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Our official IRC channel uses our wiki's policy as well.

This policy may be modified after an adequate community discussion.

You may also suffer consequences if any OPs feel you are disturbing channel peace, (such as fighting or not listening to directions given by an op).

Rules of IRC

No Swearing

NOTE: Please try to refrain from pasting profanic texts onto the IRC channel, although you will not get banned from it, but will be warned.

You will be kicked and banned if you break this rule multiple times. A censored swear is still a swear.

No inappropriate words or links

NOTE: Does not include profanity. See rule above.

You will be kicked and banned if you break this rule.

No Spamming/Flooding

NOTE: Copy and pasting long or many messages for is not considered spamming, but try not to do it. Also, please try to refrain from pasting 3 or more lines, and instead use our pastey - which is included as a link in the IRC topic at all times.

You will be kicked and banned if you break this rule.

The only time you may flood with a long paste if an op has given you special permission for a specific case.

No annoying messages



You will be kicked and banned if you break this rule.

This is not the channel for playing childish games and dramatic soap operas

You will be banned if you want to be immature. Respect the ops' requests and decisions.

No spam

Advertising a website or personal channel may be ground for immediate removal from the channel.

No impersonating other users

All chatters are encouraged to create an account with freenode (/msg nickserv help register) to help secure their identity. Any user caught impersonating another user may be immediately removed and/or banned along with their socks.

Misusing OP rights

If any Operator you feel is misusing their rights, you can report them to another operator. If an OP is kicking or banning someone without reason, or without permission, this is considered misusing rights.

Remember, not everybody will be fine if they kicked as a "joke", always ask first and never be aggressive. Doing this may cause people to think that you are aggressive.

If you have validly broken the policy, you have no right to attack the person who kicked you, as that will also be considered breaking the misuse policy.

If the victim of an attack is an OP, the OP may decide the punishment as long as it is in reason.

No bots unless approved by an operator

Besides SeahorseBot/CPWNBot, every time you bring a bot on the channel, you have to ask an operator for permission.