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Your signature must follow these rules:

  • You can only have 2 images.
  • All images are limited to 20px or less.
  • The <br> wikitext code should NOT be used in signatures.
  • Your signature must be a custom signature, as specified in your preferences. It cannot simply be a template that you leave after every comment, as they do not produce timestamps.
    • This can be done by inserting {{SUBST:Template:<signature template name>}} into your preferences.
  • It may not contain any thick borders.
  • Aliases are allowed, although we recommend that is one that is commonly associated with you or even more so, your actual user name.
  • Only one set of <big></big> tags are allowed.

What!?!? WHY!?!?

Too many images, or images that are too big in signatures mess up the spacing of the page. <br> messes up the sidebar and layout of the page, and sometimes prevents categories from being added. Timestamps are also used for future reference. Thick borders sometimes block text. Following the guidelines on this page you can avoid being blocked. Also, a mixture of these can break the page. Furthermore, we want to keep signatures sensible and tidy. Your name should written clearly as the first thing on the signature, otherwise it can be misleading as to who is behind the signature.


  • First offense will result in a reminder.
  • Second offense will result in a warning, and your signature will be reduced to default.
  • Third offense will result in a 1 day block, and your signature will be reduced to default.
  • Any further offenses will be discussed by the administration.