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This page has a list of every character/nation that's made an appearance in the official FanonBall comics.

Major characters[edit]

Characters that have had a notable role in numerous FanonBall comics, even if it is a supporting role.

Image Name Description # of appearances
Shopsfanonball.png Shops Island The main character and the most common character seen, as it is the author's nation. Always wears a red headband. Generally an arrogant character. 36
FanonBall38.png Snowiny/United Provinces FanonBall's punching bag. Often described as weak and irrelevant. 23
USAFanonball.png USA Always wears a pair of sunglasses. Often arrogant and portrayed as dumb. 22
CastillaFanonball.png Castilla Often seen in comics with Snowzerland. 12
FB-Zhou.png Zhou Formerly a recurring antagonist. Always looking for things to learn. 8
NorthJoseon.png North Joseon A recurring antagonist. Often portrayed as dumb. 7
FB-Snowzerland.png Snowzerland A recurring antagonist. Typically arrogant and hypocritical. Snowzerland has represented the whole of the German States on one occasion. 16
Yowfanonball.png Yow The original punching bag. A major character seen in earlier FanonBalls, around the time that The Great Yowien War was written. His last appearance portrayed him as a dead character. 7

Minor characters[edit]

All other characters, from minor speaking characters, to recurring characters, to plain cameos.

Image Name Description # of appearances
ChinstrapFanonball.png Acadia (formerly Chinstrap) 3
FB-Alemania.png Alemania All three appearances have been wordless cameos. 3
AmatariaMeme.png Amataria Has only appeared as an image outside of the comics. 0 (Hasn't appeared in the comics)
FB-AU.png AU The representation of the entire Ninja Archipelago/AU. It is a large rectangle (like their flag), rather than the standard ball. Two of three appearances have been wordless cameos. 3
FB-AxlePowers.png Axle Powers The combined version of Shops Island, Culldrome Isles and Munijoch. It is unknown what happened to the combination after its only appearance. 1
FB-BarbearerIslands.png Barbearer Islands Only made one cameo appearance. 1
FB-Batavia.png Batavia 2
FB-Calada.png Calada 3
FB-POPE.png Centriepistula Represented as the P.O.P.E. 1
FB-ChillIsland.png Chill Island 2
FB-ClubPenguin.png Club Penguin 1
CulldromeFanonball.png Culldrome Isles Shops' best friend. Often appears with Munijoch in comics. 6
FanonballDI.png Duck Island Often seen as spasming on its own, in the corner. 1
EastPengoliaFanonball.png East Pengolia 4
EdIslandFanonball.png Ed Island A cynical and negative character, who loves to tease Snowiny. 9
FrankterreFanonball.png Frankterre A recurring character that appears from time-to-time. Often walks around with Mylou on a leash, as if it were a pet. 7
FB-Freezeland.png Freezeland Only made one cameo appearance. 1
FB-Freezestonia.png Freezestonia 3
FB-Glaw.png Glaw It was the wrong colors in the second comic it appeared in. 2
FB-HPC.png High Penguin Confederacy 2
FB-Japaland.png Japaland 2
FB-Kaljeria.png Kaljeria Kaljeria was a short-lived country article, which received heavy criticism from users (hence the FanonBall it appeared in). 1
FB-Khanzem.png Khanzem Always a large triangle (Treichangle), in contrast to the usual "balls". 2
FB-Lichenstien.png Lichenstien 2
FB-Liguria.png Liguria 3
MalesiaFanonball.png Malesia 4
FB-Margate.png Margate Always portrayed as a star, rather than the standard ball. 5
FB-Marmalade.png Marmalade Islands Only made one cameo appearance. 1
FB-Melodeeves.png Melodeeves Both of Melodeeves' appearances were cameos. 2
FB-MoonIsland.png Moon Island 3
FB-Munijoch.png Munijoch Often appears in comics with the Culldrome Isles. 5
FB-Mylou.png Mylou Two out of three of Mylou's appearances have been cameos. Often shown with Frankterre as a pet. 3
FB-NewDelphis.png New Delphis Only made one cameo appearance. 1
FB-Nexon.png High Empire of Nexon 4
FB-OldeAntarctica.png Olde Antarctica 1
FB-Osterreach.png Osterreach Two out of three of Osterreach's appearances have been cameos. Because he's a German State, he has a German accent. 3
FB-Penguio.png Penguio Penguio was depicted before the United Penguin Islands was founded. 1
FB-Pengvia.png Pengvia 1
FB-Polaris.png Polaris 4
FB-Puffalia.png Puffalia 3
FB-Puffarus.png Puffarus Only made one cameo appearance. 1
FB-Puffle'and.png Puffle'and Always wears a top hat and a monocle. 9
FB-RockUnion.png Rock Union Only made one cameo appearance. 1
FB-Rusca.png Rusca 9
FB-SealIslands.png Seal Islands 4
FB-ShopperEmpire.png Shopper Empire Only appeared in cameos. 2
FB-Snowprus.png Snowprus Only made one cameo appearance. 1
SouthernShopsFanonball.png Southern Shops 1
FB-UAN.png UAN 4
FB-UnitedTerra.png UnitedTerra Wears a bandana. 1
FB-USSI.png USSI Only made cameo appearances. 2