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Possibly to be expanded in the future.

This Policy deals with how our wiki treats plagiarism.

Copycat Articles/Image/Policies from this Wiki to an Off-Site Website

I. A registered user is able to create create a wiki that revolves around Club Penguin Fan Fiction, so long as they do not steal anything from the Club Penguin Wiki Network. This includes images, policies, articles, etc. They will not advertise it on the wiki, and they may keep it, so long as they follow the bold text above. The namesake of their wiki, if related to Fan Fiction/Fanon in anyway, shape, or form, is allowed to be kept. IF they have copied ANYTHING from this Wiki, they shall be subject to this procedure:

  • a. The user will be given seven days notice to take down the copyrighted content, following a warning PRIOR.
  • b. If such namesake user refuses, then they will be warned again, and their copyrighted content will be subject to the pursual of deletion, be that legal matters or not. The punishment of the user will be decided by the network as a whole, due to the network policies.


  • If the administration is away: The Network can ask Wikia to take the images down themselves on copyright grounds.
  • If the idea for content themselves are copied: They are not covered under this policy.

Plagiarized Material on this Wiki

I. Users should refrain from recklessly copying other user's articles as a sign of respect for their work. Any violation of this law will result in the removal of the plagiarized material.

II. Any copyrighted work such as an image, book, book quote, or audio file that is uploaded onto the Fanon must be properly cited. Any violation of this law will result in the removal of the plagiarized material or will be requested to be cited.

A. Images with watermarks are not allowed. The only exceptions are images that are from image generator websites (in which case, is considered original work).