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WOFDefaultAward.png The Wall of Fame has been instituted as special recognition to any user who has made the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki a great and fun WOFDefaultAward.png
place to edit.
Explorer767.GIF Explorer 767 - Explorer is up here for helping to build the Wiki up to what it is right now. His contributions are innumerable and he seems, in cases, to be the moderate TurtleShroom, taking a much calmer and level approach to a situation. A brilliant writer that commands a whole slew of literary, mathematical, linguistic, and even logical skills that have certainly made this wiki a better and more interesting place.
WOFDefault.png Pogopunk32/Zone - Anyone who questions this inclusion is a noob. This man has written almost every article in Darktan's Army. His formulated epic storylines, invented the Role Play system, and photoshopped signatures for several users all over the place. He was the first user in a long time to create an entirely new adventure from scratch, and the third user to ever make a true villain. He later quit for a while, but returned as a rogue troll turned hero, Zone, and blessed us with a second wave of epic articles, assistance and maintenance. To Zone, we attribute April Fools' 2010, the current Main Page layout, and several coding functions that allow for such ritzy displays of altering images and quotes. Zone is the only worthy successor of Bugzy's unreachable role as the epitome of "win"- which makes him a truly worthy user for the Wall of Fame. As if this wasn't epic enough, he was and is the only user that directly argued with TurtleShroom and, not only did he win, but he defeated him, hard. Since everyone needs to be put in their place at least once to avoid cockiness, this did far more for the site than it seems to do at first glance.
WOFDefault.png Dancing Penguin - One of the core recruiters in the oldest days of the Wiki, an expert mapmaker, and a part-time editor that gave us the first fan-made villain and a foundation for future articles of that type, DP has greatly benefited this wiki.
TurtleShroom (penguin) image.PNG TurtleShroom - The self-appointed censor, moral guardian, TurtleShroom practices what he preaches and is infamously zealous in all causes he sides for. A complex man, he seems to flip-flop from mercy to wrath to kindness, and then to tolerance, back to wrath, and all the way through, an overly formal grammar structure. Ever religious, TurtleShroom, despite his frequent overreactions and blunt opinions, he nonetheless provides comfort and religious advice with boldness, and, despite his own opinions, he has been called "very approachable" by fellow users.
It's Happyface.png HF/Happyface414 - Happyface was one of the first editors, and former co-webmaster. Credited both with taking out Mariothemovie and giving dozens of highly entertaining superheroes and articles, he was an early and active user, before being taken out by unconstitutional law, only to return years later as a passive, but very present Shout Box denizen, with blogs.
WOFDefault.png Barkjon - One of the first editors, and a bureaucrat. He helped bring in users and expanded/created many pages early on, and still does. A small-time editor, he preferred to expand awareness of the site and other users' reputations at the expense of his own edit-count. Regarded as a close friend of TurtleShroom on other sites, Barkjon's spot on the wall is primarily honorary and as thanks for his early and important regard for the site;s foundations.
Triskellenocrown.PNG Triskelle3 - A truly great editor, Triskelle deserves to be here for his such great dedication to this wiki. His awesomeness helped write the Great Darktonian Pie War. It was Triskelle who gave us Freezeland, his character, The Elemental Amulets, Arda, part of Khanzem, and edits that can not be measured on a special page alone. Most any article he wrote is either HQA, an unforgettable part of the absolute core of continuity, or just plain awesome. Often, it is all three.
WOFDefault.png Bugzy - Bugzy has probed invaluable in discipline measures, as well as detecting evidence flaws and defence of the innocent in conflict. In addition, he has contributed to very entertaining articles and continued to help carry out discipline until he moved on. Considered both in jest and in seriousness as the epitome of both "epic win" and logic, Bugzy as become a celebrity in his own right. The ghost of his works still can be found in the site's very interface. If you delete a page, you're calling Bugzy and his Mafia-yes, Mafia- accomplices to take that page "for a ride".
WOFDefault.png Mariothemovie - Mariothemovie is put up here for founding the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki.
Kwiksilver's B-Day Gift.png Kwiksilver - Compassionate, brilliant, and creative, Kwiksilver is credited both for heavy expansion of core articles, creation of core articles, and notably, the wiki's concept of time travel, which combines elements from all over in a way he could do. Oh, and he somehow managed to sneak a million Doctor Who references and ideas into his work, going so far as to successfully import Doctor Who himself seamlessly.
Speeddasher WC.png Speeddasher - Speeddasher is an amazing editor, and is dedicated a lot to this wiki. He is notable for his elaborate backstories and masterpieces that grace our image sector. A renowned parodist and very philanthropic, he accepted many request for no particular reason other than kindness. He salvaged a long-forgotten LQA and morphed it into a very influential, albeit it specialized, niche villain that also makes a cameo in the site's very interface.
WOFDefault.png Tails6000 - Initially laughed at for atrocious grammar and a lack of understanding of wiki functions, he showed everyone when he began to use proper English and wrote for the site. He astounded us all with creative and unique parodies, and, in a way, helped usher the age of parodies in for the Masses (in conjunction with other users), making him a vital part to how our wiki works today. Tails is famous for his parodies and his tolerance and encouragement of others to edit his own work. Himself once viewed as a noob, he always takes the time to outstretch his hand to new users, and is responsible for encouraging many other once-amateur users into upgrading their literacy and going on to become brilliant editors.
