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Club Penguin Biggest Loser's first season pit two teams of overweight penguins against each other to stay at the Club Penguin BL ranch for as long as they could. The red team was trained by Cadence and the blue team was trained by Gary. Aunt Arctic presented the show.


Contestant Team Status
Ariel Blue Team Eliminated Week 1
Graham Blue Team Eliminated Week 2
Leah Red Team Eliminated Week 3
Paloma Blue Team Eliminated Week 4
Alexander Red Team Eliminated Week 5
Vanessa Blue Team Eliminated Week 6
Mahyla Blue Team Eliminated Week 7
Rex Red Team Eliminated Week 9
Dylan Blue Team Eliminated Week 10
Louis Red Team 3rd Place
Neridah Red Team Runner Up
Travis Red Team The Biggest Loser

Weigh in History[edit]

Name Starting Weight Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Finale
Travis 343 320 314 302 289 284 283 269 267 265 253 182
Neridah 246 238 235 229 222 219 213 206 192 192 184 132
Louis 387 358 356 341 327 319 309 300 292 287 279 222
Dylan 312 299 295 281 275 270 259 260 248 246 236 188
Rex 297 280 274 266 252 250 240 232 227 226 ' 192
Mahyla 320 305 299 284 283 273 264 259 ' 195
Vanessa 275 268 267 256 254 248 243 ' 200
Alexander 342 318 309 305 297 297 ' 248
Paloma 306 292 293 282 277 ' 221
Leah 218 211 211 201 ' 177
Graham 279 265 267 ' 251
Ariel 225 218 ' 175

Weight Loss History[edit]

Name Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Finale
Travis -23 -6 -12 -13 -5 -1 -14 -2 -2 -12 -71
Neridah -8 -3 -6 -7 -3 -6 -7 -14 0 -8 -56
Louis -29 -2 -13 -14 -8 -10 -9 -8 -5 -8 -57
Dylan -13 -4 -14 -6 -5 -11 +1 -12 -2 -10
Rex -17 -6 -8 -14 -2 -10 -8 -5 -1
Mahyla -15 -6 -15 -1 -10 -9 -5
Vanessa -7 -1 -11 -2 -6 -5
Alexander -24 -9 -4 -8 0
Paloma -14 +1 -11 -5
Leah -7 0 -10
Graham -14 +2
Ariel -7

Elimination History[edit]

Name Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Finale
Eliminated Ariel Graham Leah Paloma Alexander Vanessa Mahyla None Rex Dylan
Travis X X ? X Alexander Vanessa X X Rex Dylan The Biggest Loser
Neridah X X Leah X Alexander Vanessa X X X Dylan Runner Up
Louis X X Leah X Alexander X X X Neridah X X
Dylan Ariel Graham X Paloma X Louis X X Rex X Eliminated Week 10
Rex X X Neridah X ? Vanessa X X X Eliminated Week 9
Mahyla Ariel Graham X Paloma X Louis X Eliminated Week 7
Vanessa Graham ? X Paloma X X Eliminated Week 6
Alexander X X Leah X Neridah Eliminated Week 5
Paloma Ariel Graham X Dylan Eliminated Week 4
Leah X X Alexander Eliminated Week 3
Graham Ariel ? Eliminated Week 2
Ariel Graham Eliminated Week 1


  • White - Regular Vote
  • Maroon - Not part of elimination, cannot vote
  • Light Green - Vote not revealed
  • Yellow - Below the yellow line; up for elimination
  • Orange - Has immunity this week
  • Red - Below the red line; automatically eliminated
  • Magenta - No elimination this week, everyone has immunity.

