Club Penguin Exploration Group

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Club Penguin Exploration Group
Name Club Penguin Exploration Group
Type Adventure and Exploration Group
Location Exploration Island
Head Barkjon
Job Exploring new places
Members Five Six members
Headquarters Exploration Island

The Club Penguin Exploration Group was a former exploration group of six adventurers, Barkjon, Dancing Penguin, Tails6000, Metalmanager, Explorer 767 and Happyface141. Originally intended to discover new islands and places in Antarctica, the group slowly drifted apart after each member had matters to worry about. In fact, the only island they found was Exploration Island, off the coast of The Happyface State. The island itself mysterious disappeared.


Barkjon was always the avid explorer. In 2006, together with Dancing Penguin, Metalmanager, Happyface141 and Explorer, they all set out on an adventure to discover new islands and places in the USA. Their first stop was off the coast of The Kingdom of Happyface141, as it was then called, after Happyface sensed "the presence of some landform". Instinctively, they grabbed a boat and sailed at an angle of 13.37 degrees from north. They landed upon Exploration Island, which they eventually declared their base.

First, they set up a house on the top of the mountain that covered nearly the whole land. More details on the hut are provided below. Then, on July 2006, they set out once more to discover new lands.

However, years and years have passed but before they could reach any new island or place, some country would probably have annexed it. The supposed Antarctic Scramble, as the group dubbed it, deterred the group from trying to discover new islands. Instead, they went to forbidden places where Barkjon would usually head the group and claim it as part of the Uncharted States.

In 2009, Tails6000 joined the quest for exploration. But by then, the group was crippling apart after Barkjon and Explorer became more busy, Happyface141 fighting Fluffy and Dancing Penguin mourning the loss of Ford Car after his terrible incident. Metalmanger also dissipated into obscurity as well and Tails had to fight Doctor Aye-Que time and again. They simply had no time for each other.

On June 1st, 2011, Exploration Island mysteriously vanished from Iceland's regional airport's radar. When a group of scientists were sent out to the site of Exploration Island, they reported it as "simply vanished" before dissapearing as well. The island and the group was never found in the archive of the Bureau of Fiction or the Bureau of Entropy. None of the Masters of the Universe had any knowledge of it whatsoever.

The Club Penguin Exploration Group remains to be seen, although a few months after it's dissemination, some remnants of the old Exploration House atop the hill of the island started to float onshore in as far away as Maps Island and Castilla.