Ninjinian image.png Ninjinian - The self-crowned Cookie Master has worked hard to help this site by adding ground-breaking articles like UnitedTerra and pushing for sysops' rights. We can credit him for catapulting all other minor nations in their well-deserved spotlight. As the user holding sole credit for taking the spotlight away from just the mainland of Antarctica. Anyone who has written their own country owes him a debt of gratitude. Also he has created excellent music artists like DJ Crow and improved several other ones like the canonical Penguin Band and Cadence.
NewMetalmanager.png Metalmanager - Metalmanager has created great art and articles for the Fanon, and he deserves this space on the Wall of Fame. An interesting fellow with a tendency to look at things from different angles towards his peers, he also holds the fascinating distinction of being the only genuine adherent to the Emoist doctrine. If his self-videos are anything to go by, he also has great taste in hairstyles and poetry.
WOFDefault.png Screwball86 - This user has been around for a while, and has contributed a lot to the CP Fanon Wiki. Screwball holds as a fascinating honour of rising to fame not by making some strange and powerful character, but by simply depicting his own character as an ordinary penguin in extraordinary circumstances. This humility is outstanding and rare in a database of very powerful creatures. In addition to being gracefully humble, Screwball gave us holiday specials, something which no one really decided to do outside of one isolated incident with a bunch of nerds.
WOFDefault.png Mectrixctic - Mectrixctic pushed the limit of the policy in a good way, creating articles that were, at first, controversial, but are now key and integrated parts of the database. Her expansion of the envelope has made this database a better place. She holds the bitter-sweet honour of also bringing to attention on of the first elements of genuine and controversial darkness- demons to the site, which, after moral reforms, still made it in as grandfathered relics of the past, and vital continuity. She also has a knack of keeping the censors on their toes, sneaking in things that, while obviously controversial, even rule breaking, sit in their articles for ages, because of their clever and subtle wording. Whether this is a good thing or not depends entirely on who is asked.
WOFDefault.png Pufflezzz - Pufflezzz can be credited with introducing romance back into the database, as well as adding more contemporary subcultures that may not have been added by less-socially integrated users. We owe her the "popular" stereotype and an expansion of Darktan's Army. She also paved the bridge later taken by Corai, who, in some ways, succeeded her in many different ideas and aspects. She certainly took a path less travelled, and this has made all the difference, also resulting in her enshrinement on the wall.
WOFDefault.png Aeronachos - What TurtleShroom is to law and politics, what Explorer is to math, and what Pufflezzz is to romance, so too does AeroNachos command total mastery of all things aviation. The go-to man for aviation, for airports and air travel. AeroNachos is one of those hard-working users swept under the rug because things like airports don't seem important or "notable" to the "big picture" of the site. This is simply not true, though, because if your character gets on a plane, Aero has helped you write. With recognition long overdue, Aero certainly deserves a place on the wall.
Old Flywish.png Flywish - A highly dedicated user with no noticeable specialization or one writable talent, he tirelessly and daily contributes all over the site without pattern or topic, making him a noteworthy jack-of-all-trades, whose time and attention to all of the site, plus his large-scale adoptions and LQA salvation, certainly hands him a spot of eternal recognition. He is not quite as active before, but still edits from time to time.
WOFDefault.png Austin8310 - A pioneer of the "anti-hero" concept (hand-in-hand with Zone and Mec) and a tireless user, Austin has toiled away on this site for ages, creating unique and underrated characters that have finally gotten the limelight they deserve. A dedicated and rather humble man who never did thrust his ideas forward, Austin has given us many quality images and one heck of a ride when it comes to his work. Now stepping up to the plate, Austin has made himself and his characters major players in the newest of CPFW tales. Added not by admin initiative, but by popular demand, Austin is undoubtedly deserving of the fame and glory this spot brings
SN Crossed Flippers.png Swiss Ninja - Swiss is a tireless editor who has edited the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki for years. He has been credited for creating the famed Ninja Archipelago and Latin Antarctica, along with helping to create the Asiapelago. His endless contributions have given the wiki a much needed upgrade in culture and cultural history, which have made many new and blossoming nations possible. Swiss is often regarded as a famed storymaker, and has made countless stories which grace our database, such as the Great Snowzerland Wars, and the EPF Agents saga.
Bro2015.png TheBroMaster - TheBroMaster, affectionately known as Bro, was taken under Swiss Ninja's wing in his early days, and grew into a great user in his own right. Though his blunt approach to issues is often perceived as rude or mean, his leadership skills are nonetheless very effective. He helped to bring about a new surge of politics on the wiki, and in the process he built up and expanded Shops Island to become one of the largest non-story articles on the wiki. Bro is a very determined editor whose writing skills are also considered impeccable, with him having written two Featured Articles of the Year (2013 & 2014), multiple Featured Articles of the Month, and many more High Quality Articles.
Star kirby12 2017.png Star kirby12 - Star joined the wiki in 2012, and quickly became an involved member of the community, becoming a Patroller in May 2012, and later serving as an Administrator for over four years. He served as a beacon of hope for "fun" articles on the wiki during the rise of an ever growing political landscape, such as being a driving force behind many community stories over the years. He can also be remembered for creating the Multiverse on the wiki, his participation in the community and being a friend to all.