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Hello, everyone. Here are some stories that are currently in the making. Lend them a flipper!!!

Anyone may add a story here that they're working on, and change the writers, statuses of said stories. However if a story has been inactive for three months it will be removed from this list (can be re-added once you continue writing the story) and the incomplete story template will be added (as it would for any 3-month inactive story).

Title Short Description Production Type Writers
Achadia, Yay! A group of cool dudes go on a much-needed vacation in the newly opened Cool Guy Hangout of Achadia. Active Read User:CK
Adventures of the Popcorn Family When a mysterious group of Peach-haters tail a few select, unassuming members of society, what will the victimized Popcorn 3000, Radioactivechicken and their families and friends do to stop them? Active Read User:Radioactivechicken, User:Penguinpuffdude
Agents of the EQF: Dead penguins don't chat Active Read User:Quackerpingu
Dennis and the Oppressors Two of Antarctica's edgiest penguins set out to topple an empire. Active Read User:Chill57181
Gone Rogue One brave Puffle risks it all to reveal the truth. Active Read User:TheBroMaster
Good Morning, Penstubal Having left his girlfriend for her bossy attitude, Penstubal sets out to explore the city of Wizzint and discovers what the outside world is really like. Active Read User:Penstubal
The Margate Affair The Triad is about to face its biggest mission: getting Nick Tang married. Active Read User:ARB


Term Definition
Read A story which is just for reading, not for contributions.
Correct A story with one main writer, but everyone can help with OOC, spelling mistakes or others.
Community A story that anyone can contribute to with ideas or writing, but has a small number of "main authors" who keep the story on focus, fix grammar mistakes and plotholes, etc.
Special A story in which ANYONE may contribute and write.

Have an idea for a special or want to vote for the next one? If so, go here.