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Club Penguin Metropolitan Fire Department (CPMFD)
The firehouse.
Name Club Penguin Metropolitan Fire Department (CPMFD)
Type Fire department
Location Club Penguin and Club Penguin City
Members 5,000
Headquarters Club Penguin Island

The Club Penguin Fire Department (CPFD), officially the Club Penguin Metropolitan Fire Department (CPMFD), is the fire department for both Club Penguin and Club Penguin City.


The Club Penguin Fire Department can trace its history hundreds of years back. Back in the days of Ninja City, the fire department was a group of water ninjas who would put out fires, often made by the fire ninjas. This type of fire department would be in service until Colonial Antarctica.

In Colonial Antarctica, Penguin Town, Club Penguin back then, started to grow, and have more fires. To solve this, Benny Franklin, G's grandfather, created a fire department, called the Penguin Town Fire Department, as one of the first fire departments in Antarctica.

When the Colonial Antarctica War started, and with fighting more common, fires were everywhere. The Penguin Town Police Department would work the hardest during these years, but they pulled through.

After the war, in 2005, when Penguin Town became Club Penguin, city leaders renamed the Penguin Town Fire Department to the Club Penguin Metropolitan Fire Department, as they planned that it would be the fire department for both cities.


A CPFD firefighter in uniform.

When not in action, the CPFD wears navy blue pants and the same color shirt. When they are in action, they wear fire proof pants and a fire proof coat. They also wear a fire proof helmet.


The CPFD during Operation Blackout, with a ladder truck shown.

The CPFD uses four kinds of vehicles, the ladder truck, a normal fire truck, which is smaller than the ladder truck and doesn't have a ladder, an SUV for the fire chief, and an ambulance. The most common is the normal fire truck.


  • The CPFD is famous for their work during Operation Blackout.

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