Club Penguin Vacation Gone Wild!

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Club Penguin Vacation Gone Wild!
Background information
Participants Rocket Slug, Kimmy1298, Agent Meltie, Phineas34720, Alyssa, James Crow, random Mwa Mwa Penguins, Aunt Keziah
Date Unknown
Location Club Penguin Island

On the way to a convention on Club Penguin Island, Agent Meltie, Rocket Slug, Phineas, James Crow, and Alyssa find Agent's old "friend", Kimmy1298, who offers a great deal to the gang: take care of her Mwa Mwa Penguins at the Pet Shop until midnight, and they'd each get a rather large sum of money.

Prologue: In Which The Plane Lands[edit]

"Are we there yet?"

A rushed although hopeful tone was heard. His voice had cracked a bit, and it was the type of voice that came from one who was truly awesome.


The reply was a voice that was soft and sweet by nature, but the tone of voice still sounded calm, distant, and uncaring.

"Where are we?"

The voice sounded like an overconfident kid who was sweet like sugar on the inside.

"On the plane."

The same sweet voice replied.


He had a high-pitched voice that would be perfect for shouting a phrase like 'DID SOMEBODY ORDER A LARGE HAM?'


That sweet-like-sugar voice again.

"Well, wouldn't you rather be in the plane than on it?"

A few snickers were heard.

"Just wait two hours. By then you'll all be turned into those singing frogs from the hippie party."

A female voice, obviously very young (but ironically neglecting the usual innocence of such an age), replied.

A slip-covered IcePhone falls to the floor.

"Aw, crap!" the overconfident kid shouted.

"What'd you drop?"

Again with the female youth-minus-innocence voice.

"The bass."

The overconfident kid's voice had a twinge of sarcasm.

"Stop the arguing!"

The distant, hopeful-toned boy's voice had cracked.

"Plane food isn't even that good. There was fur on my pudding."

Sweet with sour toned voice strikes again!

The conversationalists feel and hear a loud CRASH!

The plane has landed.

Chapter 1: In Which the Gang Has Costumes[edit]

"I've got an Autumn Hikes costume!" RS exclaimed, holding up the costume in question.

Agent Meltie sneered. "I'm dressing up as Penguin Moon. Beat that, you Japalandese!"

"WELL, NOBODY CAN BEAT MY COSTUME!" James screeched in his annoying voice. He held up a Quip costume from that one play about Planet Y. Everybody laughed at him.

James caught up to them, annoyed. "What? It's just a costume. And it's great. Bought the sucker three years ago and it still fits!"

They walked towards the Plaza, but they were stopped by a brown penguin with bleached blonde hair dressed like an imitation Emoguin. She was holding two Mwa Mwa Penguins, and had a huge smile sprawled across her face in an unusually creepy fashion.

"Hi friend!" she squealed.

Agent Meltie didn't know who this phreak was, but she tried to remember. "Oh, my're, you're..."

The girl put a Mwa Mwa Penguin with blue earmuffs and a teddy bear on the ground. "I'm Kimmy1298, remember? I never thought I'd see you again, Rih!" She put down the other "child" and hugged her so-called friend tightly.

AM patted the girl's back, hoping to get free from the strong hug. "Hi, Kimmy. Are you going to ask us a favor?" She then added mentally, "The way you always do?"

"YEP!" Kimmy scooped up her brats before they wandered off, and gave a serious look. "I need you to watch my Bay Bee darling sweetie belles for me tonight," she said, shoving them into Agents's reluctant arms. "Do it 'till, what the heck, midnight. Your little friends can help, too."

"What's the reward for putting us through this torture, then?" James asked.

Kimmy tapped her flipper against her beak, then smiled. "21,000 coins each! You can buy whatever you want."

James screamed, "WE'LL DO IT!" But before Rocketta could say, "Wait, no!", the deal was settled, but the convention was about to close for the night.

Chapter 2: In Which the Gang Meets Kimmy's Bay Bees[edit]

Kimmy1298 led the group into the Pet Shop, which was so full of Mwa Mwa Penguins that everyone had to pry the door open. "Well, these are my darling sweetie pookie pies!" she announced.

James raised an eyebrow. "ALL of these?!?"

"I ran out of room in my igloo."

