Club Penguin Biggest Loser: Battle of the Ages

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Club Penguin Biggest Loser is back for a second season. This time, there are three teams of five that are divided based on ages. Aunt Arctic returns as the host, Gary and Cadence return as trainers alongside a brand new Black Team trainer Rockhopper.


Contestant Original Team Switched Team Singles Status
Mary Black Team Eliminated Week 1
Ken Black Team Eliminated Week 2
Zach Blue Team Eliminated Week 3
Chase Red Team Eliminated Week 4
Gabe Blue Team Eliminated Week 5
Helga Black Team Eliminated Week 6
Jakey Red Team Blue Team Eliminated Week 7
Anthony Blue Team Red Team Eliminated Week 8
Francis Black Team Black Team Green Eliminated Week 9
Colleen Blue Team Blue Team Purple Eliminated Week 11
Zelda Black Team Blue Team Yellow Eliminated Week 12
Tyson Red Team Red Team Red Eliminated Week 12
Hannah Blue Team Black Team Blue 3rd Place
Rachel Red Team Black Team Orange Runner Up
Sarah Red Team Red Team Pink Eliminated Week 10
Returned for Finale
The Biggest Loser

Weigh In History[edit]

Name Starting Weight Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12 Finale
Sarah 243 228 226 220 217 212 210 203 202 197 195
Rachel 288 262 261 253 249 241 235 229 226 221 218 210 199 165
Hannah 260 246 239 230 223 219 219 213 211 208 205 199 190 158
Tyson 422 390 384 373 360 349 340 330 323 312 304 294 283 248
Zelda 281 274 275 268 258 251 249 245 237 233 230 223 217 171
Colleen 228 217 212 207 201 198 197 193 187 184 180 175 ' 135
Francis 380 365 363 354 334 330 322 313 309 305 ' 269
Anthony 360 339 329 319 305 300 296 278 283 ' 241
Jakey 396 374 371 360 354 345 339 336 ' 246
Helga 250 241 241 235 227 222 223 ' 194
Gabe 325 302 295 281 270 266 ' 213
Chase 279 260 255 248 243 ' 200
Zach 267 248 240 234 ' 198
Ken 313 299 302 ' 244
Mary 226 220 ' 172

Weight Loss History[edit]

Name Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12 Finale
Sarah -15 -2 -6 -3 -5 -2 -7 -1 -5 -2
Rachel -26 -1 -8 -4 -8 -6 -6 -3 -5 -3 -8 -11 -34
Hannah -14 -7 -9 -7 -4 0 -6 -2 -3 -3 -6 -9 -32
Tyson -32 -6 -11 -13 -11 -9 -10 -7 -11 -8 -10 -11
Zelda -7 +1 -7 -10 -7 -2 -4 -8 -4 -3 -7 -6
Colleen -11 -5 -5 -6 -3 -1 -4 -6 -3 -4 -5
Francis -15 -2 -9 -20 -4 -8 -9 -4 -4
Anthony -21 -10 -10 -14 -5 -4 -18 +5
Jakey -22 -3 -11 -6 -9 -6 -3
Helga -9 0 -6 -8 -5 +1
Gabe -23 -7 -14 -11 -4
Chase -19 -5 -7 -5
Zach -19 -9 -6
Ken -14 +3
Mary -6

Elimination History[edit]

Name Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12 Finale
Eliminated Mary Ken Zach Chase Gabe Helga Jakey Anthony Francis Sarah Colleen Tyson
Sarah X X X X X X Zelda X ? X Elim. Week 10, Return for Finale The Biggest Loser
Rachel X X X X X X Zelda Anthony Francis X Colleen X Runner Up
Hannah X X Zach Chase X X Jakey Anthony Francis X Zelda X X
Tyson X X X X X X Zelda X ? X Colleen X Eliminated Week 12
Zelda Mary X X Rachel X Helga X ? X X X X Eliminated Week 12
Colleen X X Zach Chase X X X ? Francis X X Eliminated Week 11
Francis ? X X Chase X Helga Jakey Anthony X Eliminated Week 9
Anthony X X Hannah Rachel X X Jakey X Eliminated Week 8
Jakey X X X X X X X Eliminated Week 7
Helga Mary X X Chase X Zelda Eliminated Week 6
Gabe X X Zach Sarah X Eliminated Week 5
Chase X X X X Eliminated Week 4
Zach X X Hannah Eliminated Week 3
Ken Mary X Eliminated Week 2
Mary ? Eliminated Week 1


  • White - Regular Vote
  • Maroon - Not part of elimination, cannot vote
  • Light Green - Vote not revealed
  • Red - Below red line, automatically eliminated
  • Blue - On losing team, escaped elimination due to red line week.
  • Yellow - Under yellow line; up for elimination
  • Orange- Has Immunity for the week.


