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Discrimination is taken very seriously, and is not allowed to be expressed on the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki.
We allow people to edit here regardless of their race, their gender, or their religion. Calling someone a slur based on their race is, likewise, forbidden.

Protected classes

For the purposes of this wiki, "discrimination" shall be defined as:

  1. The denial of services (such as equal opportunity for promotion) in matters such as RFA on the basis of race, religion, or gender. (Or, in other words, one's race, religion, or gender is not a reason to deny promotions.)
  2. The utterance of racial slurs (as defined by the administrators), especially directing racial slurs at any one user.
  3. Harassment on talk pages because of someone's race, religion, or gender.

For the purposes of this wiki, protected classes immune from discrimination shall be defined as:

  1. Race. The skin color and facial features of a person are immutable and involuntary. No one should be punished or mistreated for something they cannot help. To mistreat someone based on the color of their skin is an offense no civilized man should engage in.
  2. Gender. Gender is "the state of being either male or female". We believe that everyone regardless if they are male, female, or transgender, should be treated equal (and likewise by our policy). Misandry, misogyny, and transphobia will not be tolerated. Neither will deliberately misgendering someone.
  3. Religion. One's belief system and their personal views are sacred to them. We cannot, and should not, mistreat or exclude someone because they bow the knee to a god, or several gods, or even the lack of belief in gods. Even religions notorious for death, violence, or wrongful behavior should not be subject to discrimination or mistreatment, as the general population of the faithful do not subscribe to such means or practices. Those advocating violence against unbelievers or others shall not be covered under this policy.
  4. Disability- physical or mental. There are cripples in the world and there may be cripples on this website. This is not something that can be helped and should certainly be viewed with sympathy and compassion. Although it is unlikely that crippled users will make their disability known, let it be said, should they choose to reveal it, that they cannot and should not face discrimination for their status. Again, no one should be punished or mistreated for something they cannot help.
  5. Sexuality. People of any sexual orientation are to be given equal treatment on this wiki. Although this is a controversial topic, we do not expect any user to sway their opinions on the sexuality debate. We also do not expect any user to force their opinions on the issue when it comes to policy making.


  1. The blatant depiction of religion in articles is forbidden.
  2. The blatant depiction of sexuality in articles is forbidden.


Discrimination not crossing the Innocence Policy is considered a petty offense and should de dealt with lightly and speedily. We will not tolerate discrimination, but normally, these actions can be easily forgiven.

In means of punishment, racism and discrimination will be addressed on a case by case basis by the Administrator who discovers the infraction. Depending on the severity of the statement and the presence of slurs, infractions of this Policy may be dealt with in punishments from, one hour to three months. Extreme violations (such as death threats to another user) may be dealt with through higher punishments, should the need permit.