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For Aunt Arctic, as known by her initials "AA", see Aunt Arctic.

The Articles of Articles, or AA, is one of this wiki's two policies. It deals with how articles and content are to be handled.

The other policy, the Code of Conduct, deals with user- and community-related issues.

Rules of Article Making and Editing

The Rules of Article Making and Article editing are similar to the laws on the COC, which also still is in effect over all content. The rules in a nutshell are as followed:

1. Keep it clean! This means that there shall be no inappropriate content that desplays or references use of Illegal Drugs, sex, reproductive organs, EXCESSIVE Gore, and immoral content.

2. No Vulgarity. Cuss Words, Racial Slurs, Acts of Prejudice and/or constant insults towards a particular group of people or users are prohibited.

3. No Vandalism. See the Vandalism Policy tab for more info.

4. No Excessive Spam. See the Vandalism Policy tab below.

Vandalism Policy

The Club Penguin Fanon Wiki is a zero tolerance Vandalism website. Any vandalism reported or seen will be immediately reverted, and it will most likely result in a ban.

Vandalism includes but is NOT limited to:

  • Replacing or Adding Content with Vile Language
  • Blanking Out Decent Quality Pages without reason
  • Constantly adding Gibberish to Content without reason
  • Constantly putting in OOC into content without the user's permission

Bans vary depending on who does it. Registered Users recieve warning on first offence, then a week on the second, and infinite on third. This is not the case for completely brand new users or users that have an inappropriate name. If this sort of user is on a Vandalism spree, they are to be infinitely banned, no questions asked. They are considered to be vandals that have made an account just to destroy (and/or mess around) the wiki for his or her pleasure.


Spam is not approved on the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki. Many users find it an annoyance, and depending on the severity, the spammer may be banned as a consequence if he or she does not stop after his or her first warning.

Article Disputes

There are several different types of article disputes that may occur on the wiki. Article Disputes should be held peacefully and in a calm manner. Administrators, Patrollers, and Bureaucrats have the right to oversee these debates and keep the peace to prevent Flame Wars. The following are examples of Article Disputes that may occur:

  • OOC Rights Dispute - A dispute between two or more users over the control of an unclaimed or abandoned Article.

  • OOC Content Dispute - A dispute between two or more users over a claimed OOC edit done on an article. Usually, this only occurs on Fair Game Articles, because the User who owns the article has the Final say on OOC Rights.

  • Article Existance Dispute (Deletion Dispute) - A dispute between two or more users over an Article that has been proposed to be deleted.

These are only a few examples of user disputes. Please be aware that there may be more types not mentioned here.

See Also

  • The OOC Policy - Our policy on a User's rights to their article(s) and how a User must treat other Users' articles.