Week 1: The Fiesta Begins[edit]

The contestants meet Aunt Arctic on a deserted island. They are divided into groups of 5 based on their ages. Aunt Arctic announces that the first challenge is happening right here and now. The desert is 1.5 miles long, and on the other side of the island, the trainers are waiting for them. However, Gary and Cadence are not alone, as they are joined by brand new trainer Rockhopper. The first team to race together to the finish line gets first pick of trainer, and second place gets second pick. The young team and middle aged teams are neck in neck, and the elderly team is slower. The young team pulls ahead right at the end and picks Cadence as they liked her track record last season, as they all put on red shirts. The middle-aged team joins Gary saying they want him to really redeem himself after his harsh season last time around. Finally, the elderly are stuck with Rockhopper, who joins them in the middle of the racetrack and helps them finish after they put on their black shirts.

Back at the gym, the teams are working very hard. The black team is struggling a little as they are older and have to work much harder. The red and blue teams are stuggling just as much though as they are passing out, crying, bleeding and vomitting. Cadence admits she likes to yell at the contestants because she knows they will do great things as they lose the weight. Rockhopper, getting frustrated with his team, takes his team into the kitchen for a nutrition lesson. He teaches them how to use cheese in a healthy way. Now it is time for the Last Chance Workout, and Rockhopper decides to leave the gym and take his team outside. They are already showing much improvement since day 1. The red and blue teams are battling it out in the gym however, and Cadence and Gary even get into a little argument.

At the weigh in, Aunt Arctic greets the players and briefly explains the rules of the weigh in. The team with the lowest percentage of weight loss will be forced into the elimination room this week. Both the red and blue team have record breaking numbers, and the black team, despite still having decent numbers, are up for elimination. Rockhopper is very upset as he made a bad first impression as the new trainer, as he and the other two teams walk out of the doors. The black team meets in the elimination room, and ultimately, it is decided that Mary would be sent home as she is the lightest and has a lot of injuries.

Week 2: Week 2 Is BACK!![edit]

Aunt Arctic meets the players for the player's first temptation. Before explaining the rules or anything, she mentions that this is Week 2 -- the week notorious for players not losing a lot of weight, and in fact, even gaining weight. The stakes are higher this week as the team that loses the weigh in does not get to vote someone out. Instead, the player with the lowest percentage of weight loss on the losing team will fall below the red line and be automatically eliminated. For the temptation, the team that eats the most calories is the only team thats allowed to have their trainer this week. Black Team chooses not to play, as they almost feel like they would do better without Rockhopper this week. Red and Blue both play, but Blue pushes beyond Red's limits and win the temptation, eating a whopping 6000+ calories in junk food. The red team is very devastated, and goes to the gym to try and motivate eachother. The black team also attempts to try working out on their own, but they are struggling. Meanwhile, Gary is loving being with his team.

At the challenge, Aunt Arctic mentions how a 3 lb advantage is at stake this week. For this weeks challenge, the teams must build a bridge of floating matresses across a 200m swimming pool in the Cave. The team to do that fastest, and all cross over to the finish line wins the challenge. In the end, the red team triumphs, with blue team coming in second. However, they are given an offer... keep the 3 lb advantage, or see Cadence for the last chance workout. Ultimately they decide it would be more of an advantage to see Cadence. Cadence and Gary work their teams out super hard during the last chance workout. The black team is still on their own, and they are going to long hikes, still struggling. Rockhopper, who is watching over them via surveillance, is very nervous about this next weigh in.

Aunt Arctic welcomes everyone to the weigh in room, and the black team finally reunites with Rockhopper. Ultimately, Blue Team pulls up decent numbers, red team pulls up fairly low numbers, but the black team performs horribly. Two players gain weight and one loses zero. Ultimately it is Ken who falls below the red line. Rockhopper talks to his team about trusting him, and his team gets really emotional stating they made a huge mistake.

