Club Penguin City International Airport

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Club Penguin City International Airport
Cpc airport.png
Terminal 7 building
Key details
Name Club Penguin City International Airport
Type of airport International airport
Hub for Air Antarctic, Club Penguin AirFlights, PenguinConnection, CP Airways and Antarctic Air Cargo
Owned/Operated by National Airport Authority
Location Club Penguin City
Runway Runway 33R/15L (12,730 ft.) (Asphalt/Concrete)
Runway Runway 33L/15R (11,800 ft.) (Asphalt/Concrete)
Runway Runway 1/19 (9,634 ft.) (Asphalt)
No. of Passengers 46,788,673 (2010)
Aircraft Movements 415,662 (2010)

Club Penguin City International Airport (ACAO code: CPC), also known as Club Penguin International Airport, as an international airport serving Club penguin, the communities of King Geoge's Island and their area. Previously located at Kingston, the airport shifted location to an offshore island a few kilometers away due to space constraints on the mainland, which had 4 terminals and 3 runways. The new airport has 5 terminals and 5 runways, with a capacity of 110 million a year. In 2013, 83 million passed through the airport, prompting local authorities consider building a new sixth terminal, which will have a capacity of 25 million. With this capacity, the 2 feeder airports at the Amherty and Harborfront can be closed and the land can be redeveloped. The airport is a major transiting point to the island of Latin Antarctica, Wedell and Sub-Antarctica, and is a hub for CP Airways, Skyjet Airways and SAIA.

The airport will from 2014 serve as the final stop on the Trans-Continental Air Cargo Route


Prior to 2008, to get to King George's Island and Club Penguin, penguins had to take ferries to the islands from the mainland. As Club Penguin and Club Penguin City grew in size, the ferries started to get congested, and the South Pole Council decided to give funding to the government of the Sub-Antarctic Islands to build an international island. Several areas were considered, such as a new proposed server called ACP (not to be confused with the snowball fight army), Snow Island, Amherty on KGI and Kingston on KGI. Eventually, Kingston was chosen, and work started in 2006, finishing in 2008. To connect the mainland with the island and airport, Highway 3, a controversial highway that connected all the islands of the Sub Antarctic to the Antarctic Peninsula, Trans Antarctica and South Pole City, via (ironically for the Sub Antarctic portion) ferries, was opened.

The airport officially opened on the 22nd of June 2008, with the first flight being Club Penguin AirFlights Flight 008 touching down at 3:48pm from Penguinville, Polaris SAD. The airport had 4 terminals and 3 runways, and had a capacity of 70 million a year

As many airlines began to move into Club Penguin City International Airport, air traffic and delays became a problem. It began to have an environmental impact due to aircraft circling around the city waiting for clearance. It also lowered property values in the city due to noise, and pollution issues. Therefore, the government announced a plan for a new airport on North Kings Island, a small uninhabited island to the north of the airport. In 2010, a former USA Air Force air base was converted into Club Penguin City-Amherty Regional Airport, located in the town of Amherty, and provided an alternative for regional short-haul flights,as well as to cargo airlines as well. 2011 also saw the opening of a second feeder airport - Club Penguin City-Harborfront International Airport. Several airlines moved to the airports, but this created little relief for the overcrowded airport.

In 2014, the new airport on North Kings Island was complete, replacing the old airport which was handling double it's capacity. Terminals 1 through 3 opened on January 2 2014, marking the move of SkyJet Airways, Club Penguin AirFlights and CP Airways to the airport. All other airlines at the airport moved a week later on January 10 to Terminal 4, which had 3 concourses. Finally, the airlines at the Amherty and Harborfront airports moved in on March 1 to Terminal 5, which had 2 concourses, one and a half months after its planned opening on January 16.