James slapped his flipper against his beak. "This is stupid. We should just hit the convention and get that author to give us her autograph, well, y'know, before it closes."

Rocket smiled. "Yeah, we should go see Aunt Keziah. It closes at midnight..." she paused, then exclaimed, "...WHICH IS HOW LONG WE'RE GONNA BE LOCKED UP IN THIS HECK-HOLE!" She banged her head repeatedly against the hard wall, as if that was going to somehow get her out.

"Don't worry," Kimmy replied, stroking RS' back. "Just make sure my pinkie-pies are alright by the time I get back from the convention."


"Yep. I'm dressing up as Qua from Planet Y."

"DANG IT!" Jim shouted. "We should have been together for the con! Duo cosplay!" He opened his suitcase, pulled out his costume, and threw it onto the carpet, stomping on it angrily. "I don't deserve this!!"

A Mwa Mwa Penguin with blond pigtails and a tutu exclaimed stupidly, "Crawls Up To Costume!" as she waddled up to it, and "Drools On Costume Cutely!" as she sat over it.

Agent muttered towards her friends, "They're so stupid that instead of actually doing the action, they have to say they are in a weird way. Are these supposed to be chicks or something? Because all I'm seein' are twelve-year-olds in tutus."

"Yeah, I agree," Rocket said, mockingly getting on the floor in the standard crawling position for real chicks. "Oh, look at me. I'm a real chick. Oh, I'm crawling. Goo goo gah gah. Pull-pull!" As she yanked a handful of puffle fur, the black puffle jumped onto RS and mauled her. "OW! OW! I didn't know puffles could....attack you!!!"

"RS, are you alright? RS?!?" James tried to pull the puffle off his friend, but the puffle leaped on him and attacked him instead. Rocket stifled a laugh as James jerked the puffle off his face, which was now covered in bite marks. "Don't speak one word of this to my mother," he said, scowling. He adjusted a bandage over a bite, then stared at the Mwa Mwa Penguins looking up toward him.


"I hungry!" hollered one of them with a brown ponytail, a stuffed bunny, and a lime green dress.

"Giggles Strawberry Bubbles of Dove!" shouted a unclothed yellow penguin obviously trying to be adorable.

Agent Meltie walked up to her and smirked. "Hey, we all know you're not a member, so you don't need to try to be cute."

The unclothed penguin replied in an obnoxious tone, "Tears Well Up In Diamond Blue Eyes With Five-Foot-Long Eye Lashes!"

Now it was Alyssa's turn to poke fun. "You guys are so stupid, you can't even do the things you say you're doing. For example, 'Strawberry Bubbles of Dove'? What the crap does that even mean? Who would believe you're actually meaning those things? And last I checked, it's impossible to giggle bubbles, unless you fart in a hot tub, but everybody knows that doesn't count as a giggle. Well, maybe a butt giggle, no..."

RS saw the penguins getting mad, so she calmed the young witch down. "Alyssa, stop!"

But Alyssa kept going. "If you really and truly had 5-foot-long eyelashes, they would get caught on everything. You'd have to take care of them constantly. I'm a billion percent sure penguins from this island don't even have lashes, unless they wear the fake kind like all the gals here." She took a long breath and aimed her wand at the unclothed yellow penguin. "Say one more thing and you're dead."

Alyssa flipped the power switch to an upwards position. The tip of her wand flashed yellow, then died down to a bit of an orange color that flickered like flames.

The penguin replied with a cheerful "Cries Because Is Scared Of Witch!"

And then Alyssa scowled in an angry tone:

'Mirabilis, mirabilis, his fictus penguins actu.

I hit quidem vis cum sarculo.

Turbo meum virga circumflexus.

Yellow conspiciunt, eam spectare descendentibus.

Unus, duo, tria, parati intentum ignibus

Sed faciamus yellow tardius quam fatigant!

Hocus Pocus!

The yellow penguin instantly became silent. When she tried to open her mouth, only a puff of air came out.

"That's how it's done," said Alyssa in a satisfied tone. She blew out the flame on her wand, and stuck it in her boot. She'd need to use that later.

Chapter 3: In Which Kimmy Has a Grand Old Time[edit]

Kimmy1298 wandered around the manga convention, searching for her favorite comic writer. Then, she found the writer, Keziah Smith! Wearing her Qua costume, she ran up to the author, grimacing slightly in that weird way she does.

