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On the Club Penguin Wiki, there was time when users were all asking to be unblocked early. As a result, the Early Unblocks policy was made, a policy which also applies to the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki.

You will not be unblocked early if:

  • Your block is 1 week or under, or if your block is indefinite.
  • You've served at least 75% of your block - just wait out the block.
  • You've had a long block history, either for multiple reasons or for the same reason.
  • You are known to cause trouble on the wiki.
  • You have been blocked at least once in the past month.
  • You have been blocked for the following reasons:

You will be unblocked early if:

  • Four or more admins have discussed and approved your early unblock, and if 40-50% of your block is finished.
  • Four or more admins approve, and you are wishing to take place in a community discussion or vote.


  • You only have two early unblocks maximum. This is to prevent abuse.
  • Admins: When unblocking someone per this policy, be sure to include "Early Unblock" in the unblock summary to make things easier in the future, as each person is only allowed two early unblocks.

Where can I request an unblock?

At our IRC channel. Note that if you are banned from the IRC channel for a different reason, you can not request an unblock. If you think you meet the criteria to be unblocked and are blocked for IRC but you want to request an unblock, you can leave a message on an admin's talk page.

What happens if I keep asking to be unblocked?

Being annoying by asking admins to unblock you early when they have said no will result in your block being extended by one day each time. A constant annoyance to the admins will result in an even more serious block overall. –