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Here on the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki, country articles are a unique and important part of our database. Because of an overabundance of country articles, making new countries has been restricted until a user meets certain requirements, which are:

  • They must be on the wiki for at least six months.
  • They must create at least five High-Quality articles (as determined by qualified users)
    • This means five HQA's per country; you can't create unlimited countries off of your first five HQA's.
  • Once the previous requirements are met, they must receive explicit written permission from at least two admins. Wiki activity levels, users' behavior and existing countries belonging to the user in question are a few factors that may influence an administrator's opinion. Ultimately the decision comes to admin discretion.

Don't ask multiple admins to get your way. If you are told no by two admins, don't go to others in order to get your permission instead. If your country idea is shot down, admins will likely not approve the same country in the future.

Even if you meet all the criteria above, admins may still reject a country request on the following grounds:

  • If your country is a 1:1 parody of a real life country.
  • If you have already created/have OOC rights over two or more countries.
  • The concept of your country is OOC from the start.

If you create countries without having the requirements above, you will be subject to the consequences below.


  • First Offense - Deletion and Warning
  • Second Offense - One-day block
  • Third Offense - One-week block
  • Further Offenses - Discussed by Administration