"Hi there. Do you want an autograph, or do you want to get out of my face?" Keziah groaned at the fangirl, not even looking up from the "Horror Weekly" magazine she was reading.

Kimmy gave a cheerful smile and pulled out a permanent marker and her I Feel Like Wandering book. "Yep, an autograph." She opened the book and pointed to a specific page. "Page 43, right where you make a cameo!"

Keziah gave a scowl in the girl's direction and signed the page without even blinking. "Here ya go, you little twerp." She shoved the book in Kimmy's stomach.

"Oof!" Kimmy smiled and began to turn away from the stand. "Thank you!"

"No prob," Keziah replied sarcastically, in a tone that said, "I really wish I weren't here right now."

Suddenly, Kimmy ran back up to the quirky artist, book thrust in flippers. "This is not a signature!" she exclaimed.

Keziah groaned. "Yes it is. Let me see it." She began to yank the book out of the crazy fangirl's flippers.

"NO!" Kimmy shouted as she opened the page again. She wanted to read it herself. "See, you wrote Dear creep, I'd rather not write to you, but the convention owners wanted me to be here until I visit the tombstones for the night, so I'll make this quick. Get a life, you..." Kimmy paused. "After that, you wrote some interesting-looking words. I don't think I've never seen these words before..."

Keziah pushed the fangirl back to a respectful distance. "Well, kid, those are what adults use to spice up conversations. Like...salt and pepper. You add salt and pepper for taste on your fried fish, right?"

"Yeah, so...?"

Keziah smiled in that way she does when she's joshing someone. "Use those words I wrote to add salt and pepper to your sentence fish! Simple as that. Bye now."

Kimmy gave the artist a grin and left, but only to run back up (again) and say, "I have two itsy-bitsy teeny-tiny questions for yooooooou..."

"Okay, shoot. But I'm on a schedule, kid, so make it fast. I've gotta find a way to glue my niece to a dart board."

"The first question is who gave you the inspiration for the character James? And the last one: Will you ever revive 'Invader Yag'?"

Keziah gave herself a face-palm. "You are wasting my time. I need a corn dog in me."

She thought for the answers. "James...ah, yes. He was based on my good friend Carlos. Or was his name Kendall? I don't quite remember, but I do recall a kid named Logan from fifth grade who was a lot like James. Ahh, fifth grade. Back when I had friends. Unfortunately, those very friends ended up with arrows in their knees. Dunno how. Anyway, the second answer is...NO! I hate when people ask that question. That's all I get every convention from Yagheads. 'You gonna revive my fave show?' 'Tell me if this is true: INVADER YAG NEW SEASON ON BASIC CABLE?!' Well, let me tell you! They say crap like 'You don't care for the finer arts such as Invader Yag and so Yag will hurl you off the planet!' Ugh, so ANNOYING! And now YOU'RE one of 'em!"

Keziah threw the girl across the room, causing Kimmy quite a bit of pain. After that was done, the freak dusted her flippers off against themselves and laughed maniacally. She may have been a little off in the head, but at least she was smart enough to hurt the people she despised. Kimmy stood up with an angry look on her face.

"NEXT!" Keziah called.



Again, a penguin hit the wall. Kimmy narrowly avoided getting hit by the flung penguin.


A well-dressed penguin approached.

"I represent the Mattress Village Board of Censors. Per legislation enacted, we are required to present you with the Resolution we passed condemning you every time you attend a public convention."

He handed Keziah the Resolution.

"We hope you will mend your ways."

He left as soon as he came. Keziah read the document and snickered. She always loved reading it. She looked forward to it. To her, it was a list of accomplishments and things that, in her twisted mind, she was proud of.

"Heh heh heh."

Chapter 4: In Which Everybody Just Wants To Get the Heck Outta There[edit]

Agent Meltie began pacing, probably stepping on a few Bay Bees in her wake. "Well, we can't just leave and go see Aunt Keziah..."

"YA DON'T SAY?!" James shouted, holding two "drooling" penguins in his arms.

"But we should ditch!" the Emoguin finished.

Rocket Slug stood up and groaned. "You know I'm gonna ditch. I've gotta go ride some Jet Packs to cool myself off. And you know what they say, when in Club Penguin, do as the Penguins do." She spun on her heel and walked out the door of the crowded Pet Shop.

