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Archive of completed and failed tasks from the To-Do List. Completed tasks should be moved to this page one week after they are completed. Failed tasks have a strike through them.

To-do list archive[edit]

Mainspace articles[edit]

Objective Status (Completion date) Users
Expand, complete or even delete some stories, ideas, and pages before creating newer ones. Stopped Chub777
Reduce the number of pages in Category:Adopted articles by removing pages that were adopted by users that are no longer on the wiki. Complete (2015) Cp kid, Mectrixctic

Canon topics/articles[edit]

Objective Status (Completion date) Users
Write Server Complete (2012) Explorer 767


Objective Status (Completion date) Users
Write Operation Operating: The Dorkugese Micro War Stopped Other Users
Complete and polish Kwiksilver's Horrible Holiday Stopped TurtleShroom
Make Mr Cow2's Horrible Nightmare Complete (Dec. 2015) Mr Cow2
Create a Free-Add story about the current generation of the CPFW (This means anybody can add on to the story. Just no protagonist deaths) Complete (2015) Mr Cow2
Star kirby12
Puffle Escape
Contribute to the Fanon Characters Special 2016! Complete (2017) Fooly8 - Mcdonalds394
Mr Cow2 - Penguinpuffdude
Puffle Escape - Quackerpingu
Star kirby12 - Twozenos124
Finish the For Great Justice Saga that was unable to be finished by Speeddasher due to the fact that he quit. Stopped Star kirby12
Write the Nightmare Epic Stopped Mectrixctic
Star kirby12


Templates & Categories[edit]

Community/project pages[edit]

Objective Status (Completion date) Users
Finish the Spanish version of the main page. Stopped
Complete (2011/2012)
Swiss Ninja
Finish Project Kwiksilver Stopped
Finish the Korean version of the main page. Stopped Star kirby12

Admin tasks[edit]