
11. "Puffle Pals Theme"  David TennysonRookie 0:59
12. "Friends Forever"  David TennysonPeng Guin, Gloria Walker 3:57
13. "Everything's Better with Fluffy"  David TennysonPeng Guin, Gloria Walker 1:46
14. "Kidnapped"  David TennysonFluffy 2:45
15. "Fluffy Come Home"  David TennysonPeng Guin 2:02
16. "Better Days"  David TennysonPenguin Band 1:55
17. "DJ Fluffy in the House"  David TennysonFluffy 0:59
18. "On Vacation"  David TennysonGloria Walker 3:22
19. "EPF, Bring It On!"  David TennysonHerbert P. Bear 1:24
20. "Peng's Jam"  Peng Guin, David TennysonPeng Guin 2:48
21. "Why Are Rockin' Acid Green"  Frank Heavyweight ,YuseiPhantom Heavyweight, Gary The Gaget Dude 3:57
22. "The Map"  Ray Kodo, Peng GuinFeey1 Pie, David Tennyson  
23. "Puffle Party (Gotta Have a Wingman)"  Peng Guin, Cadence, Stompin' Bob, Puffle HandlerDavid Tennyson  
24. "Ghosts Just Wanna Dance"  Peng Guin, Cadence, Penguin BandDavid Tennyson  
25. "Cool In The Cold"  Peng Guin, Cadence, Penguin BandDavid Tennyson  

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