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This is the page where you may apply to create a country, in accordance with the Country Policy. If you do not meet the basic requirements outlined in the policy, please do not apply below.

To create a country, your proposal must be approved by at least half of the sitting admin team. If you create a country in spite of a losing vote, you will be subject to the punishments outlined in the Country Policy. Proposals will immediately be closed as soon as all active admins have commented, or after a week has passed, whichever occurs sooner.

When applying, please consider the following things, alongside those outlined in the policy:

  • What's the jist of this new country?
    • In rough terms, explain what the culture, politics, economy, etc. of this country would look like.
  • Do you have anything in the works right now?
    • Starting a rough draft for your country in userspace is highly recommended.
  • Please list five HQAs for consideration by admins to prove your qualifications.

When applying, please use the following format:

===<Country Name>===
<your proposal goes here, preferably with the things listed above.>
====Admin Comments====
<Admins will vote here and briefly state their opinions.>

Good luck!

- The Club Penguin Fanon Wiki Administration

Current Proposals

Only admins and the country requester may comment on a proposed country's creation. Any other counterproductive comments will be removed at the admins' discretion.

Archived Proposals

Archived proposals go here, no matter the outcome.