Phineas scratched his beak. "You stupid Bay Bees! You're not really chicks!"

Agent leaned over and whispered to him, "They don't know that." She made the universal sign for "crazy".

Phineas34720 groaned loudly. "What time is it, anyway?"

James pulled out his phone. "9:55 P.M. Club Penguin Time."

"9:55?! Time flies when you're expecting money!"

"Wants To Hear A Story!" a purple penguin squealed. Rih began walking in the direction of the penguin.

"Okay, I'll tell you a story, honey-boo! Once upon a time, there was a really nice penguin named Kimmy. Then she met a really mean penguin named Meltie and Meltie beat her up for lunch money. And then Kimmy went bananas. And that's why she has so many of you! The end."

"You know, I don't think that counts-" James started.

Agent held up her flipper rudely. "I don't care."

A familiar purple penguin with brown hair zoomed through the sky, faster than she should be. They said penguins can't fly? She just proved them wrong!

That purple penguin was Rocket Slug, who-

Wait, you know this?


I don't have to tell you then.

Chapter 5: In Which Engines Fail[edit]

"Yeah!" RS shouted as she sped across the starry night sky, smoke trailing her. She did a few flips in mid-air, and collected coins as such. "Whoo!"

Suddenly, her engine sputtered out. She began falling, fast, towards the Night Club. The bird frantically pulled her parachute cord, but it just snapped back like elastic with every pull. Rocketta finally stopped fumbling with the infernal thing and just let herself fall, hitting her head painfully in the process.

The next thing she knew, she was surrounded by ice-cold snow and Rescue Squad penguins.

"Is she going to be alright?" a lime green penguin asked.

"I'm not sure," an Old Blue penguin replied, checking RS' wrists. "I'm not feeling a pulse."

The penguins surrounding him let out a loud gasp. A pink Rescue Squad member pushed her way through. "We have to give her beak-to-beak!" she announced.

"Ewwww!" the green penguin interjected, sticking his tongue out. "That's just wrong!"

"No," the pink penguin corrected. "It's the only thing we can do right now."

She knelt down next to RS, and put her beak on the cold beak of the unconscious bird. As soon as they barely touched, Rocket jumped up and pushed the pink penguin off her chest. "I'm fine."

She stood up and brushed her skirt off. "What happened?"

The pink penguin who had attempted beak-to-beak replied, "You fell while you were on your Jet Pack. Did your parachute have a malfunction?"

"I-I don't remember, miss."

Another gasp came from the Rescue Squad members. Rocket began waddling in the direction of the Plaza. "I feel like I've got something to do," she mumbled to herself absentmindedly.

A little bit after 10 P.M., Agent Meltie, James, and Phineas34720 had pulled on their costumes and were making their way to the convention in town. They had everything they needed, minus some unsettled business with the Mwa Mwa Penguins back at the Pet Shop.

While walking to the convention, Agent immediately ran back to the Pet Shop, recalling everything she had ever learned about caring for chicks.

"What are you doing, Meltie?!" James shouted.

"I've got something I must do!" Agent Meltie replied, still running. She pulled open the door and ran inside. Alyssa sat inside, holding five Mwa Mwas and looking quite frazzled.

"Help me," Alyssa mouthed. "I'm scared."

"Begins To Scream Bloody Murder!" A Mwa Mwa about Alyssa's size began to scream. Agent scooped up the penguin and began to calm it down by rocking it. "Sh-sh-sh. It's all right. I'm here." Her kind voice took on a tone that was more caring. "Do you need something to eat? Are you hungry?"

"Hungy! Hungy!" the penguin shouted, wiggling out of AM's arms and into a nearby puffle bed. A blue puffle sat in the bed, sleeping. Agent gasped and quickly pulled the Mwa Mwa away from the puffle. She set the penguin down in a circle of about thirty other Mwa Mwa Penguins.

"Didn't your friend Kimmy say that there were others to care for at her house?" Alyssa asked, gently handling the Mwa Mwas left in her care.

"Yeah." Agent rustled around in her purse, pulled out Kimmy's house key, and tossed it to the witch. "In about an hour, we'll switch shifts, 'kay?" Alyssa nodded and headed out the door into the igloo neighborhood.