Airlines and destinations[edit]

Airline Destinations Terminal
SkyJet Airways Gemini, South Pole City-Metro, Polaris City, Snowville, Penguville, Pengu Town, Newton Town, Southern Ocean City, Shiverpool, Googolplex, Aquarius, Ulaansnowtar, East Bank City, Fishwow (seasonal), AdelVille, Elterbrast, Fanon City, Capital Emperor City, Akbaboy City, Ulaansnowtar, Snow Island, Exploration Island, Moderator Island, Vai Island, Boorlin City ,Mabila, Ceru City, Bezul City, Honk Gong, Frostize, Zero Reverse, Enderby City,Las Puffles , Los Penguines, Newton Town, Gemini, Glassyglow, Zurich, Saint Moritz, Geneva, Bern, Odewa, Torona-Persan, Golden City, Nilo, Vonkouver, Margate City 1
SkyJet Flyer operated by National Airways Newton Town, Polaris, South Pole City, Pengu Town, Aquarius, East Bank City, Santa Juanita, Strait City, Club Penguin Island, Newton Town, Aquarius, GourdZoid, Intake, Bobtropica, Lincon Port, Penjuana, Elterbrast, Habbiton, Olympia 1
SkyJet Flyer operated by SpiritAir Ross Island, Middle Island, Lowlaw Island, Highlaw Island, Gentoo Island, V2V Island, Angel Island, Pengyboo Island, Lowlaw Island, New Ice Berg Island, Palm Island, Spy Guy Island, Sunday Harbor, AdelVille, Aquarius, Newton Town 1
CP Airways Rockhopper Island, Club Penguin Island, Lincon Port, Ross Island, V2V Island, Palm Island, Saint-Mortiz, Inland, West Yeti (seasonal), Flurryville, Zurich, Half Pipe (seasonal) , Snellville, Penguville, The Slums, Slumalia (seasonal), TerraMount, New Club Penguin, Newton Town, Pengu Town, Yukon Fjord , Highlaw Island, Sunday Harbor, Spy Guy Island, Amery Island, Angel Island, Snowville, South Pole City-Metro, Pengyboo Island, Gentoo Island, Lowlaw Island, Ard Mhaca, Mhic Lionnai, Fishwow, East Bank City, Flystar City, Moderator Island, Los Penguines, Aquarius, Ulaansnowtar, TerraMount City, Nib, Saint Moritz, Frostborough ,Mammoth, Fanon City, Satellite City, Neo Domino City, Googolplex, Sparka, Doble Islands, New West City, Kanapa City, Wentley, Margate City 2
Club Penguin AirFlights Frostborough, Inland, Snellville, Zurich, Bern, Happyface City, Sealville, New Club Penguin, Sherbian City, Ulaansnowtar, Fishwow, Pengu Town, Penguville, Snowville,Polaris, Hunston, Sunday Harbor, Satellite City, Neo Domino City, Newton Town, Aquarius, Polaris, Shiverpool, Margate City, The Flame, Lasoun, Denes, Afens, Rasington,Half Pipe, Flystar City, Ternville, Snellville, New West City, Kanapa City, Doble Islands, Ross Island, Frostborough, Arda, Ard Mhaca, Ulaansnowtar, Nib, Googolplex, Spy Guy Island, Wentley,Gentoo Island, Shield City,Angel Island, Saint Moritz,Tharntonville, East Bank City, Ed Island,V2V Island, Farelle, Chinook, Fanon City, New Happyface City, Akbaboy City, TerraMount City, Yukon Fjord, Slumalia, Penguiki Island, Danton,Capital Emperor City,Mouseport, Lichenblossom, Zenith City, Chase City, Nightlife City, New Con, Wentley,Elterbrast,Shield Island, Turtle Atoll, Southern Ocean City, Bern,Mammoth, Fanon City, Mhic Lionnai ,Pisces, Highlaw Island, Lowlaw Island, Palm Island, Periwinkle Town, Sulfur Island, Philawind, Japaland-Capital 3
