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Anyone on the wiki is allowed to stop contributing, and simply to leave the wiki. Some users call this "quitting" or "retiring". However, If you decide to leave, you need to do so in a way which will not aggravate the Wiki. This is a wiki and you should not regard this a high priority for you and your life. If you have establish friends at this wiki, you can still talk to them. We are allowing complete freedom for contributing here, as long as it follows the policy of course. You are allowed to post a long message on your user page. Please note that it must be positive and any negative, flamebaiting comments against users, the wikis, arguements etc are disallowed. Calmly stating why you have decided to leave, without trying to draw users into a flame war and you may add {{Quit}} to the top of your page to show you have left. You may not make a big deal of it. You are not allowed type the message in caps. You are also not allowed to do in your message is complain or whine immaturely about something you disagree with on the wiki. A commentary section or a discussion relating to the quit on some kind of Wiki page is not allowed as well.

Just remember that you don't need to make a big deal of it. If you simply think you don't want to edit for whatever reason, but you still want to talk to your friends here, just state that on your userpage. Not only will this make sure that it indicates you longer edit for practicality's sake for other users, you can still enjoy talking to your friends here! Just remember, if you're quitting because of a serious violation of the policy, let the admins handle it. Moaning about it won't make things better. Just ask an admin and they will be able to help you by using their powers to sufficiently punish any users that have done things wrong.


By making a big fuss about your leaving, you can't be blocked for obvious reasons (you are leaving). However, other users may get involved into the situation, and if things get heated up blocks may be handed out unfortunately. So please don't make a fuss about it, you are getting other people into trouble for reasons that wouldn't have happened before such a situation.