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Club Penguin Metropolitan Police Department (CPMPD)
The logo.
Name Club Penguin Metropolitan Police Department (CPMPD)
Type Police Force
Location Club Penguin, Club Penguin City
Members 30,000
Headquarters Club Penguin Metropolitan Area

The Club Penguin Police Department, or CPPD, officially the Club Penguin Metropolitan Police Department, is the law enforcement agency for Club Penguin and Club Penguin City. With around 30,000 active officers, the Club Penguin Police Department is the second largest police department in Antarctica, after the South Pole City Police Department, which has 35,000 active officers, and serves an area of around 18,000,000 people in the Club Penguin Metropolitan Area, which includes both Club Penguin island and the entirety of King George's Island as well.


The Club Penguin Police Department can trace its roots back to Colonial Antarctica, when the Puffish government created the Penguin Town Police Department to deal with law enforcement in the city, replacing the old city watch from when the ninjas ruled Club Penguin. After the fall of Colonial Antarctica, in 2005, during the founding of Club Penguin, city leaders decided to merge the old Landsowne Police Department and the Penguin Town Police Department into one police department, the Club Penguin Metropolitan Police Department.

After its founding, the CPPD saw action in many events, such as Operation Blackout, Operation: Puffle, the 2011 Club Penguin raids, and dozens of major incidents that have occurred in Club Penguin throughout the years. They have been looking for Herbert and caught him many times, but he escapes because of a curse on the EPF, and have tried to remove Mwa Mwas from the Pet Shop and other places, though the policy was later abandoned due the manpower needed for it, with officers being ordered to simply spray the penguins with Nummy Cake Spray.


A typical CPPD officer in uniform.
A CPPD SWAT officer, without the helmet.

The official uniform of the CPPD is a light blue shirt, navy blue pants, and a navy blue hat, along with a badge on their shirt, which is worn by every officer in the department, while civilian "community service officers" that often aid the police department in dealing with minor crimes wear a white shirt with black pants and a black hat over that. Occasionally, CPPD officers will wear a ballistic vest over their uniform, but this is usually when they are conducting raids or patrolling in high crime or high risk areas of the city.

The CPPD SWAT unit, is an extremely elite and highly skilled unit of the CPPD that is used for conducting raids or dealing with heavily armed suspects, wear a ballistic vest over their uniform, a different type of pants that over more protection for the wearer, a helmet to protect their head, gloves, and boots instead of normal shoes. They are often armed with an assault rifle instead of a standard issue pistol that is given to most officers, though they still have the standard pistol holstered as a sidearm to use if they need to.


The CPPD often uses motorcycles or even Motor Scooters that allow them to traverse the often heavily congested streets of Club Penguin to patrol or to chase down suspects, with the Motor Scooters allowing them to travel in pedestrian areas. Aside from the the CPPD uses a sedan, which is the most common vehicle used, a SUV, or a helicopter to view the city from above often to track a suspect, with the SWAT unit using a special armored SWAT truck. The CPPD also has a Harbor Patrol unit that guards and patrols the harbor and surrounding seas, which often uses speedboats.


In order to be a CPPD Police officer, potential recruits must attend the CPPD Police Academy, located in a remote camp in the CP Mountains. The Academy is open to everyone; male and female, penguin and puffle, although background checks are always done first in order to ensure that attendees do not have a criminal record. It is there that the potential recruits learn discipline and cleanliness from strict Tact Officers, gain physical fitness from intensive Physical Training (PR), and learn all essential Law Enforcement subjects in a classroom setting. The Academy is attended for six months. Graduates have 12 months to be hired or else they will need to retake the Academy again. The CPPD Academy is also good for Police positions within the Sub-Antarctic State as well. Besides the Academy, the CPPD requires that applicants must also have received at minimum an Associates Degree at an accredited college within the USA (of which must be completed before going to the Academy). Once a potential recruit has completed these two requirements, they can apply for a Police job if the Department has opened any positions.

Recruitment Process[edit]

An applicant must apply for the Police job online at the CPPD's website under the Penguin Resources. The applicant must send in an application online and provide essential information and documents such as the Academy Graduation and Associates Degree Certificates and must provide references who are willing to speak on the applicant's behalf. At this point the employers will do a background check (like in the Academy) for each applicant to ensure that they do not have a criminal record. If the applicant is appealing to the employer, the employer will invite the applicant to an interview, where they will be interviewed by three police officers sitting at the same table. Applicants are required to wear formal clothing and will be heavily scrutinized. The majority of applicants who fail will fail at this stage. If the applicant succeeds, the applicant will be asked to fill out paperwork regarding their personal information and to take a psychiatric test and will be asked to take a polygraph (lie detector test) as well. If the applicant succeeds, the department will re-evaluate their candidate one more time on their own and will hire the best qualified applicants and will hire as many applicants as the police positions that are currently open.


  • It is one of the largest police forces in the USA with 30,000 officers. They are only beaten by the South Pole City Police Department, which has 35,000 police officers.
  • The CPPD inspired a TV show called also called CPPD.
  • CPPD officers are considered some of the bravest officers in Antarctica, as many of them protected CP during the Operation Blackout and Operation: Puffle.
  • Despite all of its good reputation of stopping crime, the most of the department is actually quite corrupt, and takes bribes from rich lawbreaking members, with only some officers being fair and just.
  • Though ranked some of the best officers in the United States of Antarctica, the officers are some of the most underpaid, with the non member officers in the force making only about 20,000 Fish a year.

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