Episode Guide[edit]

Week 1: Welcome to Club Penguin Biggest Loser![edit]

Aunt Arctic is waiting for the penguins at the Beach. The 12 overweight penguins walk in, and there was a display of food based on every penguin's favourite past food. There were fish pizzas, chocolate bars, hot sauce wings and more. Aunt Arctic explained the rules of the game, and that there will be two teams this season. They have been randomly selected, and the red team will train with Cadence, and the blue team with Gary. The contestants go in the Biggest Loser Gym to meet their trainers, who put them through a hard first workout. People were passing out, puking, and bleeding. Aunt Arctic comes back into the Gym to reveal the Biggest Loser Scale, in which all contestants participate in their first weigh in to find out how much their starting weight is. Louis is the heaviest male and heaviest contestant overall, and Mahyla weighs in as the heaviest female.

The contestants learn about nutrition next as the trainers cook for them. They are put through another grueling workout, and the teams already start strategizing for the game. Aunt Arctic meets the contestants back at the beach for the first challenge. The challenge is to work as a team to pull a 500lb buoy half a mile. Ultimately, the red team wins, and they get a 5 pound advantage at the weigh in. At the Last Chance Workout, the contestants continue to vomit, but there are less tears as they realize that they are here to change their lives forever.

The weigh in begins. The red team wins the weigh in, and Gary and the Blue Team have to decide on who to send home. The votes are split between Ariel and Graham. In the end, it was decided that Ariel would be the one going home on week one. The blue team hugs her goodbye as she walks out of the Biggest Loser doors.

Week 2: Dreaded Week 2[edit]

Aunt Arctic met the contestants at the Pizza Parlor. Week 2 has been dreadful for human species competing on the shows, so what about penguins? The week starts off with a temptation challenge. The team that eats the most pizzas gets to choose to sit out one player on the opposing team for the weigh in. The blue team is the only team that plays, and chooses Louis to sit out of the weigh in -- his weight will not count. The contestants head back to the gym and meet Cadence and Gary for another workout. Gary is shocked to see it was Ariel who went home, and stated he was sure it would have been Graham. This causes tension between the trainer and contestant, and eventually, Graham walks out of the gym.

At the challenge, it is a swimming relay for a prize to go to the spa for a day. The red team wins their second challenge in a row, and head right to the spa. Meanwhile, the blue team (except Graham) get another workout in. It is now time for the Last Chance Workout, where Graham decides to rejoin Gary grudgingly, as Gary takes him aside to ask why he is fat. They hug and continue to work out. Meanwhile, Cadence is stressed out because their team got a day without a workout, and she is scared that the training session today won't be enough to make up for it, especially since the heaviest player's weight does not count this week.

At the weigh in, Louis weighs in first and surprises everyone when he only loses 2 pounds. Ultimately, the red team ends up winning, as there were players on the blue team who GAINED weight. The blue team unanimously voted Graham out of the house, who even refuses to say goodbye.

Week 3: Go Green![edit]

Aunt Arctic meets the contestants at the Dock, and there is trash everywhere. She announces that this week is all about the environment. No electricity is allowed to be used this week except for the scale. It is time to start the challenge. The goal is to throw as much trash as you can in your recycling bin in 20 minutes. The team that does so wins a 3 lb advantage on the scale. The red team wins yet again. After the challenge, Gary meets his team to go for a nature walk. He wanted to give them a pep talk as they always keep losing challenges and weigh ins. It works, as he boosts their spirits, and they end up running through the nature path.

Meanwhile, Cadence is in the kitchen teaching her team of six different salad recipes. Since no electricity can be used this week, they have to rely on meals like this. Cadence then takes them into the gym and shows them they can have a good workout without the use of machinery. At the Last Chance Workout, Gary and Cadence decide to combine forces and train all 10 players together outside. They have them doing tasks like weightlifting with logs, pushing boulders, and more. Cadence admits she really liked working with Gary.

It is time for the weigh in. The teams both performed extremely well, but it was Mahyla's 15 pound weight loss that pushed the blue team over the edge, allowing them to win their first weigh in. Cadence hugged the red team goodbye, as she literally had no idea who they'd send home at elimination. Ultimately, it was Leah who got sent home.

