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So you're a newbie? And you're reading this right now? Well, that actually feels nice. But anyway, do you want to have a reputation here? A name for yourself? Well, you do have a name, which is _____________. Anyway, we're here to help you become a successful CPFW user.

Chapter 1:Read Up[edit]

Okay, maybe we skip the manual sometimes, but it is essential to read. If not, what to do? You'll just be giving anyone who edits or reads your article a hard time understanding and maybe, reformatting. So try reading these:

Chapter 2:Getting to Know You[edit]

You need to make allies, friends, comrades, whatever you call someone you can depend on. We're here to make harmony with each other, not war against each other. It's fun to make allies, ESPECIALLY if they are experienced. Well, that doesn't mean that you are required to make friends with the experienced. You can also make friends with newbies like you, so that you can help each other. Now, some tips.

  • Go to the site's IRC channel, which is here. Some users go there, and you can talk to them live.
  • You can go to anyone's user talk page, and talk to them there.

GAME TIME! Pick a comrade! Any comrade!

Chapter 3:Your Character[edit]

Tut tut! You're in a need of characters before you write a story. You need these puffles/penguins:

  • Protagonist- The star of the show! They are who you concentrate on the most.
  • Deuteragonist- The second star of the show! They can be the protagonist's close friend, relative, or even their close colleague.
  • Tritagonist- The er... third star of the show. They can be the deuteragonist's friend, relative, or even close colleague.
  • Side characters- Uh... the supporting cast?
  • Antagonist- Dun dun dun! They're out to stop the protagonist! For short, the villain. Think of Herbert P. Bear, Zone, etc. You can even make your own, though.

Making A Surname[edit]

Making the name is easy. But what about the surname? Well, here are some facts or tricks that can help. Remember to have your character 's surname match the country it lives in or has ancestry from. Go Here to see countries that your character can live in.

  • It can rhyme with the first name.
    • Ex. Milly Nilly, Rock Flock, Fall Gall.
  • If it's the surname of someone with Ruscan/Pengolian roots, you can add the -sky, -ov, -nch, suffixes.
    • Ex. Oleg Gidovsky, Kris Romanov, Mir Marovench
  • If it's one with Antarctican, Puffish etc. roots, you can use English words.
    • Ex. Myre Hunt, Gina Bells, Pira Lyre.
  • Rarer character-users with Zhou roots use a mix of English and Chinese words
    • Eg. Alexander Gan, Tang Zhi Ming.
  • Some contain "Of" before the surname. Surnames of different roots will usually be the original language of roots, like Von (German), Van (Dutch), or De (Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French depending), Da (Portuguese, Italian), Do (Portuguese), Di (Italian) or d' (Italian, French- only used when first letter of name is a vowel), No (Japanese)
  • If you are creating an Asian surname, the given name is said last unlike other types of cultures when saying the full name.
  • You could Google search for a surname dictionary to help you.

And there's the classic technique...

  1. Get a dictionary.
  2. Flip it to a random page. It's not like the teacher saying "Okay class, please turn your books to page 15." You're on your own.
  3. Cover your eyes with one hand, and point your finger on a random spot of the book.
  4. Remove your hand from your eyes and look at the word you pointed at.
  5. Go insane with the word. Add letters, subtract letters, double them, mix two or more words together, add the "Of" thing that is up there, do whatever you like. No one's stopping you.

Here's another more modern technique...

  1. Open up two tabs of Wikipedia.
  2. Go to Special:Random on both tabs.
  3. Close your eyes until the pages load.
  4. Open them up again.
  5. The result could be a place, person, animal, whatever else. Just mix and match them up, and if it doesn't fit, reload again and do the same. You may get really freaky or really serious last names.

Protagonist 101[edit]

Now what would you like your protagonist to be? Common examples are:

  • A member of the police force- Capturing wanted criminals, saving the damsel in distress, and doing his job. Yep, he's the good guy.
  • A civilian- Ah, the classic. The patriotic civilian that is doing his obligations as a civilian.
  • A spy- The spy. Pick an agency, any agency? You want the SIA, the EPF, or the NRR? Are they a courier, a mole, a double agent? It's up to you.

Antagonist 101[edit]

Would they be a...

  • Billionaire gone evil- Add that snarly personality for the win!
  • A wanted terrorist- Hm... if your hero's an EPF, it's obvious that they'd be in the ATD.
  • A wanted criminal- Now that is common!
  • A competitor in one's business- Think of it as Mac versus Windows. Who'd win?
  • An experiment gone wrong- Sounds familiar? It's up to you on what experiment.
  • An evil spy/secret police. For example, join the SSS.

Chapter 4:Plot That![edit]

This is a requirement, we repeat, a requirement! You need a plot before you start writing. You'll be needing THESE!:

  • Inspiration - Everyone needs inspiration to make something...
  • A notebook - Write those ideas on paper before putting it in digital. (You could use Notpad though, in which case you don't need a pen either.)
  • A pen - Or rather, a pencil? Maybe a quill? Eh, it's up to you.