Week 3: Week of Choices[edit]

Aunt Arctic meets the players in the Forest, and asks contestants if they are feeling homesick. All of the contestants nod their head. Aunt Arctic announces that three players are going home for the week, and their weights on the only weight that counts for their team this week. Everyone gets to decide who they want to send home. The Black Team picks Zelda to go home, Red picks Rachel, and Blue picks Zach. They are sent home via a plane ride. As for the rest of the players, it is all about choices this week. There is an 880 calorie cake in front of them. They can recieve letters from home if they eat it. Hannah, Gabe and Helga all give in and eat a cake. The blue team is very disappointed in Hannah and Gabe, which causes a little drama. The players head to the gym to see the trainers and explain the twists. Gary, Cadence and Rockhopper agree that even though their weights don't count... the ranch contestants need to work just as hard. Meanwhile, Zelda, Zach and Rachel all enjoy some time with their family, and are proud of themselves for resisting temptations.

The players meet Aunt Arctic at the Ski Village for the next challenge. There are three boxes... one of each colour of the teams. At the top of the Ski Hill, there are 150 keys, and only one of them opens up a box. Inside the box is the prize. Players must run up the hill, pick a key, and run back down to open the box. Red and Blue teams race off, and the Black Team slowly jogs up the hill. Red and Blue both make it up, and pick a key, however, it is not right. They go up again, and they lose again. Black Team finally makes up up and picks a key, they jog down the hill, and surely, the black team won the challenge. The prize is that Zelda gets a one pound advantage on the scale. Meanwhile, Zelda, Rachel and Zach are all working out at home on their own, pushing themselves to the max. Zelda's grandchildren even came along to motivate her.

At the ranch, the contestants have a short last chance workout before the weigh in. Aunt Arctic meets the players in the weigh in room, and welcomes back Zelda, Rachel and Zach. Aunt Arctic announces that despite their weights not counting, the other contestants are still gonna weigh in as a 'progress report.' Overall, the ranch contestants did fairly well. The at home players did well as well, however, the lowest percentage of weight loss went to Zach, and the blue team was sent to elimination. Black Team finally doesn't have to face elimination, and Rockhopper is so proud of Zelda. At elimination, Colleen and Hannah both vote Zach out, and Zach and Anthony both vote Hannah out. Gabe decides that Zach lost 6 pounds on his own at home, and therefore, will do fine, thus Zach being eliminated.

Week 4: Don't Goof Off![edit]

The contestants head to the gym for an intense workout. Rockhopper focuses especially on Zelda as he hasn't worked with her whatsover since Week 1. Zelda opens up about her family history, and how her mom was killed off. Rockhopper says to take that negative energy and make it fierce... bring it to the gym. She is the most capable contestant on the black team of winning Biggest Loser. Cadence takes her team out to a school racetrack in order to be role models for younger children. Gary takes his team to the Beach for an outdoor workout.

Aunt Arctic meets the players for the challenge. For the first time ever, the challenge is happening right in the Biggest Loser gym. The challenge is for each team to run 10K on a treadmill. For fairness, each team is only allowed to have 3 contestants compete. The winning teams get an exclusive lifetime gym pass. The Blue Team wins the challenge, and Gary is super proud of his team. Before heading off to the Last Chance Workout, Aunt Arctic has one more thing to announce. The team that loses this week's weigh in will not vote to send someone home. The players on the other two teams will be voting someone off this week. But that's not the biggest surprise. Aunt Arctic also announces that on the last week before the finale, there will be a Card-Jitsu tournament. Every single player, eliminated or not, gets to compete. Whoever wins is automatically a finalist.

At the Last Chance Workout, stakes are high. The teams literally have no say in who is going home from their team if they lose the weigh in. Aunt Arctic met the contestants at the weigh in. Black Team weighs in first and loses HUGE numbers. The Red Team weighs in and loses smaller numbers, and after the blue team weighs in, the red team is losing a player tonight. and it is up to the other players do decide on who. Cadence hugs everyone on her team goodbye and leaves. Everyone on the Red Team thinks either Rachel or Sarah is going to go home, but to everyone's shock, it is Chase who is voted out of the competition.

