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An increase in kidnappings is seen in all parts of the continent. Penguins of all colors and sizes, ages and nationalities, are taken in various methods unexpected by the local governments. Various modus operandi are used to take these penguins, ranging from break-ins to public raidings, from snatching in the middle of the roads to staged bombings in populated areas. As tensions grow and questions are asked on whether they are linked and who is behind this, The Public steps into the limelight. Armed with their demands and a manifest to prove their validity, The Public sends ripples of panic amongst the general public, stemming to panic and paranoia from the population.

A United Antarctic Nations inter-agency taskforce is activated under the orders of the Security Council to investigate and free those who have been kidnapped by The Public. Hailing from the various intelligence agencies, the taskforce composed of those who would be best qualified to handle the investigation. Among those who have been summoned is EPF Anti-Terrorism Commander Rogue Tvarkov, whose expertise in the field of intelligence analysis and terrorism makes her a suitable member of the team. With the assistance of Agents Piri Perez and John Reyes, Tvarkov along with the rest of the taskforce is tasked with finding out who exactly The Public is, what their motives are, and how to stop them. These would force them to cooperate with each other, despite their initial reluctance to do so.

As a collective of perspectives from the various taskforce personnel, government files, media clippings, and UAN debriefing transcripts, The Tightrope Act is a phrase used by Club Penguin Times journalist Raven Westley to describe the taskforce's struggle to find a balance between answering the UAN's burning questions and understanding the motives behind The Public's actions. The phrase is later used to describe the inner tension within the taskforce as they try to make sense of their conflict in the manner of doing their jobs. The Tightrope Act is later popularized among news outlets throughout the duration of the investigation as the main term used to call the entirety of the event.

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Chill has been editing fanon off-and-on for years, since our wikia days, but more so in recent years. His writing and artistic talents can be seen in his lighthearted articles, which don't take themselves too seriously. He has also been very involved with the community, and has helped the wiki by giving ideas and opinions. Chill has also been very helpful with "Project: Delet this", so much so that he's been temporarily promoted to administrator to further help by deleting articles. Keep up the great work!

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