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Note: By clicking chat on the sidebar you get the chats for all three Wikis. If it doesn't work or you wish to log in on another account, read this.

This documents instructions as to how to operate the IRC. For the formal setting used to discuss, propose, and consensus doctrine under Robert's Rules of Order, see "project:IRC Committee".

If you run an IRC client instead of Freenode's webclient, like ChatZilla, mIRC or if you run the web browser Opera, which has a client installed as default, join here.

You can also join Special:WebChat


To those who are new to IRC, these are steps on how to use IRC. It's just like the shoutbox other than the fact it has lots more commands and it auto-refreshes whenever someone says something.

  1. Click this link.
  2. Type up your user name in the user name box. IRC is not connected to Wikia so you can use different names but please don't impersonate anyone as we can find out.
  3. Type in the CAPTCHA and type in #clubpenguinfanon if it isn't there.
  4. Chat and follow the policies. :D

What are OPs (user with the @ symbol)?[edit]

OP is a power in IRC that is given to wiki administrators. OPs get a whole bunch more commands such as making someone else an OP, kicking users, banning users, etc. Essentially, Ops are the "Chat Moderators" of IRC.

Current flagged OPs[edit]

  • All current CPFW Administrators

  • Fully Active - These are the best users to contact when you need an administrator. They log on and edit on a regular basis.
  • Partially Active - These users log on from time to time, usually once every few days. These users are good to contact, but not for emergencies. These users may be active on IRC, but not fully active here. You may wish to visit our IRC channel to see them and the rest of the Active Admins.
  • Inactive - Do not contact these users. They do not log on at all. They will be demoted soon. Whether or not they will keep their rights is currently being discussed (usually on our IRC channel).
  • Away - These users are currently away. (e.g. on vacation), and their temporary inactivity has been excused.

Note: Some admins use different names on IRC, which are not their wiki usernames.

Administrator name Signature prototype Promotion date IRC nick(s) Time zone Bureaucrat? Status
Philippines ARB (talk | contribs | deleted contribs | blocks | email) ARB ARB logo.png honey b-bees? 13 December 2018 Rogue_Tvarkov, Rogue_One GMT +8 (PST) No Fully Active
United States CK (talk | contribs | deleted contribs | blocks | email) --CKAdmin 8 October 2014 CK, Penquino GMT -5 (Eastern/EST) Yes Fully Active
United States EDFan12345 (talk | contribs | deleted contribs | blocks | email) --User:EDFan12345 16 August 2016 EDFan, EDFan12345, ^^, Bepis GMT -5 (Eastern) No Fully Active
United States Wonderweez (talk | contribs | deleted contribs | blocks | email) Wonderweez (Talk · Contribs) 13 November 2013 Wonderweez, can_u_not, Dr_Doge GMT -5 (Eastern) No Fully Active

  • All CPWN Staff Members
  • Seahorse (Seahorseruler)
  • HatPop
  • Sharkbate
  • Tigernose
  • refractor
  • Tux
  • Wonderweez

A flag let's you automatically or manually become an OP when you log into IRC.

Happy chatting!