Week 5: Be Brave[edit]

Still in the elimination room, Aunt Arctic makes a quick note that there will be another red line elimination this week for the losing team. Once again, the teams have no say in who gets eliminated. At the gym, Cadence is shocked to see Chase go home, but she was still super happy that both the girls are still there. She gets her team to go straight to work as she HATES Red Lines. Gary and Rockhopper team up and have a field day style workout with the Blue and Black Teams. Mary and Francis both admit they like Gary's training style more than Rockhopper's.

At the challenge, Aunt Arctic said the Biggest Loser challenge this week is what she is calling Ye Knights Quest RELAY. Three players from each team compete. The first person must go through the first Ye Knights Quest, second through the second one and the third must play the third one. The first team to finish wins a 3 lb advantage on the scale. The red team wins the challenge by a landslide. At the last chance workout, Cadence, Gary and Rockhopper work their teams out super hard. Cadence has a heart to heart with Sarah and how she was raised by an abusive family.

At the weigh in, the teams all weigh in with decent numbers. In the end, it is the Blue Team who loses the elimination, and under the red line is Gabe, who lost to Colleen by 0.01%. Gabe has an emotional goodbye with the entire Blue Team, as no one was expecting it. Gary even started crying a little bit as Gabe walks out the Biggest Loser doors. Aunt Arctic mentions that next week, the entire Biggest Loser house is shutting down. Everyone is looking shocked not knowing what to expect as the camera fades out.

Week 6: Beach Day[edit]

Aunt Arctic announces that she is hosting a Summer-themed party on Club Penguin Island, full of water parks, iced treats and sand. The contestants are all invited to join in, as the gym is being closed for the week of the party. The Red and Blue teams go and enjoy the waterparks, and the Black Team tries to get a quick workout in, which Rockhopper is super proud of. Gary and Cadence join forces to make an EPIC Water Park themed workout including running, swimming, and watergun battles.

At the challenge, the players must fill up their water bucket with "x" Liters of water (x=how many players on each team) using 100mL pales. In the end, the red team ends up winning. What do they win? They win 5 pounds of water. The water represents a 5 lb DISADVANTAGE on the scale that they can give to any team of their choice. They want a fair competition, and place it on black team as they want to see one of the black team members go home. The teams work out super hard at the Last Chance Workout, doing beach-themed exercises. Rockhopper is having troubles getting the Black Team focused, as they feel like they aren't good enough for the house.

At the weigh in, it was clear that there were a lot of temptations this week. The numbers were pretty good or pretty bad. The black team won the weigh in, but it should be noted that had they not have had the disadvantage, the Blue Team would have lost the weigh in. Helga is up first and votes for Zelda, while Zelda and Francis both vote Helga out of the game, and thus, she is eliminated.

Week 7: Switch Frenzy[edit]

Aunt Arctic meets the players and trainers in the slightly changed up gym. She announces that the players are at a new milestone in the competition. For the first time ever -- the teams are being switched up. The current teams will be competing against eachother to pick their trainers. The winner of a quick draw of calorie guessing gets first pick on trainer, and the second closest gets second pick. They cannot be on the same team. The original Blue Team is up first. In the end, Anthony wins and decides to change to Cadence, saying he really wants to win, and loves Cadence's track record. Gary's heart is broken. Colleen comes in second and is so thankful that she gets to stay with Gary. Hannah ends up on the black team with Rockhopper. Francis and Zelda are up next. Francis wins and decides to stick to Rockhopper, whilst Zelda switches to Gary. Since there are four original red players and only one current red member, Anthony gets to pick who he wants to be guaranteed on the red team, and he picks Tyson. Finally, the final original red members compete. Sarah wins and decides to stick with Cadence. Rachel comes second and goes to Rockhopper, and finally, Jakey is forced on the new blue team. The contestants meet their new trainers and teammates, and get right to the gym.

At the challenge, the new teams are forced to work together to build a stairwell of crates, and climb up to bring up puzzle pieces so they can win a prize. The prize will be spelled out in the puzzle. The new red team wins the challenge, and get a choice. Immunity, or $40,000 each. They are confident in their team's abilities this week and choose the money, to everyone's shock. At the last chance workout, Cadence gets super upset at her team for choosing money over another week at the ranch, and works them harder than ever. Gary was struggling with Zelda, who misses Rockhopper. Likewise, Hannah was missing Gary. They push through however and decide that their health is more important, and want to remain at the ranch until singles so they can get back with their trainers.

