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Welcome to The Partnership Project. Founded by User:HF in the summer of 2012, the partnership program was created to bring in new users to the wiki, and find YouTubers and Bloggers to support. The partnership program is the spirtual successor to TUPP, or The User Pursuit Project


  • One of the researchers, part of the board, finds a Club Penguin Youtuber or Blogger, and presents them to the contacts.
  • If the blogger/YouTuber is foreign, we'll send someone who speaks their native language. For example, User:Sheepman would talk to an Irish blogger.
  • A board member will contact the blogger/YouTuber, and propose a deal.
    • The deal is usually free advertising. A blogger will make a blog about the wiki, and YouTuber will make video(s) about the wiki. In return, the wiki will advertise them on the main page and the sidebar. Negotiations are a very fragile process, so please put the blogger/YouTuber's need before yours.
  • If the blogger/YouTuber accepts the deal, then his partnership will be voted upon by the Board of Partners.
    • Applying partners can only be rejected if they do not embody the CPFW's rules. We do not want to be partnered with someone who swears constantly and makes age-inappropriate videos.
  • If accepted, the blogger/YouTuber will be put up on the partners template on the main page, and will be put on a page praising the multiple partners.


  • Partner must make frequent videos/blogs, and have over 100 hits per article/video.
  • Partner must follow the policy, and embody the spirit and creativity of the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki.
  • The partner, if in possession of a Twitter or Facebook, must make monthly status updates/Tweets about the Club Penguin Wiki Network.

Video Requirements[edit]

  • The video must link to the Main Page in their video and put the URL in the description.
  • The video must have a small ten second skit about the Fanon.
  • The video can use any character in this database.


  • June 15, 2012 - Partnership Program officially started.
  • June 28, 2012 - First partnership video released. Thanks, Jaysnake!

Board of Partners[edit]

See Board of Partners

Current Partners[edit]