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Article Message Boxes, or Amboxes are templates used to leave notices for users on the page. Below is a list of Amboxes.

Amboxes usually go at the top of a page, or at the beginning of a section on the page.

Mainspace Amboxes


Ambox Syntax
{{Delete|User|Reason or details}}
{{Speedydelete|User|Reason or details}}


Quality templates. Anything other than review should only be placed by an administrator or experienced users.

Ambox Syntax







For stories, one of the following templates is used in place of a quality template.

Ambox Syntax
{{StoryHold|Author's reason}}
{{Incomplete Story}}


The following templates cover varies topics about the content of a page or issues the page has that should be fixed. When a page has multiple issues, the Fix template should be used instead of multiple other amboxes to keep the page cleaner. See that page for it's parameter options.

Ambox Syntax
See Template:Fix for all parameter options and proper formatting.
{{OOC|What's OOC and why it is}}
{{Dead End}}
{{Needs Image}}



Ambox Syntax
Template:Broken {{Broken}}

General Information

Article status:

Ambox Syntax

({{Construção}} for PT,
{{Construccion}} for ES)

{{FAOTM|Month and Year}}


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Article content:

Ambox Syntax
{{List|Article list is about}}
{{Mary Sue}}


Ambox Syntax
{{Merge|Page to be merged into}}
Template:Move {{Merge|Page to be moved to}}
Template:Split {{Merge|Page to be split with}}


Ambox Syntax
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Userspace Amboxes

Ambox Syntax