Week 4: Ship Shape[edit]

The contestants meet Aunt Arctic at the Beach once again, and announce that one team will get a luxurious day on The Migrator. But that's not the best part... they get to read letters from home as well. The teams must row a canoe out to the Migrator. The first to make it to the Migrator wins the challenge. The Red Team is having troubles paddling the canoe, and the Blue Team wins their first challenge this season. The Red Team head back to the Gym, and the Blue Team board the Migrator. At the gym, Cadence is heartbroken to see Leah gone. Rex is very upset, and reveals him and Leah had a little secret romance going on behind the scenes. The Red Team push forward, however, and have an intense workout.

Meanwhile, on The Migrator, the four remaining Blue Team members are emotionally bonding. They end up eating some snacks prepared for them, some healthy, some not. The letters from home were worth it. The next day, Gary meets the Blue Team and is concerned that they have been super distracted, and pushes them through the toughest workout they've ever been through. At the Last Chance Workout, Cadence works extremely closely with Rex and Travis. Neridah, Alexander and Louis were doing circuits that Cadence set up so she could focus on these two guys. Gary was training his Blue Team very hard as well.

At the weigh in, the blue team loses the weigh in by a landslide, and they will be sent to elimination for the third time this season. Everyone (except herself) voted for Paloma, (who voted for Dylan as she wanted to make the Blue Team all females). Paloma is sent home from the Biggest Loser Campus.

Week 5: Tropical Vacation[edit]

Still upset over the loss of Paloma in the elimination room, Aunt Arctic invites the Red Team into the elimination room. She announces that the trainers are on a plane to Hawaii. The contestants are scared as they don't know how they will train without them. Aunt Arctic reassures them by saying that all the contestants are going to Hawaii this week. The contestants get super excited as they board CP Airlines. They land in Hawaii, where Aunt Arctic is waiting with a temptation: The Luau. The team to eat the most luau food gets $10000 cash to split. No team decides to indulge.

The players meet the trainers for a workout at the beach, which is the opposite of relaxing. The trainers work them super hard in the sand, and they finish off with a swim. Aunt Arctic meets them later for the challenge. The challenge is to collect all 20 leis of their team colour in the ocean and race to put them on their team's tiki. The winner gets a 3 lb advantage as well as a reunion trip to Hawaii one year after the Biggest Loser 1 concludes. The Blue Team pulls ahead and wins their second challenge in a row!

At the Last Chance Workout, Cadence and Gary once again join forces to train the eight contestants on the Beach. In the end, they play a game of Beach Volleyball, where the red team triumphs. On the plane home, the weigh in occurs. Aunt Arctic admits that, as the host, she doesn't expect a lot of weight to be lost on vacation. This causes Cadence to get angry as her team did everything and more. Aunt Arctic apologizes. Despite this, the Red Team loses the weigh in and is forced to send someone home. For the first time ever, the trainers and opposing team are present for elimination as they are on a plane. Ultimately, the Red Team decides to send Alexander home as he lost no weight this week. Cadence and the Red Team hug him goodbye, and he departs from the group when the plane lands.

Week 6: Individuals![edit]

The players walk towards the gym, and Aunt Arctic, Cadence and Gary are all standing outside the doors. Aunt Arctic has an important announcement to make. There will no longer be teams in this game. Every penguin is for him/herself. The seven contestants will continue to work out with the same trainer and wear their team shirt still, however, they will weigh in individually. The two players with the lowest percentage of weight loss in the week will fall below a yellow line, and will be up for elimination, in which the other players vote one of those two out. The mini challenge begins... 2 miles on the Jacob's Ladder for a one pound advantage. Neridah wins the mini challenge and has a one pound advantage at the weigh in.

