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This page is used to tell visitors what the CPFW is all about.


Hi there, I'm Gary The Gadget Guy and I'm an inventor for the EPF. Welcome to the biggest website about Club Penguin: The Club Penguin Fanon Wiki! Here you can make absolutely anything fictional from characters, to even countries! So I'm here to get you started off. First of all make yourself an account, so others can't track you down from your IP Address. It's very simple to make an account, even more if you use Open ID. Now that you have an account go ahead and make a page. Your account must be a couple of days old to upload files (e.g Music, Images, etc.). Now that you made an account, and have made your own fanon page you can get to know the community. You can visit random pages by clicking the link 'Random Page' to your left.

That Sidebar[edit]

Oh you want to know more, huh? Well I guess I can get to that project later. Okay that sidebar shows links to other pages, like portals and categories.

  • MAIN PAGE- This will take you to the home page where you can see featured articles and images.
  • ALL PAGES- Here you will find links to EVERY page on the wiki! From articles, to music.
  • RULES AND POLICY- This will bring you to the policy. Read it and obey it!
  • RANDOM PAGE- Every time you click you'll go to something random.
  • RECENT CHANGES- View the most recent edits by other users. This is also a great way to get in touch with others.
  • CHARACTERS- View all the characters on the wiki. Like me!
  • PLACES- Check out islands, countries, and rooms here.
  • ITEMS- Foods, weapons, clothing, anything can be viewed here!
  • STORIES- Read the great stories users have written on here.
  • FAN GAMES- Play funny games and puzzles created by users.
  • HIGH QUALITY ARTICLES- Read some of the best articles here on the wiki!
  • THE X-VIRUS- I don't know, you tell me.
  • TIME- Travelling through time, that's what I've always wished to be able to do.
  • THE NINJA ARCHIPELAGO- The portal that connects you to a major region in the Antarctic world.
  • SHOPS ISLAND- The portal which takes you to a major nation in the Antarctic area.
  • GENSOU ISLAND- The portal which takes you to another major area of Antarctica.
  • SNOWINY- The portal which leads you to a full list of Snowiny related areas.
  • COMMUNITY PORTAL- A few extra guidelines that show you things that you can do to improve the wiki.
  • CHAT- A quick chat system that is actually quite complicated.
  • WIKI COUNCIL- On July 28th, 2012, a vote was passed for us to have a Council. This is that.
  • WALL OF FAME- See the greatest users this wiki has ever seen.
  • REQUESTS FOR ADMINSHIP- What to be an admin on the wiki? Then request for it here.
  • FUN STUFF- The name kind of describes itself.
  • GUIDELINES- Shows you a few useful links for getting started.
  • PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM- We sometimes get partners to work with, and you can help!
  • WHAT LINKS HERE- This is a special page that shows links to pages that have linked to the page you are currently viewing.
  • RELATED CHANGES- Changes to related pages of the one you are viewing.
  • UPLOAD FILE- Upload an image, song, and more!
  • SPECIAL PAGES- Special pages!
  • PRINTABLE VERSION (Not seen in edit mode or history/delete/move)- Gives you a version of the article that can be printed.
  • PERMANENT LINK (Not seen in edit mode or history/delete/move)- Gives you a few small words that can move through the history of the article.
  • ATOM (History mode/some special pages only)- Shows the Atom Feed of the page.

How To Edit[edit]

See Help:Club Penguin Fanon for Newbies for more information.

Editing is simple. Once you have created your account, you may click the "edit" button located on the top right of your screen in between the two tabs "Read" and "View History". You will come to a box where you can edit the text. When you are done, scroll down to the bottom of the text box below the edit summary bar (which is NOT required to fill in, unless if it is important) and click on the "Save page" on the bottom left.


Q: I want to create an article now, but I can't. What can I do?

  • A: You can consult one of our friendly admins or another user for help on creating it for you.
    • You also can edit a page 10 times or wait 4 days before creating an article.