Polar Airways Gemini 4A
Airlines of New North Etana Wentley 4A
Farleyan Airlines Tharntonville, South Pole City 4A
Peninsula Airlines East Bank Town, Rasington 4A
Frosian Airwaves Philawind, South Pole City 4A
Air Calada Torona-Persan, Vancooler, South Pole City-Metro, Odewa, Hollifox 4A
Japaland Airlines Jokio-Tanaka 4A
UTA Neo Domino City, New Club Penguin, Scoodlepeep, 4B
Air Pengolia Pengolia Fields, West Pengolia, South Pole City-Metro 4B
Margate Airlines Margate City 4B Googolplex, South Pole City-Metro 4B
Air Ternville South Pole City, Ternville 4B
Penguin World Air Penguin City 4B
Weddell Airways Dessert Island, Turtle Island,Shield Island, Doble Islands, Isle Royale 4B
TransAir Newton Town, Aquarius, Pengu Town 4B
AmazingAir Middle Island, East Bank Town 4C
NCPAir New Club Penguin 4C
AirTerra New Club Penguin, Neo Domino City, Satellite City, TerraMount City 4C
Pacifica Airlines Frostize, New Con, Zurich, Geneva, Dellaroma, Munchen, Boorlin, Parie, SEASONAL CHARTER: VIENNA 4C
Air Culldrome Culldrome Isles, South Pole City, Gemini, East Bank City, Newton Town, Aquarius, Pengu Town, Enderby City, Golden City. 4C
Orbit Antarctica Blizzardville, Newton Town, Aquarius, Pengu Town, Polaris Gemini, Ternville 5A
SAIA Gentoo Island, Angel Island, V2V Island, Spy Guy Island, Rockhopper Island, Pengyboo Island, Ross Island, Mccoon Island, Palm Island, Highlaw Island, Lowlaw Island, New Ice Berg Island, Ice Berg Island, Gentoo Island, Ed Island, Angel Island, Sunday Harbor 5A
Peninsula Airlines Enderby City, East Bank City, Shiverpool 5A
Rockhopper Airlines South Pole City,Rockhopper Island, Yarrville, Polaris, Gemini, Glassyglow ,Outer Club Penguin, Herbertville, Rockhopper Island, Yarrville, Club Penguin City, Amery Island, V2V Island, Angel Island, Amery Island, Pisces, Pengu Town, Newton Town, Penguville, Glassyglow, Googolplex 5A
Air Antarctic Shiverpool, Glassyglow, Inland, East Bank Town, Sealville, Gentoo Island, Pengyboo Island, Ross Island, Frostborough, Club Penguin Island, Gentoo Island, Happyface City, Margate City, Snowville, South Pole City-Metro, New West City, Kanapa City, Doble Islands, Ross Island, Frostborough, Arda, Ard Mhaca, Ulaansnowtar, Nib, Googolplex, Spy Guy Island, Wentley, Gentoo Island, Shield City, Angel Island, Saint Moritz, Tharntonville, East Bank City, Ed Island, V2V Island, Farelle, Chinook, Fanon City, New Happyface City, Akbaboy City, TerraMount City, Yukon Fjord, Slumalia, Penguiki Island, Danton, Capital Emperor City, Mouseport, Lichenblossom, New Con, Wentley, Elterbrast, Shield Island, Turtle Atoll, Southern Ocean City ,Bern, Fanon City, Mhic Lionnai 5B