At the weigh in, the new teams were all super nervous to weigh in together with new training styles, team members and all. Aunt Arctic announces since they are in trios, the members of the other teams will be voting someone home for the duration of these new teams. The person with the highest percentage of weight loss on the losing team will have immunity and cannot be voted off. Red Team weighs in first with impressive numbers. Anthony admits he likes Cadence more than Gary, which was a stab in the heart to Gary. Blue Team weighs in with significantly lower numbers. Jakey admits Gary's training style was unique but he didn't get adjusted right away. The Black Team weighs in to impressive numbers as well, thus the Blue Team falling below the yellow line. Colleen has the highest percentage of weight loss, and cannot be voted off. All original red team members vote Zelda off, whilst everyone else votes Jakey off. In the result of a tie, the person with the lowest percentage of weight loss goes home, thus being Jakey.

Week 8: Penguin Games[edit]

Aunt Arctic announces that the players are going on vacation for the week. However, it won't be any ordinary vacation... the players are going to the Club Penguin Olympic Training Facility to meet Olympians, train like Olympians and compete like Olympians. The plane flies across Club Penguin ocean to the training facility on a separate island. They meet the trainers there, but they aren't working out with them. Instead, the contestants are working out as a group with different athletes. It was a hard workout, and the trainers even admitted that a lot of them really pushed themselves.

For this week's challenge, the players are competing individually. The prize is all access tickets to the 2016 Olympics in Brazil for family members and you! It is a half marathon, with a hurdle segment at every one mile mark. It was a great challenge for all the contestants, and in the end, Tyson ended up winning, and he was super proud of himself for how far he's come. At the Last Chance Workout, the trainers push contestants to the limit. The contestant's diets have been altered this week to coincide with olympic athlete's diets, and trainers are really worried about how that will affect their weight loss.

At the weigh in, which takes place right on the 100m training track, the blue team is up first, and Colleen and Zelda lose great numbers, despite people thinking they are the two weakest players left. The Black Team is up next, and lose very unimpressive numbers. The red team is the last team to weigh in, and they are feeling super confident. Tyson loses 7 pounds which is decent, but Sarah only loses one pound and Anthony GAINS FIVE POUNDS, admitting the diet threw him off this week. Cadence calls bs on that, however, as he is too focused on the game to care about his own health. Tyson has immunity, but it seemed like that wasn't necessary as everyone who did vote unanimously voted Anthony out of the game.

Week 9: A Fair Game[edit]

Aunt Arctic meets all the players at the Forest, which is decked out for The Fair. She announces that this week is Carnival Week, and players will have to overcome certain obstacles. Gyms will remain open, however, the losing team of the pop challenge can ONLY eat carnival food for a week. The challenge is a game of Ring Toss. Last team to cover all their rings does not get access to the kitchen. Unfortunately, that is the Black Team who loses. However, Aunt Arctic has one more surprise up her sleeve... there are no teams anymore. The game is going into individuals and everyone is going on their own team colour. The contestants get to choose what trainers they want to work out with as well, and they all decide to go back to their original trainer.

The contestants head to the gym decked out in new colours, and the trainers are shocked to see the game is already in singles. They are all happy to have their original team members back, and give them a SUPER tough workout. It should be noted that due to the pop challenge loss, Francis, Hannah and Rachel all do not have access to the kitchen this week. At the big challenge, it is a Fair game race. There are all eight Fair games scattered across the island, and the contestants have to race and complete a mini challenge at each booth. The first person to complete this race gets IMMUNITY this week. In the end, Hannah ends up pushing ahead and wins immunity. She is so happy as she didn't have control over what she ate. The contestants head back to the gym for the Last Chance Workout, but somehow, Aunt Arctic beats them there. She says there is one final temptation this week. The contestant who eats the 750 calorie candy apple gets to give a one pound disadvantage to whoever they want. No one takes it, so Aunt Arctic sweetens the deal. Colleen ends up eating the candy apple and gives the two disadvantage to Francis, who she feels is getting to be an annoyance on the ranch. This annoys Gary and Rockhopper quite a bit.

