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Club Penguin Music Records
Parent company None
Founded 1997
Founder K.J. Soetum
Distributing label Major label
Genre Pop
Country of origin Club Penguin, Antarctica
Location Legend Recording Studio
Official Website http://cpmusicrecords.cp/

Club Penguin Music Records (CPMR) is a major Antarctican record label. It was founded in 1998, two years before the official creation of Club Penguin Island. There are over fifteen artists currently signed to the label. One of the biggest artists that has signed to Club Penguin Music Records since 2000 is Katy Spitz. It accepts any music genres but specialise in Top 40 hits. The exception is The Young Shadows, which has a team specialising in alternative rock. All artists that are signed to the record label are from the USA. CPMR has licensing rights from Penguin Network to make soundtracks for Willy and Kody and Club Penguin: The TV Series.


The founder, K.J. Soetum, was interested in music and companies. He wanted to form his own record label company at the age of 28, so he contacted "Music Industry" in the beginning of 1997 and settled a deal. The advantage of the label was that it was the island called "Penguin Island", which would soon in later years become big. The name was originally "Penguin Music Records" - but as soon as Penguin Island's name got changed to "Club Penguin", Soetum stepped up and re-named the label to "Club Penguin Music Records" - the label was never successful for 3 years, but soon enough artists came in and in came the business.

The founder[edit]

K.J. Soetum, full-name Kel Jackson Soetum, was born on January 4, 1969 and his family were in the music and business work. He followed their footsteps but was interested in both - unlike where half of his family loved music, and the other half were in business and companies.

Signed artists[edit]

Former artists[edit]


Year Artist Album
2007 --- ---
2009 ---


  • They are the second biggest music record label, after Music Industry.
  • The song I Am Fail was published by them, which quickly received top ranks in music charts.

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