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Here at the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki, we make countless articles and ideas that sometimes are either forgotten or left abandoned, left to simply collect dust. For some, this doesn't sit well, and they wish to contribute. For others, they feel their contributions to the article make it feel like their own creation, thus leading to the idea to "adopt" the article, or claim rights to it.

Please remember, you can edit any article on the wiki, even if another user holds OOC rights for the article, as long as you stay within the article's OOC boundaries.

"Adoption" explained

When a user "adopts" an article, it means that they are "adopting" or inheriting all of the OOC rights of that article from the previous holder, and can determine what the article's new OOC boundaries are. They now have the final say to the article, and are treated as if they created the article. These rights are now their's, although anyone can still edit the article unless otherwise noted by the new OOC rights holder (for example, solo articles).

Administrators have the right to disagree with your OOC boundaries, and your OOC boundaries are subject to change or disapproval at any given time if found to be different than the original article's OOC boundaries.

How to adopt an article


An excerpt from the OOC Policy:

OOC rights may be released into the public as Fair Game, or given to another user who adopts the article. The user who adopts the article should, out of respect, continue to follow the previous OOC boundaries set up by the previous holder of OOC rights and continued suggestions made by the previous holder. If the holder of an article abandons the article, and another user greatly expands and improves the article, that user may seize OOC rights from the previous holder.

What does this mean? It means that, you can adopt almost any LQA or AQA, but only after you've made significant improvements to the article, while trying to stay within the article's OOC boundaries. "Significant" improvements are subject to administrator discretion, but here are some examples:

  • Multiple edits each totaling 1-2k bytes or over.
  • Significant expansion and refinement of an article.
  • Inclusion of article into stories with depth and tie-ins on said article's page.
  • Increase the article rating by a level or two.
  • Increase the quality of the content included within the article.

Once you think you've done this, you may add one of the "Adoption" amboxes to the top of the page. If an administrator disagrees, they may remove the adoption template and your rights to the article without notice. The quality of the article you are trying to adopt (LQA, AQA) should determine how much you have to improve the article before you can adopt it.

HQAs can only be adopted after following the above prerequisites and obtaining administrator approval.

If you simply add an adoption template to the page without making any improvements beforehand or shortly afterwards, it will be removed.


Wills come into fruition when a user chooses to quit the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki. A Will is defined as a page detailing the wishes of the user in question, usually including if the articles are getting put into fair play or not, and in the case of it not being put into fair play, who gets which articles. This is the only way you can obtain the rights to the article without making significant improvements to it. Be advised, however, an administrator can revoke these adoption rights and place the article into fair play if you are abusing the rights given to you.

CANs and CANNOTs of Adopting

The "cannots" override the "cans" in any issue that may arise.


  • You CAN adopt any LQA (considering you follow the aforementioned rules) if it hasn't been edited in over 3 months. Alternatively, if it already has an adopter, you may adopt it yourself if that user is no longer active on the wiki, is active and hasn't edited the article, or if the article in question hasn't been edited for 6 months.


Though you cannot adopt these articles, you're always welcome to expand them as long as you stay within the article's OOC Boundaries.

  • You CANNOT adopt any Canon article. Ever.
  • You CANNOT adopt any article that has been marked Fair Game by its creator or former OOC holder (via any "fair game" template at the top of the page).
  • You CANNOT adopt a UQA.

OOC rights may be given up by the holder at any time. This usually applies to LQA articles, or if a will is in question. UQA's are typically put into fair use unless specified with documentation from the user that left.

Removal of Adoption Rights

An administrator can terminate your article rights to your adopted article if you are found to be violating the following:

  • Original OOC of the article (i.e: making a soda brand into a military contractor).
  • OOC Policy (Mary Sues, etc).
  • Not contributing productively to the article.
  • Violation of any of the other rules which results in a ban following your adoption.

You will be given notice of any of the above, and asked politely to improve or change the article back to within OOC boundaries.