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Twelve year olds shouldn't focus on romance. They should focus on "Pokemon" and Pop Tarts.
— Alex Hirsch (employed by Walt Disney Co.)

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will ANY user bring up the topic, discussion, or conversation of sexual-wise topics, items, or behavior ON THIS WIKI, as we have children on here, either among us or visiting us that don't need to know what all of this mature topics are for a good 8-10 years, depending on who.

Any blatant depiction of sex and sexuality, in any form or fashion, as well as any reference to it, are prohibited. Any graphic use, depiction, or discussion of sexual themes and topics is prohibited (see also our policies on pornography).

Any user/article/discussion found in violation will be subject to any of these punishments, depending on what it is.


As defined by the New Oxford American Dictionary:

       Capacity for sexual feelings: "she began to understand the power of her sexuality". A person's sexual orientation or preference.


This policy does not forbid the mention of marriage and relationships in articles. Any character is allowed to have a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, spouse, or another marital partner.

However, the specific mention of sexuality (see above) in an article is prohibited. For example: "Joe is straight", or "Alan is gay". Implicit and suggestive references to controversial subjects regarding all sexual behavior is forbidden. In order to prevent ideological wars between users, we prefer to keep things safe.


The administrator locating the violation shall punish the guilty party as they see fit, based on the scope of the violation.

Official Viewpoint

The Club Penguin Fanon Wiki as an organization will make no statement on sexuality, regarding the differences in our user-base. Each user will have their own opinion on the topic of sex and sexuality, but these opinions are in no way representative of the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki as a website or of the Club Penguin Wiki Network.