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Club Penguin University (CPU)
Outdoors of the school. Note the communist flag!
Key details
Motto Habemus scientiam
(We have knowledge)
Established 2013
Type University
Notable figures
Chancellor High Underlord of the Nerdites
Principal Aunt Arctic
Headteacher Mr. Glasses
Other figures Not named
Misc. details / Figures
Specialism Biology & Science
Location Mine Shack, Club Penguin Island, USA
LEA South Pole Council
Staff c. 200
Students c. 2000
Gender Both
Ages 8+
Houses Grass Green (Chloriphium)
Lava Red (Scarlettium)
Water Blue (Enthorium)
Yellow Sun (Brightlyest)
Colours Red and Green

Club Penguin University is the main university that serves Club Penguin. Built in 2013, it was constructed on the former grounds of the RDA Recycling Center and was built to replace Beacon University, which was burnt down in an arson incident. It opened July 11th, 2013 and now acts as a main education center for Club Penguin. It is overrun and puppet-ruled by the weird Nerdites.


Club Penguin University was built after the arson incident in the Beacon University.

Destruction of Beacon University[edit]

See main article: Beacon University

On July 1st, 2013, at 11:30 PM Penguin Standard Time, an angry fraternity that had lost a bet with another fraternity got their revenge by throwing several containers of gasoline onto their enemies' headquarters. The fraternity house was lit on fire by a match, and the house was caught on fire in a matter of seconds. The fire was extremely strong, and it quickly spread to several other nearby fraternity headquarters and dorm rooms before someone notified the Fire department. Meanwhile, the Fraternity that had their HQ burnt down also took part of a revenge plot by burning the dorm rooms of their enemy fraternity. The campus eventually became a warzone between clashing fraternities, forcing all the students to evacuate the campus. By then, the Sciences Building had caught on fire and exploded due to the chemicals inside, causing the fire to become harder to contain. By 12:30 AM, Firefighters had given up on the campus and they immediately called for a large trench to be built around the campus to avoid the fire's expansion into the woods. Special aircraft and helicopters were dispatched from Shiverpool, Antarctic Peninsula, and dropped several tonnes of water to quench the fires. By 5:00 PM, all the fire had been put out.

The campus was completely destroyed; no building survived, and there was an estimated 5 billion coins worth of damage in total. Dorms, classrooms, and all the items inside were all decimated, and it was declared that the campus was beyond repair.

Luckily, no one was killed, though a few were injured from falling or burning objects. Those responsible for burning the school were captured and arrested; they were charged with grand arson and sent to The Hot Snow for 45 years. Students had to be transferred to the temporary Monsters University while the Club Penguin Island legislature decided to create Club Penguin University in the mountains.

RDA Recycling Center Closing[edit]

After the Arson Incident in the Beacon University, Club Penguin needed a replacement. At around the same time, the RDA Recycling Center was also found to recycle pirated objects and to sell them, and also selling some infectious stuff too, which infected many penguins and made them have the scourgies disease, which is spread by giving infectious objects flipper to flipper. This was investigated by the EPF and soon the plant got closed. Originally, it was planned for the new university to be made in the far mountains, but since the recycling center was now gone, the university was planned to be built next to the Mine Shack. On July 11th, the school was done.


Originally, the Purple Republic was hired to construct the university. But, since they were just a useless supremacist group, they certainly handed the job over to sleazy Snoss construction workers who were helped by the RDA. The PR also got East Pengolia to back up the construction funds, in exchange for them designing the university in a fashion similar to the Monsters University campus, and to have a red flag flown in front of the school. They backed it up by stating that the red flag symbolized adventure and courage as shown in the red Puffle, and Club Penguin denied any allegations of back-door deals and/or any misconduct.



Fight Song[edit]



  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • Number and Algebra
  • Languages
    • English
    • Spanish
    • French
    • German
    • Portuguese
    • Russian
  • Linguistics
  • Computer Science
    • Computer Programming
  • Geography
  • Dancing
  • Biology
  • Anatomy
  • Earth Science
  • Psychology
  • Chemistry
    • Biochemistry
    • Metallurgy
  • Physics
  • Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • Journalism




  • Rookie
  • Cookie
  • Donneye
  • Rookie's Sister
  • LOLZ
  • Peng Guin Williams
  • Zane Gadget
  • Emma Nivaj
  • Kaylee Waxwill
  • Amelia Kristal
  • Layla Mitchell
  • Ashley Holbrock
  • Melissa Perkins
  • Gloria Walker
  • HallieBallow
  • Rebelle Highley
  • Millie Upton
  • Lillie Upton
  • Placido Palais Homero Brucio (participates in band class)



  • Osheco
  • Alpha and Delta
  • Peyton Pash




Add more... the teacher can be YOU!


Add more... the teacher can be YOU!


  • Selena Nivaj

Add more... the teacher can be YOU!


Add more... the teacher can be YOU!



  • When the university opened, Rookie signed up to go there and learn, and he always gets A's and B's, which is really odd for a brain like him.
  • Some are suspicious of the red flag and green roof of the university due to the fact it means communism.
    • It was later discovered the red flag means red puffle's courage, and the green roof is simply decoration.

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