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The Club Penguin Fanon Wiki is a Fan Fiction wiki that anyone can join and make characters, places, and stories based on the popular MMOG, Club Penguin. The wiki has its own world in that it contains Club Penguin Island and a multitude of other lands near and far inhabited by penguins and puffles.
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DaiBouken Robo SGS BK-5050, simply DaiBouken, is a large-scale mecha created in the EPF facilities before the destruction of the PSA. As a mecha created in 2008 from a year-old project and the technology of the Tobot prototypes, DaiBouken is Star Kirby12's partner and an extremely agile unit.

After testing his robot-making abilities, Gary finally decided to create the project he was planning to work on since 2007: The Maximum Suit. However, after messing with some tools, he was able to create mechanical AI that could think for itself as well as being manually controlled by the pilot inside. Giving this machine to Star Kirby12 and naming it the DaiBouken, he quickly realized that the programming AI was special- not only could it act for itself, it could think and talk for itself, and had humanoid thoughts.

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Puffle Escape


Puffle Escape has been on this wiki for well over a year now, in which time he's made a number of articles for our enjoyment, including Snow, the Super Puffle Bros. and more! Not only is he active on the wiki, but he's also kind, and not afraid to get involved with the community, giving him his first Featured User win. Keep up the good work!

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Fanon & Canon:

  • July 6th-August 17: Finding Dory Party on Club Penguin
  • June 2016: The Power4U Affair occurs. The Time Agency is disbanded, and Sprocket is injured and loses his natural telekinetic abilities.

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