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Due to our shared history, hundreds of shared articles, and broad amount of shared users, we consider the Club Penguin Fanon Wikia as part of our community, therefore placing it under our jurisdiction. All users who edit that wikia will have the full right of moving to our wiki with all of their articles, provided that they do not break any of our other policies.

Since the Wikia staff refuses to comply with the will of the community, we will establish the main function of the Fanon Wikia principally as a medium for advertising our fanon, and secondly as a place for historical records.


  • The CPWN Staff has the power to override any legislation that the CPFW Administration makes over the Fanon Wikia.
    • Likewise, the CPFW Administration will not recognize any legislation made by Wikia Staff in regards to the Fanon Wikia. Any attempted Wikia Staff crackdown on CPFW Administration activities will not be recognized and will be condemned.
  • The CPFW Administration will continue to negotiate with Wikia Staff to permanently close down the Fanon Wikia as requested by the community. This is the CPFW Administration's main priority.
    • Success and completion of achieving this goal will therefore terminate this Policy.
    • Any Wikia Staff resistance will be met with resistance from the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki.
  • If the Wikia Staff attempts to silence the will of the community by enacting a banning purge, the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki will respond by forming a Wikia Fanon Recruitment Army consisting of loyal CPFW users who are willing to watch the Wikia Fanon and help to recruit new users that end up there by using all necessary means. This army will be formed to counter Wikia Staff aggression and will consist of covert operations. The Wikia Fanon Rercruitment Army plan will not be initiated unless Wikia bans key CPFW users as a form of a political purge.
    • On April 4th, 2015, a Wikia Staff Member commenced the purge of CPFW Administrators by banning them indefinitely, therefore initiating the comission of the Recruitment Army and declaration of War against Wikia Staff in Fanon Wikia starting on Monday, April 6th.

New Users from Wikia

New Users from Wikia are encouraged. The CPFW Administration and community will do all that is necessary for them to transition and for them to get their articles imported from the Fanon Wikia. New Users from Wikia are not to be discriminated against and are to be accepted equally and fairly as any other new user. It is expected that the community also helps to nurture their talents to the best of their abilities so that they can become productive members of the CPFW community.

  • On the other hand, any importation of CPFW articles or images that are not by the original owner to the Wikia Fanon is strictly forbidden and will result in CPFW Administration investigation and possible disciplinary measures.