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Something we see quite often are users being blocked, and a fraction of that number are users who create a second account to get out of the ban. It is obvious not to do that, but most users do not know not to evade it when they are blocked. This also goes for evading bans on IRC.

But aren't I allowed two accounts?

Yes, but you cannot create it while you are blocked. That gives the same idea as being block-free. Remember, this isn't to say that you cannot edit, but you have to pay for your actions in the past first. Evading a block doesn't make you look good. The community will keep an eye on you.


Evading a block will get your account (the one used to evade the ban) blocked for the time remaining of the original block on your first offense. Depending on the situation, the administrator who blocked the evading account may choose to extend your original block along with the block for breaking this policy. If your block history shows a troubling history, your main account may be blocked for indefinite as well. On second offense, your account used to evade (which may now be a sockpuppet) will be blocked for indefinite, and your main account's block will be extended according to the accounts policy. Any further offenses will follow that policy.

An IRC ban evasion will automatically lead to a one day block on the wiki as well as on IRC.