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This is the page where Fanon users vote on user rights; namely promotions from one rank to another. Please recall the Voting Policy before voting.

When you apply, please answer the following questions in your application:

  • Why you should be an admin?
  • How much time can you contribute to the wiki?
  • What you can do to benefit the wiki
  • What you can do outside the wiki, such as on social media or image sharing websites
  • What are your good qualities?
  • What are your bad qualities? Be honest.
  • Any articles that you have made that you are proud of?
  • Is there any further information you'd like to add?
  • What time zone do you live in?
  • Will you help more with the community, or mainspace?

Once you have applied, the members of this wiki will vote either for, against, or to stay neutral in your application. Your application will stay on this page for a week to let the users decide, and you will receive the final verdict on your respective talk page.

We wish you good luck in your application,

The Club Penguin Fanon Administration

You can see an archive of our past RFA applications here.


Before opening a request for rights, please see the colors: the wiki might have too many users with rights at the moment. The lights system is used to show how likely it is for a request to be successful, depending on the number of users that already have rights, and the demand for said rights. Requests may be denied even if the vote has numerous votes "For", it depends on the Light status for each right.


  • Green - Due to carry on as normal
  • Orange - Too many, successful application unlikely
  • Blue - VERY low chance
  • Red - No chance

You can request to become a:


Rollback (green light)

Administrator (red light)

Bureaucrat (orange light)