The contestants are shown working out with their trainers. Everyone is working hard as they don't have a team to rely on anymore. Cadence and Gary can both feel the pressure between all the players, as each one has a strategy as they want to win the whole competition. Aunt Arctic meets the players at a field for the next challenge. There is a giant corn maze, and somewhere within the maze is an IMMUNITY PASS. The player who finds the immunity pass first is safe for elimination this week, no matter what their weight loss is. 45 minutes in, Travis finds the immunity pass and is safe from elimination no matter what this week.

At the Last Chance Workout, Travis is slacking off quite a bit, saying that he wants a small number this week so he can get a larger one next week. Cadence gets very upset at Travis over this decision, and eventually just ignores him in favour of her other three players. At the weigh in, Travis loses only one pound, but no matter what, is still safe from elimination. Vanessa and Louis fall below the yellow line (Neridah would have fallen below had it not have been for her advantage). The alliances from previous teams stay, as former blue team members vote out Louis and former red team members vote out Vanessa. Unfortunately, Vanessa is sent home.

Week 7: Subduction Zone[edit]

The morning after Vanessa's emotional elimination, Aunt Arctic meets the players once again. She asks the contestants how hard it was to vote of the players out. The contestants agreed it was a very hard decision to make. Aunt Arctic said that this week, the players don't have to worry about voting. They don't have to worry about the elimination room, and they don't have to worry about a yellow line. This week, there will be a red line. The sole player with the lowest percentage of weight loss will be automatically eliminated. No deliberation. Just walk out of the weigh in room doors. At the gym, Cadence and Gary are surprised to hear this news, and work the contestants harder than ever.

At the challenge, Aunt Arctic announces that with the red line at stake, this prize will definitely help someone out. Immunity. The challenge is to pilot a submarine under the lake in order to pick up poker chips of other players. When a person's chips are out, they are out of the challenge. Last player standing wins. Everyone gangs right up on Travis, Louis and Mahyla. They are out almost instantly. Neridah and Rex try to form an alliance to get Dylan out, however they fail, and Dylan wins the challenge and immunity this week. At the last chance workout, Gary works Mahyla and Dylan out very hard. He doesn't want to lose Mahyla this week, as Dylan would then be the only player left on his original team. Cadence is feeling very confident, however, there is no deliberation on who to send home this week, and she is stressed as she has a 4 out of 5 chance of one of her players falling below.

At the weigh in, tension is high, tears are shed, and more. Dylan weighs in GAINING A POUND this week. Luckily for him, he has immunity. The other players weigh in, and in the end, unfortunately, Mahyla falls under the red line. She sheds tears and gives Gary and Dylan big hugs as she walks out the Biggest Loser doors. Cadence is surprised that all four of her players avoided the red line. Neridah is also the only female player left.

Week 8: Working Together[edit]

Aunt Arctic, the contestants, and the trainers are still standing in the weigh in room emotionally talking about Mahyla's elimination -- one no one was expecting. Aunt Arctic announces that this week, if the five players can cumulatively lose 35 pounds or more this week, there will be no elimination whatsoever. The next morning, Gary takes Dylan and Neridah for a workout outside while Cadence stays with Louis, Travis and Rex in the gym. Neridah is the only female player left and Dylan is the only original blue team member left. They both feel isolated from the group.

At the challenge, Aunt Arctic announces that the five players are going to compete together. They have 20 minutes to cumulatively collect 1000 pounds of weights on the scale. If they win, they only need to lose 30 lbs. However, if they lose, they need to lose 40 lbs. Unfortunately, they just fall short as time runs out when they reach 965 lbs. The contestants are starting to stress out now. At the last chance workout, Gary and Cadence work the contestants out super hard. Neridah has never lost double digits, and it's starting to frustrate her. Cadence wants her to lose at least 10 lbs this week.

