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These are all of the formerly featured images on the wiki.

Featured Picture of the Week[edit]


From March 2009 until the wiki's move in October 2010, this page was used to decide the Featured Picture of the Week.


After the main page's update in May 2011, the featured image system was changed. Rather than users submitting images, a new image was chosen by an administrator almost every week for display on the main page. This system lasted until PenblooeR's demotion in September 2012.

Featured Image[edit]

The weekly picture became obsolete towards the end of 2012. After the last weekly picture in September 2012, new images were only chosen at random times until June 2013. In June 2013, a new system was set up- Featured Image of the Month. Almost every month from then until 2017 showcased a new featured image, still chosen by a wiki administrator. In February 2017, a Council topic passed that changed the featured image from being updated once a month to twice a month, and preferably pulling them from the suggestion page. Pictures began being chosen every two weeks in April 2017. Below are all of the featured images from November 2012 to the present.