Terminal 1[edit]

Terminal 1 is the designated terminal for SkyJet Airways. It has 25 gates and can accommodate 18 milliom passengers a year. It has two JetzLounges, along with a couple of shops and snack stalls.

Terminal 2[edit]

Terminal 2 is the exclusive terminal for Club Penguin Airways, and has 20 gates which can handle 16 million passengers a year. The terminal is home to a JetzLounge, along with several snack stalls, and the airport's small aviation museum, located in the Lower Departure Hall towards the Security Checkpoint.

Terminal 3[edit]

Terminal 3 is the exclusive terminal for Club Penguin AirFlights, and has 20 gates which can also handle 16 million passengers. The terminal is located opposite to Terminal 2, and is almost an exact replica of it. There are lounges, shops and snack stalls. Nothing really special.

Terminal 4[edit]

Terminal 4 is the largest terminal, with 48 gates over 3 concourses - 4A, 4B and 4C, with the ability to accommodate 35 million passengers a year. It is the international terminal and serves all other airlines. It as many shops, snack stalls and lounges that caters to penguins every need. The terminal also has an airport hotel and entertainment deck featuring an indoor garden, movie theater and computer stands. Based on the award winning Margate City-Lhangi International Airport in Margate, this terminal is the grandest and has the most number of facilities. The terminal is also home to the light-rail service linking the airport to the city and Club Penguin.

Termnal 5[edit]

The second largest terminal, Terminal 5 has 30 gates for two concourses - 5A and 5B, with a capacity of 25 million a year. it is home to the airlines which moved from Amherty and Harborfront. The terminal has one lounge and several shops and snack stalls. It is often called the Domestic Terminal as there are very few international destinations served by the airlines based there.

Ground Transportation[edit]

The Airport's bus-station, train station and ground transport hall is located at a large building adjacent to Terminal 4, providing High-Speed Rail to Club Penguin's Maritime Railway Station, light-rail service to King George's Island, as well as bus and taxi service to the island. Highway 3 also passes next to the airport, allowing easy road access

Inter-Terminal Transportation[edit]

The LINK Trains, were first made in South Pole City, then shipped to Club Penguin City by rail,the LINK trains offer inter-terminal train service from the Parking Building, Terminal 1, 2, 3, 4A, 4B, 4C, 5A and 5B These trains have a maximum speed of 67 mph. There are about two trains that operate on the LINK. The track stops at each concourse and terminal, its main stop is the Club Penguin City Airport Train Terminal located adjacent to Terminal 4 and goes in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. The LINK train typically have 2 types of services - public and transit. The Public Trains serves the Parking Building, and the main areas of each terminal. The Transit trains do not serve the Parking Building, but does serve the 5 separate concourses not served by the public, as well as the transit portion of each terminal. They operate from 5am to 2am, after which passengers must take the shuttle bus, which costs $3 per penguin.

The concourses are served by high-speed LINK trains as well.

Incidents and Accidents[edit]

  • On June 17, 2009, Club Penguin AirFlights Flight 444 originating from Enderby City International Airport suffered the loss of its two engines over the skies above Club Penguin. The aircraft, a Snowing 757-200 made an emergency landing at Club Penguin Island Airport 15 minutes following takeoff. None of the 125 passengers and 6 crew were injured on board. It is reported that the aircraft was not properly serviced on the ground at Enderby City. Following the incident, 9 ground staff and mechanics were fired due to their incompetence in servicing an aircraft properly.
  • On October 8, 2010, CP Airways Flight 7795, a scheduled flight destined for Newton Town International Airport, crashed upon takeoff at Club Penguin City, and rendered the Snowing 737-800 aircraft unfeasible for usage, that was carrying 145 passengers and 6 crew. 110 penguins were injured as a result of the incident. Following a brief FAAA investigation the aircraft's fuel hydraulics were somehow destroyed during takeoff.
  • On January 30, 2013, NCPAir Flight 9165 a Snowing 747-400 originated from Rockhopper Island Airport carrying 506 penguins and 3 puffles and 5 crew mysteriously vanished. No one knows what happened to the flight. Two days after the missing the plane was spotted landing a day ago at Zürich International Airport. Everyone on board was safe and sound.
  • On August 2, 2013, SkyJet Airways Flight 134 carrying 80 passengers and 2 crew a Snowing 737-100 slammed into a wall next to the South Pole City Zoo, after barely missing an approach to South Pole City's Metro Airport. No passengers were injured, but several zoo animals escaped. Theses animals were caught within 24 hours and sent back to the zoo.

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