Aunt Arctic leaves the gym, and at the last chance workout, Gary is focusing on Colleen as Hannah has immunity. Colleen is the lightest person here and Francis is a contestant who she felt she could outsmart this week, and really wants to stay in the game. Cadence and Rockhopper both have their teams do a whole bunch of cardio exercises, particularly Francis and Rachel, who have been eating crap food all week. At the weigh in, both original black team members fall below the yellow line (Francis and Zelda). Francis asks to be sent home as he knows Zelda has plenty of grandchildren she needs to get healthy for. Francis gets unanimously voted out. With that, Zelda is the only original Black Team member left, and Tyson (who has now lost more than 100 pounds) is the only male contestant left.

Week 10: Makeover Week![edit]

Aunt Arctic met the trainers and contestants at the gym in the morning. She announced that last season, the going got tough in the last few weeks, and she can see that's the current case right now. This week is MAKEOVER WEEK with some of the best stylists from the Clothes Shop, who help them get new hairstyles and outfits. They all realize just how much weight they have lost in the past 2 and a half months. A parade takes place around Club Penguin Island that showcases the six remaining contestants and how far they have come, and at the end of the parade awaits family members who they get to see.

For this week's challenge, Aunt Arctic announces that family members will have to participate alongside the contestants. What's going to happen is that the players are going to have to run down a 500m track, where the family member awaits, and they have to screw off a 40lb weight. The contestants have to take the weight and bring it back to the trolley on the other side of the track. They must do this five times to get their trolley to reach 200lbs, and they must pull it back to their family member. The winner of the challenge gets a one pound advantage, as well as a Biggest Loser Resort Pass for the contestant and family member. It is a very close race, but in the end, Rachel ends up winning it with her brother. The contestants say goodbye to their family members and see their trainers for the first time this week, who push a lot of them past a breaking point, after being glitzed and glamoured.

At the weigh in, Aunt Arctic reveals she has a surprise. It has been scary not having a gym for the majority of the week, but she has something even scarier... this week... there is a red line! The player with the lowest percentage of weight loss is automatically eliminated. There will be no vote or anything tonight. Rachel has a one pound advantage. In the end, to everyone's shock, Sarah has fallen below the red line and has been automatically eliminated. She said she is ready to start her new life at home, and is still going to train to win the Card Jitsu tournament to be brought back into the game. Cadence is in tears as Sarah walks out the doors.

Week 11: Putting the Weight Back On[edit]

The contestants head to the gym right away after the emotional loss of Sarah. Cadence is having a hard time focusing with Rachel and Tyson as she is super heartbroken. Gary admits he has never seen Cadence like this in the short history of the show, and she just leaves the gym crying. Tyson and Rachel chase after her, saying that it's going to be alright. Cadence mentions how she didn't think Sarah was ready, and one of the Blue Team girls should have went home. She feels like she failed every one of her team members. Tyson says it's because of her that he's lost over 100 pounds. Cadence gets a little smile on, and goes for a run with Rachel and Tyson. Back at the gym, Gary and Rockhopper are working their members out very hard. Colleen is having a hard time as she thinks she's going to hit a wall very soon. Gary says that she already won her life back, and the game doesn't matter at all.

At the challenge, Aunt Arctic meets the five players and reminds them that there is a big Card-Jitsu tournament next week and ANY ELIMINATED CONTESTANT is eligible to return to the finale. This week, the traditional Put Your Weight Back On Challenge is occurring. This season, the opposite of last season is going to happen. They will start with no extra weight, and at each station, will add the weight that they lost that week. The winner of the challenge wins either $50,000 OR a two pound advantage. In the end, Hannah ends up winning and takes a two pound advantage. At the Last Chance Workout, Rockhopper really wants to focus on Zelda and get right into her, as there is only one week left after this week. They plan out how she is going to work out at home and such. Zelda thanks Rockhopper for everything this season as they get back to work. Meanwhile, Cadence and Gary are clearly trying to one up eachother with their players. Colleen calls Rachel a "*****" and Rachel just takes that energy and pushes herself even further.

At the weigh in, there is a yellow line this week. The two players with the lowest percentage of weight loss fall under the yellow line and the other three players must vote. Hannah weighs in first with her two pound advantage. She ends up losing six pounds which puts her in ONE-derland. Everyone put up really good numbers, however, Colleen and Zelda fall below the yellow line. Hannah votes Zelda out, while Tyson and Rachel both vote Colleen out, and she is sent out the doors.

