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Users are free to nominate any images that they think should be a featured image. Images will be chosen at the administrators' discretion, but you can support an image by "seconding" it (as shown below). We ask that the image doesn't look "bad", and that it hasn't already been a featured image. Past featured images and a brief history of featured images on the wiki can be seen at Club Penguin Fanon Wiki:Featured Image/Archive.

  1. I second this ~ExampleUser2
  2. ~ExampleUser3

No stock images/IRL photographs, please! The Featured Image is intended to honor users' creativity and artistic skill; pasting an image off of Google is low-effort and not worthy of being featured.


Nominations will be removed six months after they were nominated if the image wasn't featured, though they are allowed to be re-nominated; nominations will also be removed if the image has been featured.

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