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This wiki is a consensus democracy, and therefore all our decisions go through a community discussion, followed by a vote. The right to vote is reserved for the active users of our wiki.

Who can vote?

To vote, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have at least 50 mainspace edits to vote.
  • You must be an active user of the wiki. In times of general wiki inactivity, this rule may be relaxed.
    • Activity is defined as having at least 100 combined edits over a span of the three months before you cast your vote.
      • For example, if you cast a ballot on February 25th, you must have made at least 100 edits since November 25th.
    • Only constructive edits are considered; nitpicky edits (such as adding commas, or AD to a year) or updates to your userpage, for example, are not considered constructive.
  • Blocked users cannot vote under any circumstances.
    • Asking someone to vote on your behalf in this case is considered to be ban evasion, and will be punished accordingly.

Other Notes

  • Being an active editor of a related wiki of ours is not strong enough merit to vote in our proposals.
  • Including a reason is not mandatory, but may be on certain forums, when more than a ballot is needed. You will be prompted to on these forums.
  • Most forums will require a reason for an against vote unless stated otherwise.


Violations of this policy will result in the nullification of the vote(s) in question. Should the vote be cast as a form of block evasion, both the enabler(s) of the evasion and the blocked user(s) will respectively be blocked for three weeks (on the first offense) and have their sentence doubled.