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Good Reasons To Elect An Article For Deletion[edit]

  • It does not follow the COC.
  • It contradicts several articles.
  • It is a low quality article and has not been improved.
  • It is a low quality article and hasn't been edited in a long time.


  • There is a special template called {{Delete}} that you can put on a nominated candidate to mark it. The template provides links to the article's voting center on this page, the article's talk page, and this center's talk page. It will also provide the reason the article was nominated.
  • When an article is condemned, strip any other templates (besides the Infobox) and replace them with the {{Condemned}} Template. This lets other users know that the page will soon be deleted and when it will be deleted. When the Deletion Date occurs, you then may delete the condemned article once and for all, via the "Goodbye, cruel wiki..." link (if you're an admin).