Club Penguin City

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Club Penguin City
Country USA
Area Sub-Antarctica
Population 2,000,000
rank by 2009 3rd
Inhabited species Penguins, Puffles
General information
Demonym Club Penguinite
Founded 2000
– Founder The Club

Club Penguin City, sometimes referred to as North Club Penguin to avoid confusion with Club Penguin itself, is a major city located to the north of Club Penguin, on King George's Island. Built around the old Puffish capital at Landsowne, Club Penguin City was built as one of the most ambitious projects at the time. Unlike Club Penguin, which operates under a special system The Club envisioned, Club Penguin City is like any normal city, and while it is part of the Club Penguin Metropolitan Area, doesn't operate under Club Penguin's system. Many nonmembers have moved to Club Penguin City over the years in order to escape persecution in Club Penguin.


Most of Landsowne, the capital of the former Colonial Antarctica, was abandoned after the Antarctic Revolution, as the population, mostly Puffish officials and other Puffish nationals, moved back to Puffle'and or other Puffish colonies after the end of Colonial Antarctica. An ambitious company that was subsidized by the government of the USA decided to build a brand new city from the ruins of Landsowne. Over the next few months, they bought nearly every single vacant lot and empty house in the city, and prepared for their project. Construction started in 2001 as the company began demolishing the houses.

Within a few years, with the company working at a nearly unmatched fast pace, construction of the new city finished, and penguins from all over Antarctica began to move their. A large number of the early population was from Club Penguin, mostly nonmembers who wanted to escape persecution under the EBUL system, but also many rich members who wanted to leave the extremely dense Club Penguin, which was very crowded despite the server system. Club Penguin City was a modern city that also attracted many young penguins from around Antarctica who were looking for a good start in life.

By 2017, the population had grown to 2 million, and was still growing. New companies opened up offices in Club Penguin City, attracting young penguins, often fresh out of college. As of 2015, Club Penguin City is the third wealthiest city in the USA, after Club Penguin itself, and South Pole City. Club Penguin City has an increasingly high cost and standard of living, which continues to attract wealthy members from Club Penguin. Sometimes considered the perfect example of a modern city, Club Penguin City is also a major tourist attraction as well.


Club Penguin City is governed by the mayor and a twelve member city council. Elections for both mayor and city council are held every four years. The current mayor is Devan Johnson, a conservative who was elected in the 2014 election. The Conservative Party regained control of the mayor's office and city council after the 2014 election, and Club Penguin City voted for Donal Tenorio in the 2016 elections. Club Penguin City is served by a local district court, and a higher state court in Club Penguin.


While not as busy as the Port of Club Penguin, which is among the largest and busiest ports in the world, the Port of Club Penguin City is quite busy as well, and receives some shipments from the Yowien Sea, Asiapelago, and sometimes the Ninja Archipelago as well. Exports and technology are among the largest sectors of the economy in Club Penguin City. The city has one of the highest GDP per capitas in the country, and has a high standard and cost of living. Club Penguin City is the third richest city in the USA.


Club Penguin City has a similar culture to Club Penguin, due to the close proximity between the two cities. Like Club Penguin, Club Penguin City is somewhat of a melting pot, and is influenced by newcomers to the city. Immigrants from other countries often move to Club Penguin City and influence it, often immigrants from the Asiapelago, which has led to the establishment of a Zhoutown in the city. Additionally, Club Penguin City also has some Puffish influences, mostly in the district of Landsowne, which has Puffish influenced buildings.



Club Penguin City has one of the most efficient transportation systems in the country, and is considered extremely modern. Road travel and rail travel are among the most commonly used systems in the city. There are four bridges connecting it to Club Penguin, and the city is served by Highway 1 and a few smaller highways. Rail travel is also commonly used, and there are train lines connecting throughout the island and to Club Penguin. Air travel is a small but growing mode of transportation, since the building of Club Penguin City International Airport to relieve the small Club Penguin International Airport. Additionally, sea travel is also a popular mode of transportation.