Week 12: Card-Jitsu Tournament[edit]

The final four contestants enter the Biggest Loser kitchen for breakfast only to see a surprise... all eleven of the eliminated players are waiting for them there. Rachel goes right up to hug Sarah, and Tyson goes to hug Chase. Hannah is shocked to see how much her peers have lost, and Zelda is very proud of her original Black Team members, specifically Mary, who got eliminated on Week 1. They are all back for a workout before the big Card-Jitsu tournament at the Dojo. All 15 contestants head to the gym to meet the trainers, who all go in tears over how proud they are. They all work out together, but Tyson is frustrated he isn't getting the attention he needs, because he needs to face a weigh in this week. Cadence takes him aside and tells him she understands his frustration. However, the other players need help as some haven't been at the ranch for a while. Cadence asks Tyson to just go for a jog and reflect on his journey while the other contestants are here, and Tyson agrees. Rockhopper especially notices lots of change in all of his original team members.

Aunt Arctic meets the players at the Dojo for the final challenge. She explains that the first round will be of Card-Jitsu Fire -- one player from each original team. The losing player does not get to move on... and the rules will thereof be explained from there. She also emphisizes that whoever comes back (or doesn't, as a current contestant could win) HAS IMMUNITY this week and is automatically a finalist, so the stakes are high.

  • Mary, Zach and Chase - Mary gets eliminated
  • Ken, Tyson, Hannah - Ken gets eliminated
  • Zelda, Gabe, Jakey - Jakey gets eliminated
  • Helga, Colleen, Sarah - Helga gets eliminated
  • Francis, Anthony, Rachel - Anthony gets eliminated.

The next round involves Card-Jistu Water matches against their original teams that have moved on. The losing player will get eliminated from each round.

  • Red Team - Rachel gets eliminated, making her the first current player to get out
  • Blue Team - Zach gets eliminated
  • Black Team - Francis gets eliminated, but gets back in due to unfair nature of having only two players on the black team.

Then, the classic Card-Jitsu bracket takes place. Francis vs Chase (Chase wins); Zelda vs. Colleen (Colleen wins); Sarah vs. Hannah (Sarah wins); Gabe vs. Tyson (Tyson wins)... then Chase vs Colleen (Colleen wins) and Sarah vs Tyson (Sarah wins). In the final match, Colleen vs Sarah, Sarah ends up winning and gets an instant spot in the finale!! The other 10 players are sent back home.

At the Last Chance Workout, Cadence is SO HAPPY to see Sarah back on her team, and is literally crying over it. Tyson and Rachel are also very happy to see Sarah in the finale, as her elimination was so hard. Hannah is very ticked off that Sarah came back, and ends up melting down. Gary talks to her not to worry about the game... like she told Colleen last season... you already won your life back. At the weigh in, everyone is curious to see where Sarah is at, so they put her on the scale. In the two weeks she was gone, she lost 13 pounds, which astonished everyone. Aunt Arctic announces that Sarah won the challenge, and this week, it will NOT BE EASY to get into the finale... as two people are going home. There is a double red line. The two players with the lowest percentage of weight loss this week will be automatically eliminated, despite everyone going home before the finale. Rachel weighed in first and lost ELEVEN POUNDS, putting her in one-derland. Tyson is up next and also drops an 11. Zelda loses a six, and therefore, no matter what, is automatically eliminated. In order for Hannah to stay safe from elimination, she needs to lose at least 7 pounds. She loses NINE POUNDS, and shockingly pushes Tyson below the red line. Both Tyson and Zelda are eliminated, and the finale will be all females. The trainers say goodbye to all the contestants and they can't wait to see them at the finale in three months. Tyson is so disappointed in himself and asks to talk to Cadence quickly. Cadence says everything will be OK. You can't not celebrate ELEVEN POUND weight loss this late in the game. He is hoping to win the at home prize.


At Home Contestants

  1. Tyson (41.23%)
  2. Colleen (40.79%)
  3. Zelda (39.15%)
  4. Jakey (37.88%)
  5. Gabe (34.46%)
  6. Anthony (33.06%)
  7. Francis (29.21%)
  8. Chase (28.32%)
  9. Zach (25.84%)
  10. Mary (23.83%)
  11. Helga (22.40%)
  12. Ken (22.04%)

Tyson is the at home winner for Season 2!

The Finalists

  1. Sarah (44.86%)
  2. Rachel (41.07%)
  3. Hannah (39.23%)

Sarah, from Penguville, is the Biggest Loser for Season 2. Meaning this is the second time in a row Cadence's player won!