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Hello, everyone. Here are some stories that are currently in the making. Lend them a flipper!!!

Anyone may add a story here that they're working on, and change the writers, statuses of said stories. However if a story has been inactive for three months it will be removed from this list (can be re-added once you continue writing the story) and the incomplete story template will be added (as it would for any 3-month inactive story).

Title Short Description Production Type Writers
Achadia, Yay! A group of cool dudes go on a much-needed vacation in the newly opened Cool Guy Hangout of Achadia. Active Read User:CK
Adventures of the Popcorn Family When a mysterious group of Peach-haters tail a few select, unassuming members of society, what will the victimized Popcorn 3000, Radioactivechicken and their families and friends do to stop them? Active Read User:Radioactivechicken, User:Penguinpuffdude
Agents of the EQF: Dead penguins don't chat Active Read User:Quackerpingu
Dennis and the Oppressors Two of Antarctica's edgiest penguins set out to topple an empire. Active Read User:Chill57181
Gone Rogue One brave Puffle risks it all to reveal the truth. Active Read User:TheBroMaster
The Margate Affair The Triad is about to face its biggest mission: getting Nick Tang married. Active Read User:ARB


Term Definition
Read A story which is just for reading, not for contributions.
Correct A story with one main writer, but everyone can help with OOC, spelling mistakes or others.
Community A story that anyone can contribute to with ideas or writing, but has a small number of "main authors" who keep the story on focus, fix grammar mistakes and plotholes, etc.
Special A story in which ANYONE may contribute and write.

Have an idea for a special or want to vote for the next one? If so, go here.