At the weigh in, each player needs to lose 8 pounds in order to fairly share. Dylan weighs in first, and loses 12 lbs. Travis goes up next, and surprises everyone when he only loses two pounds. Louis goes up and loses 8 lbs, making the total 22 lbs. Neridah and Rex both need to lose 9 lbs a piece. Rex goes on the scale and only loses five. Neridah needs to lose 13 pounds in order to keep everyone safe this week. She doesn't believe in herself, however, when she steps up on the scale, she loses a whopping FOURTEEN POUNDS!! Everyone is in shock... there is no elimination this week. Aunt Arctic congratulates the players and says she has a surprise for everyone...

Week 9: The Makeovers[edit]

Aunt Arctic tells the players that in the past two months, the contestants have been working super hard. This week -- all the players are getting MAKEOVERS!! Cadence and Gary are super shocked about this news. That means there will be little time to train this week. The contestants take off in the morning getting haircuts and picking out clothes. They all realize just how much weight they've lost.

Aunt Arctic, the trainers and a family member show up on the red carpet as they walk across it. The contestants are super happy to see their family members. Afterwards, pop sensation Zendaya shows up and does a private concert for them. However, that isn't the only surprise she has for the contestants. Zendaya announces that she will spend a day with the player who wins the next challenge, which is happening NOW. Every player has their own red carpet, with eight different stations. Each station represents the different weeks of the competition. They will have to pick up the weight they lost during that week as they sprint across the red carpet. Then at the end, they must throw the vest with all the weight on and say goodbye to it forever. On top of the day with Zendaya, they also get three free years at a gym for them and their entire family. Neridah ends up wining the challenge, and is amazed as she is a huge Zandaya fan.

Back at the gym, they have their only workout of the week -- the Last Chance Workout. The trainers realize the contestants are not as focused as they usually are. The trainers still do everything in their power. Cadence is guarenteed to have at least one of her players fall below the yellow line, and she hates the thought of that. At the weigh in, the bottom two players will fall below the yellow line and will be up for elimination. Everyone loses very low numbers. Louis loses five pounds and is the first contestant to lose 100 lbs total this season. Neridah and Rex are both up for elimination this week. Louis starts off by voting for Neridah, but Dylan and Travis both vote Rex off, and thus, Rex is eliminated from the competition.

Week 10: The Final Week[edit]

Aunt Arctic congratulates the final four. Travis, Dylan, Neridah and Louis. However, one player still is getting eliminated before the finale. The pop challenge this week is for a one pound advantage -- it is a cooking competition. They have one hour to cook the best dish in which they will be judged on calories and taste. The trainers are the judges. In the end, Neridah ends up winning the advantage. The teams head to the gym for the workout. Gary focuses solely on Dylan as he doesn't want an all red team finale. Cadence is working her team super hard as well.

Aunt Arctic meets the contestants at the Beach for the final challenge of the season. The first individual to climb up the lighthouse gets a one pound advantage during the weigh in, and also gets a day with the trainer in the two months between this episode and the finale. Travis ends up winning, and the contestants head back for the Last Last Chance Workout. Regardless of who is getting eliminated, everyone is going home this week. The trainers try and get every last piece of knowledge and wisdom in their contestants heads. Neridah mentions she really needs another week at the ranch, and breaks down a little.

The weigh in begins with Aunt Arctic congratulating the contestants once again and thanking the trainers. The numbers are high this week, and the two players that fall below the yellow line are Dylan and Louis, despite still putting up bigger numbers. The decision comes down to Neridah and Travis, who both vote Dylan out so they can have an all red finale. The trainers enter the elimination room to say goodbye to all the contestants.


At Home Contestants

  1. Dylan (-39.74%)
  2. Mahyla (-39.06%)
  3. Rex (-35.35%)
  4. Paloma (-27.78%)
  5. Alexander (-27.49%)
  6. Vanessa (-27.27%)
  7. Ariel (-22.22%)
  8. Leah (-18.81%)
  9. Graham (-10.04%)

Dylan is the at home winner for Season 1.

The Finalists

  1. Travis (-46.94%)
  2. Neridah (-46.34%)
  3. Louis (-42.64%)

Travis is the Biggest Loser for Season 1!!!!