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As this is a wiki, we would highly appreciate if you could regularly contribute to the website. You can also chat and talk with your friends here, but overuse of a userpage or talk page will result in your userpage and any other associated pages being protected.

Remember, we are not removing the aspect of having fun. You can still have fun and be social, but this ability should not be overused. Please not that editting your user page also doesn't count as a constructive edit.


  • If you have a userpage editcount percentage of 40% or higher, your userpage and any subpages under it, will be protected indefinitely. Once your userpage editcount percentage drops below 40%, you will have to contact an administrator to request it to be unprotected. This rule is only applied once a user reaches 100 edits in total.
  • Even if your userspace editcount drops below 40%, admins may deny userpage unblocks if your have shown no sign of increase in mainspace edits. Admins may refuse to unprotect userpages depending on user's editing habits (for example, their userpage gets protected very often).


  • If you urgently need to update your userpage, please contact an admin. If they think your reason is of enough merit, your userpage will be unprotected for a day. In this time, only 5 edits can be made to your userpage. Overuse of this ability will result in a block.

User talk pages

Admins may protect user talk pages at any time, for any reason.