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Erik Carlos von Penquino (commonly known as Penquino or CK) is a politician and Jedi Master who currently resides on Shops Island. He is currently known for being the governor of Southern Shops, but in the future he will also be known for leading the rebellion against the corrupt Shops Island government, and bringing the Jedi Order back to a suitable position in Antarctic society. In his spare time, he is also in the music industry, where he is a renowned musician on and around Shops Island, producing songs alone as well as formerly being the percussionist in The KD Band.

Prior to 2012 he was mainly known for being obsessed with eggnog. He is close friends with Chill57181, Mario Rk, LMGT, Johnny 115, Bro and The Ed. While living on Club Penguin he adopted two nicknames, Penquino (his last name), and CK (which stood for Cp kid). He tends to sign as CK whenever he can, because it's much easier. He splits most of his time between Shopper politics and the Jedi Order, along with watching over the routine operation of Penquino Entertainment, which is where most of his income comes from.

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CK, drawn by Hat Pop

CK is a dedicated administrator on the wiki. He joined the CPW when it was still on Wikia in August 2010, and edited other wikis in the Club Penguin Wiki Network before joining this wiki in mid-2013. On the Fanon wiki, he was elected as administrator in late 2014, and bureaucrat in 2015. He is known for his main character Penquino, his constant maintenance efforts on the wiki to improve and categorize articles, and his willingness to speak out to make his opinions heard, along with a selection of incomplete projects he was behind. The most active admin, CK currently helps in keeping the wiki alive and well, and tries to be a friendly face for new and old users alike. Keep up the great work!

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