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Here on the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki, country articles are a unique and important part of our database. Because of an overabundance of country articles, making new countries has been restricted until a user meets certain requirements, which are:

  • They must be on the wiki for at least six months.
  • They must create at least five High-Quality articles as determined by qualified users. Ultra-Quality articles are considered equivalent to two high-quality articles and may be used towards the policy.
    • This means five HQA's per country; you can't create unlimited countries off of your first five HQA's.

If the above criteria are met, you may apply to create a country, and the request will either be approved or denied by the administration.

Please note that even if you meet all the criteria above, admins may still reject a country request on the following grounds:

  • If your country is a 1:1 parody of a real life country.
  • If you have already created/have OOC rights over two or more countries.
  • The concept of your country is OOC from the start.
  • If the purpose of your country is to bypass these rules for another user.

If you create countries without having the requirements above, you will be subject to the consequences below.


  • First Offense - Deletion and Warning
  • Second Offense - One-day block
  • Third Offense - One-week block
  • Further Offenses - Discussed by Administration